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Who Will Win Euro 2012? Post Your Predictions And Try to Beat The Experts

crystal ball Who Will Win Euro 2012? Post Your Predictions And Try to Beat The Experts

Here’s your chance to see if you know more than the experts when predicting who will advance in Euro 2012 and who will win the tournament.

I’ve combed the Internet for predictions from a variety of experts, including many of the EPL Talk Podcast crew plus expert writers. The picks for Michael Cox, Kristian Jack, Raphael Honigstein, Andy Brassell and Paolo Bandini are courtesy of The Footy Blog, a well-written soccer site run by former EPL Talk blogger Richard Whittall.

Here are the predictions we need you to complete:

Group A

  • 1A winner
  • 2A runner-up

Group B

  • 1B winner
  • 2B runner-up

Group C

  • 1C winner
  • 2C runner-up

Group D

  • 1D winner
  • 2D runner-up

Quarterfinal #1: 1A vs 2B

  • Winner
  • Loser

Quarterfinal #2: 1B vs 2A

  • Winner
  • Loser

Quarterfinal #3: 1C vs 2D

  • Winner
  • Loser

Quarterfinal #4: 1D vs 2C

  • Winner
  • Loser

Semi-Final 1 (winner of quarterfinal #1 vs quarterfinal #3)

  • Winner
  • Loser

Semi-Final 2 (winner of quarterfinal #2 vs quarterfinal #4)

  • Winner
  • Loser


  • Euro 2012 runner-up


  • Euro 2012 champion

And here are the predictions from the experts: 

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Quarterfinal #1 — 1A versus 2B:

Quarterfinal #2 — 1B versus 2A:

Quarterfinal #3 — 1C versus 2D:

Quarterfinal #4 — 1D versus 2C:

Semifinal #1 — winner of quarterfinal #1 vs #3:

Semifinal #2 — winner of quarterfinal #2 vs #4:



Post your predictions in the comments section below between now and when the tournament starts. Then we’ll see at the close of the tournament on July 1 who had the most accurate picks. Best of luck. It’s easier than it looks!

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46 Responses to Who Will Win Euro 2012? Post Your Predictions And Try to Beat The Experts

  1. marcus r-s says:

    winners of group a Poland
    runners up Czech Republic
    winners of group b Germany
    runners up Netherlands
    winners of group c Spain
    runners up Italy
    winners of group d France
    runners up England
    winners of first quarter final Netherlands
    winners of second quarter final Germany
    winners of third quarter final Spain
    winners of fourth quarter final France
    winners of first semi final Germany
    winners of second semi final Spain
    overall winners of euro 2012 Germany

  2. Andrew Puopolo says:

    Group A:
    1.) Russia
    2.) Czech Republic
    3.) Poland
    4.) Greece

    Group B:
    1.) Germany
    2.) Netherlands
    3.) Portugal
    4.) Denmark

    Group C:
    1.) Spain
    2.) Italy
    3.) Croatia
    4.) Ireland

    Group D:
    1.) France
    2.) England
    3.) Sweden
    4.) Ukraine

    Netherlands over Russia
    Germany over Czech Republic
    Spain over England
    Italy over France

    Germany over Italy
    Netherlands over Spain

    Netherlands over Germany

  3. Matt says:

    A: Russia, Greece
    B: Germany, Netherlands
    C: Spain, Italy
    D: France, England

    Russia def. Netherlands
    Germany def. Greece
    Spain def. England
    France def. Italy

    Spain def. Russia
    Germany def. France

    Germany def. Spain

  4. Dust says:

    Group A:
    1.) Russia
    2.) Czech Republic
    3.) Poland
    4.) Greece

    Group B:
    1.) Germany
    2.) Portugal
    3.) Netherlands
    4.) Denmark

    Group C:
    1.) Spain
    2.) Croatia
    3.) Italy
    4.) Ireland

    Group D:
    1.) France
    2.) Sweden
    3.) England
    4.) Ukraine

    Portugal over Russia
    Germany over Czech Republic
    Spain over Sweden
    Croatia over France

    Croatia over Germany
    Portugal over Spain

    Portugal over Croatia

    In-spite of my dislike for Roy and imo his already poor stewardship of the greatest manager job in football. I will be rooting for my country, with tempered hope, if they win, I will take it all back, if they don’t then I’m sure it will be Roy’s fault. ;)

    • Richard says:

      Group A: Russia and Po

      and advance. Greece and Czech Republic eliminated. Group B: Germany and Holland advance. Portugal and Denmark eliminated. Group C: Spain and Italy advance. Croatia and Ireland eliminated. Group D: Ukraine and England advance. Sweden and France eliminated.

