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The big news out of the England camp this morning is a story that has nothing to do with the 23-man squad. Rio Ferdinand has opened his big mouth again, saying that he doesn’t think he’ll get a chance to play for England while Hodgson is manager. When will this man learn to shut up? Doesn’t he realize that his comments are unsettling the England manager and players? He wasn’t picked for footballing reasons, so please move on. He’s just digging a bigger hole for himself.

Ok, rant over. Here are the latest news headlines from day two of Euro 2012:

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  1. Sorry, but Rio has every right to say what he likes. This isn’t a case of loose lips sink ships, it’s a case where one of the countries most capped players is left behind over the politics of the sport. You may not agree that race was reason Rio was not picked, but that is what the perception is, and perception can sometimes be greater then the truth. And facts are you have a England backline ravaged by injury, and one of the greatest English defenders ready and willing, but not chosen. So Rio should be singing to the mountains, the press and anyone who will listen.

    The English Nation team is a joke not because of Rio, but because situations like Rio not getting picked happen. I’d have him as captain. The experience, the way he keeps a team loose, is greater then any rotataion player picked from Liverpool.

  2. Roy has brought this on himself with the way he has handled the selections. if you added the other quote Rio said “if i was not selected with a these injuries i will never be picked” i think he is correct. it is not like Terry is 25 and in his prime. Roy should have picked both or left both home he split the baby and nobody is happy.

  3. So you want to deny his right to speak? Who the hell are you to tell him to shut up?

    Feel free to ignore him or handwaive away the things he says, but seriously f**k off with this “he should just go away” nonsense.

  4. Why is it his job to keep his mouth shut? He’s not the one who’s bungled this whole thing. That’s on Hodgson.

  5. Maybe he should learn to take it on the chin like a man, instead of moaning like a kid who didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas. Hodgson picks the team and didn’t pick him, he needs to learn to accept that and stop crying like a baby.
    I say let him keep crying and moaning, the sympathy people may have had for him will quickly disappear.

    cry – I’m not in the team, the big bad man didn’t pick me, he doesn’t like me, – cry LOL, get a grip you maggot

    1. Pete I think its because of the subtext…. Its one thing to be dropped because you aren’t good enough, although some may argue that he is past his prime and others he is still the top central defender for England, but it is quite another to not be picked to keep him away from Terry and whatever backlash that could have on the team.

      1. Where has Hodgson said he wasn’t picked to keep him away from John Terry? Why are you stating this as fact?

        Jolean Lescott apparently doesn’t like John Terry either, yet why was he picked for the team? Could it be for footballing reasons?

  6. Give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself. He’s going to keep babbling (because let’s face he’s not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer) and eventually say something to prejudice his Brother’s court case against Terry.

    Wait and see.

  7. A majority of the comments above sum it up with only a few including the author not really able to see it from Rio’s perspective or from that of a a fan that thinks the England team should have the best players available in it and not the hodgepodge selected by the hodgepodge!

    When Terry goes down against France with his dodgy hamstring or he gets sent off for pulling a terry, I’m sure this debate will continue.

    1. Rio’s perspective doesn’t matter. He isn’t an England team member and won’t be playing in the tournament.

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