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Final Reminder: Play Euro Manager, the Free Euro 2012 Fantasy Game From ESPN

espn euro manager Final Reminder: Play Euro Manager, the Free Euro 2012 Fantasy Game From ESPN

This is the last chance to experience Euro 2012 in a whole new way.  Head over to ESPN and play Euro Manager.  A group named Fans of has been created and can be accessed here:

All that is required to play is a free ESPN username.  Create your team and play against fans from around the world.

There are a few changes to this game compare to years past:

  • All managers must submit one 11-man team for each round of games in the group stage within a 4-4-2 formation. This is the same for everyone, you won’t be able to opt for three strikers or five defenders; it’s a level playing field. Every nation will play three games in the group stage in rotation, starting on June 8, and you submit a team for each one of the three rounds.
  • Managers then have the chance to submit a new team for the quarterfinals, and another for a combined semifinals and final round of fixtures.
  • The Promotion will be broken down in to five (5) “Rounds”:

Round 1: Group Stage 1 (June 8-10)

Round 2: Group Stage 2 (June 12-14)

Round 3: Group Stage 3 (June 16-18)

Round 4: Quarter-finals (June 21-24)

Round 5: Semi-finals + Final (June 27-July 1)

So compile your best squad with the likes of Casillas, Sneijder, and Ronaldo and compete against your friends at

You can follow Matt on Twitter @thehackreport

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