    • Dust says:

      It’s stats/facts like this that make Roy’s reason for not selecting some players lack credibility and lead to a lack of confidence.

      Stewart Downing has admitted he was disappointed not to score a Premier League goal in his debut season for Liverpool but also failed to manage an assist either. (Source

      So a player fails to score or provide an assist for a goal for any entire season but those are not enough “footballing reasons” to be excluded, he is a winger right? He is at the very least expected to cross or pass the ball for someone else to score right? Like Arron Lennon or Adam Johnson did…just checking. Clearly Roy isn’t interested in scoring or providing passes for anyone one else to.

      Cuckoo ! ;p

  5. Jason Gatties says:

    Experts? I mostly see bloggers.

  6. Matt says:

    just off topic a bit, made my prediction already…but Honigstein is the patronizing person ever when it came to his Euro preview on Soccernet, he pretty much called every team in this tournament poor except for the 4-5 favorites. I guess to him whats the point of playing the group stage then?

    • The Gaffer says:

      Honigstein can be endearing to listen to, but annoying at times. His rant about the away goal rule being pointless in today’s European knockout games was wrong, in my opinion. But I usually rate him higher than a lot of others.

      Having said that, one of the things that jumps out at me from the predictions of the majority of experts is how many of them have gone with the very predictable pick of Germany as champions. Upsets happen at all tournaments, but the majority of the picks from The Guardian crew are lacking in diversity and show what a low opinion they have about England.

      The Gaffer

      • Dust says:

        I just noticed you had England winning it all! I have to ask, what are 2 aspects of England’s game/squad that you think puts england over the top and makes this happen?

        • The Gaffer says:


          Simply, Joe Hart and Scott Parker. As long as they remain fit, they will be key to England. Parker, at his best, is a wall in midfield. And it’s going to be very difficult for teams to find a way past Joe Hart.

          The Gaffer

          • dust says:

            I have to say I agree with your 2 choices (Im a spurs fan so it would seem bias), and want to note that it will take the fighting spirit of those 2 players perhaps even heroic performances inspired by those players to make up for what England lack in tactics and flair in the current 23.

            I think Parker will put himself on the line and give all as will Hart. The individual skills of young and eventually Rooney will need to be prominent if they are to pull off, what would be the upset of an age. And yes, it will mean for sure that the mayan prophecy will come true!

          • Guy says:

            Taking nothing away from Hart. He’s a great keeper, but if I had Vincent Kompany in front of me even I might look half decent. I’m afraid Hart may come under a lot more fire than he’s used to, with unfortunate results…”Oh, Hart had no chance on that one!”

            Having said that, I hope you’re right about everything. :-)

  7. Tommy says:

    1A: Poland
    2A: Russia

    1B: Netherlands
    2B: Germany

    1C: Spain
    2C: Croatia

    1D: France
    2D: Sweden

    1A vs 2B: Germany
    1B vs 2A: Netherlands
    1C vs 2D: Spain
    1D vs 2C: France

    Germany vs Spain: Germany
    Netherlands vs France: Netherlands

    Germany vs Nehterlands: Germany

  8. Jonathan says:

    Group A)
    1. Poland
    2. Czech Republic
    3. Greece
    4. Russia

    Group B)
    1. Germany
    2. Holland
    3. Portugal
    4. Denmark

    Group C)
    1. Spain
    2. Italy
    3. Ireland
    4. Croatia

    Group D)
    1. England
    2. Sweden
    3. France
    4. Ukraine

    1. Holland over Poland
    2. Germany over Czech
    3. Spain over Sweden
    4. England over Italy

    1. Holland over England
    2. Germany over Spain

    Germany over Holland

  9. Dave Miller says:

    Group A

    Russia winner
    Greece runner-up

    Group B

    Holland winner
    Germany runner-up

    Group C

    Spain winner
    Croatia runner-up

    Group D

    England winner
    France runner-up

    Quarterfinal #1: Germany over Russia

    Quarterfinal #2: Holland over Greece

    Quarterfinal #3: Spain over France

    Quarterfinal #4: England over Croatia

    Semi-Final 1 Spain over Germany

    Semi-Final 2 Holland over England

    Holland over Spain

  10. Andyb says:

    Russia – Poland
    Germany – Holland
    Spain – Ireland
    France – England

    Holland win vs Russia
    Germany win vs Poland
    Spain with vs England
    France win vs Ireland

    Spain win vs Holland
    France win vs Germany

    Spain win vs France

    I have no idea if I got the knock out stage correct as far as which teams would play in which semi/quarter, if I haven’t then bugger it I’m tired!

