John Terry Should Not Be At Euro 2012

Once again, English football is in the midst of a row caused by John Terry. His latest scandal, the alleged racial abuse of Anton Ferdinand, has meant that he and Ferdinand’s brother, Rio could not both be selected for England’s Euro 2012 squad, and it has resulted in the latter’s omission. It’s a situation that must feel all too familiar for the FA, and yet the powers that be still haven’t learned their lesson: John Terry is more trouble than he is worth.

When asked to justify Rio Ferdinand’s exclusion, Roy Hodgson cited ‘footballing reasons’. This clearly isn’t the whole story; dressing room politics is the real reason Ferdinand isn’t going. Now that he’s even been passed over in favour of Martin Kelly, whose experience of international football amounts to all of four minutes’ playing time, it has become evident just how important it is for Ferdinand to be kept away from John Terry.

People may say that Ferdinand has been left out because he is unable to play a run of matches in a short space of time. While this could be true, it is beside the point; as Gary Cahill’s back-up he could have served as a valuable stand-in for a game or two, in the case of injury or suspension. Surely, with 81 caps under his belt, the Manchester United captain would have been a more worthwhile replacement than the unproven Kelly, or Phil Jagielka. It is unimaginable how, at this stage, someone could still claim Ferdinand has been left out purely because he isn’t good enough. It seems as though a player who has done nothing wrong has been dropped in favour of a player who may well have done something wrong, and that is, if nothing else, immoral.

Whether or not Rio Ferdinand deserves to be in the England squad on merit is irrelevant, however. The point is that John Terry is a disruptive influence and should not be representing England in Poland and the Ukraine. Although, of course, he is innocent until proven guilty, the allegations of racism made against him will undoubtedly affect team harmony. Given that Ferdinand had taken exception to the Chelsea captain’s behaviour, it wouldn’t be surprising if some of the other England players had, too.

There is an increasingly popular belief that it’s not merely a coincidence that some of most surprising omissions from the squad (Richards, Sturridge, Lennon) were all black players. The theory is that due to their race, Hodgson felt those players would be especially resentful of Terry and so, in the interest of unity, he excluded them. Personally, I don’t buy this argument for a second, but the existence of such cynical, not to mention controversial discourse is indicative of the negative press surrounding this issue and the severity of the situation.

John Terry has been the target of a lot of criticism over the years for his behaviour, and rightly so. The current media storm over him is not the first (and probably won’t be the last); his career has been regularly punctuated by various transgressions and misdemeanours. From claims of assault, to extra-marital affairs, to the Wayne Bridge fiasco, trouble seems to hang around him like a bad smell. He’s not the type of person you want to be a member your squad, never mind one of its leaders, as is expected of a player of his age and experience. Having caused the departure of Fabio Capello, not to mention having a hand in the dismissal of one of his club’s managers, I honestly don’t see why Hodgson has put his reputation at risk for Terry.

It might be different if he was an absolutely indispensable member of the squad, but he isn’t the player he once was. At 31 years of age, he’s definitely lost some of the pace and mobility of his younger days. His impetuous knee to the back of Alexis Sánchez in Chelsea’s Champions League semi-final against Barcelona suggested that he could also be a red card waiting to happen. The fact of the matter is that John Terry’s potential contribution on the pitch isn’t justification enough for the considerable burden he is to his team.

I don’t like to criticise England managers – it’s a hard job and they get plenty of stick from the press. However, I think Roy Hodgson has got this one wrong. The last thing he needs is a divided dressing room, but by going to such lengths to leave Rio Ferdinand out, he has thrown into sharp focus the disruptive influence that is John Terry. The team’s issues could have been resolved if the root of the problem had been removed from the beginning, but unfortunately he, and the excessive baggage that comes with him, have already arrived in Poland.

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  1. I am not a John Terry fan. I agree with your perspective that he is a shadow of his former self and, in my opinion, a football liability…in addition to being a divisive figure in the locker room. England may be fortunate if Terry ends up not being match fit. At the same time, it will serve them right if he is not fit and they are short on healthy defenders.

    I don’t know if Rio is the answer, but I don’t think that Terry is.

  2. When did everyone forget Joleon Lescott is on this team? He was an integral member of the English champions.

    While understanding John Terry is given stick for a lot of reasons, some fair, some not, we should remember that Rio Ferdinand is two years older than Terry.

    How can you allude to Ferdinand not being able to play matches in a short span and say that’s besides the point? And then you discount Ferdinand not being in the squad based on merit b/c it doesn’t align with the faulty premise of this article?

    Fabio Capello smart man, resigned because he wanted to keep John Terry as captain. Now why would he do that if he’s not the kind of player who one of the most respected managers of the last 20 years would want leading the team?

  3. Yet another blatant bias article against John Terry. Has it not occurred to the writer that Terry is actually better than Rio? The only possible disruption to the team is that Rio would have a problem with Terry, no-one else does! Terry being the more capable player got picked over Rio. Who the hell else cares!? Poor, narrow minded article that doesn’t address the bottom line: Only one of Terry and Rio could go and Terry’s the better player. End of story so get some new $hit to try and stir up!!

