Netherlands vs Denmark, Euro 2012: Open Thread

Netherlands vs Denmark: Noon ET kick-off
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It’s time for Holland and Denmark to do their talking on the pitch today. In the past several weeks, there has been so many questions about the Dutch team, in particular, but today is their day to prove what they’re made of. Equally, the same applies to Denmark who will have Nicklas Bendtner up front, giving him an opportunity to show what he’s made of, too.

Speaking of question marks, there’s a lot of concern about Holland’s defense, and whether they can keep the Danes out. There’s also question marks about Holland’s team selection and whether Robin va Persie or Klaas-Jan Huntelaar should start up top.

Before, during and after today’s match today, post your questions, observations, rants and raves in the comments section below.

27 thoughts on “Netherlands vs Denmark, Euro 2012: Open Thread”

    1. Btw Metalist stands for ‘metal worker’ not ‘steeler’ as commentator stated. The Metalist team was founded in 1920s by a local heavy machinery factory that manufactured famous T-34 tanks.

  1. Polish Fans in Warsaw fan zone polland greece, show your friends what’s the atmosphere :
    greetings from poland

  2. Listen I am actually not going for any team even if my country is Netherlands. Netherlands in round one is not going well the scored in round 1 are:
    I found out that danish are good also.Maybe The Dutch will get better luck in round 2.
    I am hoping for the best and wish two teams luck!

  3. Found a way to watch the Russia match on ITV and the Holland match on BBC. I know its not the world cup but the panel so far is pretty weak plus Alexi Lalas is a complete berk I can’t stand him.

    1. Lalas has been pretty good. My concern is what he’ll say about England. He usually puts his foot in his mouth about that team, and shows his prejudices.

      ESPN coverage so far has been spectacular despite the audio hiccups in the Holland-Denmark game.

      I particularly like how they included Roberto Martinez in the analysis.

      The Gaffer

      1. I’m OK with Lalas, but Ballack has to go. Unbelievably dull. Would definitely prefer Martinez in his seat. Maybe ESPN can get Phil Neville for the quarters on?

        1. There is less of a language barrier with espn using ballack than Phill Neville, espn would need mandatory subtitles.

      2. The thing that rubs me the wrong way isn’t his analysis as far as the technical side of football, it is that he is incredibly biased. I get it you were the first US international to play in Seire A and you are a proud US international. However I don’t think that he gets where the national team is as far as development. We need to be first make it out of the group phase on a regular basis before we can talk about being contenders. The Brazil match recently showed where we are and where we have still to go. We need to play the top 10 teams more and more to compensate for the fact we play in CONCACAF and we need to get our top players into the big four leagues in Europe.

  4. WOW what a poor performance from the Dutch no finishing RVP will want to forget this match.I guess that is why you play the matches.

  5. Tired, uninspired and disinterested Dutch side today. Too bad.

    A loss to Denmark means big question mark on them going through this group…

    Yesterday’s games: the idiot Spanish referee woke up a Greek side that looked awful for the first half hour. This guy should not smell another game. Criminal red card decision in such an easy game to referee. The Polaks powered through on passion/crowd/host nation spirit for the first half hour. Then, they got stuck in mediocrity.

    Impressive Russia, played with confidence, looked like scoring on every counter. Arshavin’s always been pure quality, football-wise, as long as he gets his head straight.

  6. Now to spice up the competition we need Portugal to beat Germany. Then we will have a cracker Germany vs Netherlands game in the next round. Overall it was very disappointing from the Dutch. The Danes were not that impressive. They were disciplined and opportunistic but that about it. And they still managed to beat the Dutch. I think RVP wastefulness and Robben’s stubborn determination to win it all by himself ultimately cost Netherlands the game.

  7. RVP looked tired and Robben keeps looking snakebit. Whole side looked very uninspired in the final 45 minutes.

  8. As someone who picked the Dutch to with it all, I’m stunned to see how bad they were. As Ben Hibbs put it, “They played like individuals rather than a team.” Now they have to beat Portugal and Germany (Yikes).

  9. How you don’t start Huntelaar and VDV is really the crux of it, the Dutch record with those 2 on the pitch is far better than when they’re not. Dutch should have had a penalty, I wouldn’t expect shalke to be able to keep Huntelaar, he look very very good, IMO Robbin Van Dirty should have come off instead of Afellay

  10. Denmark outplayed netherlands from opening whistle. very impressive.

    Does Robben remind anybody else of Danny Sturridge?? it seems they both got tunnel vision.

  11. Both Lalas and Ballack have been poor at ESPN. They need a reshuffle quickly or else nobody is going to watch their pre-match and halftime shows.

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