  11. John says:

    Italy 2-1 Netherlands

    Go Azzurri

  12. jtm371 says:

    I want Ireland i know no chance.Germany3/Holland1. France and Ukraine thru group much drama in the England camp.

  13. jmubandicoot says:

    1A winner – Russia
    2A runner-up – Poland

    1B winner – Germany
    2B runner-up – Denmark

    1C winner – Spain
    2C runner-up – Croatia

    1D winner – France
    2D runner-up – England
    Quarterfinal #1: 1A vs 2B

    Winner – Russia
    Loser – Denmark
    Quarterfinal #2: 1B vs 2A

    Winner – Germany
    Loser – Poland
    Quarterfinal #3: 1C vs 2D

    Winner – Spain
    Loser – England
    Quarterfinal #4: 1D vs 2C

    Winner – France
    Loser – Croatia
    Semi-Final 1 (winner of quarterfinal #1 vs quarterfinal #3)

    Winner – Spain
    Loser – Russia
    Semi-Final 2 (winner of quarterfinal #2 vs quarterfinal #4)

    Winner – Germany
    Loser -France

    Euro 2012 runner-up – Germany
    Winner – Spain

    Euro 2012 champion

  14. BA14 says:

    A: Russia, Poland
    B: Germany, Netherlands
    C: Spain, Ireland
    D: England France

    Netherlands def. Russia
    Germany def. Poland
    France def. Spain
    England def. Ireland

    France def. Netherlands
    Germany def. England

    Germany def. France

  15. Pete says:

    England vs Spain final

    England win the whole thing

    Come on England

  16. Eddy says:

    I truly think that Ronaldo will win it. He just needs to calm down. Only he can ruin it for himself.

  17. Mufc77 says:

    The Irish will shock the world!!!

    Holland will win it if they don’t self impolde like they usually do.

  18. Mungru Apple says:

    Russia v/s Germany
    Netherlands v/s Greece
    Spain v/s Sweden
    Italy v/s England
    Russia v/s Netherlands
    Spain v/s Italy
    WINNER EURO 2012

  19. Super sporty girl says:

    I am going for Netherlands. My prediction is that netherlands will win!

  20. Super sporty girl says:

    I am not going to be mean. I will tell you the countries i think are strong:

    (the numbers do not mean ANYTHING)

  21. Super sporty girl says:

    p.s my time is bad

  22. Faith Hope says:

    Definately GERMANY..with a powerful team of energetic and young players CERTAINLY!!…

    • jak says:

      i agree with faith hope germany will be too good for any team in this tournament and will win the trophy easy

  23. Euro 2012 Fan says:

    1A: Russia 1B: Germany
    2A: Greece 2B: Portugal

    1C: Italy 1D: France
    2C: Spain 2D: Ukraine

    1A vs 2B: Russia
    1B vs 2A: Germany
    1C vs 2D: Italy
    1D vs 2C: Spain

    Russia – Italy: Russia
    Germany – Spain: Germany


  24. Group A:
    1. Poland
    2. Greece
    3. Czech Republic
    4. Russia

    Group B:
    1. Netherlands
    2. Germany
    3. Denmark
    4. Portugal

    Group C:
    1. Spain
    2. Italy
    3. Croatia
    4. Rep. of Ireland

    Group D:
    1. France
    2. Sweden
    3. Ukraine
    4. England

    Poland, Netherlands, Spain, France

  25. Jack says:

    You will see that England will win the cup easily. More easily than you thought of. God save the queen….

  26. lola says:

    How come nobody saw Portugal going through!

  27. AntonyDiNozzo says:

    And the winner is :

    EURO 2012 Final :

    Germany vs Italy : 1 – 4 : ITALY!!!

    The octopus ghost “Paul” told me last night :D

  28. Irfan Zedi says:

    semi final : Portugal Vs Spain —– Portugal Vs France :::: 1 – 1 – pinalty winer spain — — – 2 – 0 – win fra


    Over All The Winner Of Euro 2012 Is Portugal ………………………… 80%
    ………………………………………….Is Germany…………………………. 85%
    …………………………………………. Is Spain …………………………… 90%

  29. FootballChick says:

    you guys all suck! of course spain is gonna go to the final and SPAIN DID!
    no one expected that Italy would
    and everyone was counting on Germany (which by the way was such a FAIL)! they didn’t even make it to the friggin’ finals!

    and now, anyone who’s anyone who knows FOOTBALL will KNOW that Spain will butcher Italy in the final!

    all your predictions are lame

  30. Drunko says:

    Spain will kick italy ass for sure

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