  4. Any manager should have the last word on the players they select. Hodgson is no exception. However, I think he became unbelievable when he cited that Rio Ferdinand was omitted for “football reasons”. Most people, especially black players both present and former, haven’t bought into Hodgson’s claim. They clearly believe it is beause of the alleged claim of a racist remark by terry towards Rio’s brother, Anton.

    Unfortunately, this story has become a diversion to the England squad and it won’t help. One of the most damning comments came from Sol Campbell who wrote that he is so disturbed about the Rio Ferdinand story and the FA in particular that he is thinking of having his caps for England expunged from the records.

    While the England saga continues, let’s hope that at least we’ll get some respite from watching great soccer at the Euro tournament.

  5. If Rio had and self respect he would have told the FA and england were to go after the way he was treated over the captains job, but no just like the wags who’s husbands get caught playing around he continues to go back for more. There has to be a point were his own pride is more Important than the pride he feels in Representing his country.

  6. A bench player should take precedence over a first-choice player?

    Nonsense. Trail wagging the dog.

    This is a silly article.

  7. >>There is an increasingly popular belief that it’s not merely a coincidence that some of most surprising omissions from the squad (Richards, Sturridge, Lennon) were all black players.<<

    What are you trying to say? Is Hodgson a racist too?

  8. John Terry has been accused of everything and found guilty of nothing. Surely then, Rooney’s transgressions with hookers cause him to be a liability, as does the charges against Gerrard for assault, and Carroll’s for falling off barstools.

    The fact is that he is a better player than Rio and that’s why he is there; Rio, if not there because he is a liability and older, certainly is not there because of what his brother has accused.

    If Terry is willing to play next to JT, yet Rio refuses to play next to JT who has only been accused of racist abuse, then it’s obvious who is more important to the England cause and who is a prima donna, drug test failing prick.

  9. Where did you read that Rio refuses to play next to Terry? Absolute nonsense.

    Lescott and Terry don’t get along, yet they will play together. Lots of teams have players who don’t like one another but they still play on the same team.

  10. Its not so much Terry but a pathetic selection process by Hodgeson and the FA…but it matters not England never has the quality Spain,Germany and the Netherlands posses, so let’s not kid ourselves… They were never gonna win it but Hodgeson has weakend their chances by being a horrible person…its pathetic to see racism still exist

  11. if Terry is found guilty in the courts will the FA also bring charges? Just wondering. I don’t believe in curses but if you add up all the stuff since Roy has taken over the team their is no way they could get to the quarterfinals. I know the Rooney deal happened before he was named manager.

    the injuries
    Defoe’s Father
    Rooney suspended

    That is a lot of stuff to over come if it goes bad on Monday it could get ugly fast.I think Ukraine could ride to home side to a quarterfinal spot. Will be fun to see how it plays out.

  12. Never rated Terry. He was the bigmouth glory hound while his partners (Carvalho, & RIO in particular) did the heavy lifting. He’s a master of self-promotion.

    1. Not to mention he was $hit this season. The effing titanic could turn quicker than John Terry, he will be exposed by the first forword withany pace. At least rio has the postional sense to make up for his lack of pace.

  13. ” I honestly don’t see why Hodgson has put his reputation at risk for Terry.”

    This right here. I will never understand why people far and wide have this need to prop up and defend John Terry. Never.

    I’m of the opinion that he shouldn’t be there because he hasn’t performed all that well this season. But the same is true of Ferdinand. If I were in Hodgson’s shoe’s I’d have picked neither player for this tournament, but I get that RH probably thought he needed at least 1 experienced defender in his team. And while on some level I get that he didn’t want to deal with the potential headache of having JT and RF in the same team, I do think it’s interesting that he chose to go with Terry and not Ferdinand. Terry is the one accused of racial abuse. Ferdinand is the one who’s spoken out against it and *he* gets left off the team. It sends a really bad message, IMO.

    1. sort of like Dalglish and the Suarez deal made no sense just like Roy and Terry. I agree don’t pick Rio or Terry.

  14. This article is like that song that gets played to death on the radio, The first few times you hear it you might tap your feet, after god knows how times of hearing it though you start throwing stuff at the radio in a rush to turn it off.
    Get some new mud to sling, this s*** is far too old and boring

    1. “Get some new mud to sling, this s*** is far too old and boring”

      Pete, you might want to take your own advice.

  15. Interesting points made, agree with most of them. But at this point as an LFC fan the team just keeps transforming into some proof that our purchases weren’t crap.
    Now figure if the issue at LFC was tactics and not talent after all……. just a thought, lol

  16. Would people really be up in arms if Cahill hadn’t been injured? Depth wouldn’t be nearly as big an issue. Rio Ferdinand isn’t good enough to warrant this sort of anger. To pretend that Rio should be on this team instead of Terry, or that it’s Terry’s fault if England lose b/c Rio would have made a difference is a joke. If Rio Ferdinand is your difference maker, that’s a problem. Both Capello and Hodgson seem to think Terry’s good enough to be a starter. Are his antics off the field tiresome? Absolutely. Does that warrant discarding what is objectively a better player in exchange for an older player who can’t stay healthy? I would say no, but it probably depends on who you support. I’m not English, so I can’t really relate. Lescott and Terry comprise a solid centerback duo. I think, given the injury situation, that’s just fine.

    1. Can you provide some examples of how Terry is objectively a better player than Ferdinand? IMO, they both had average seasons (at best) for their clubs. And isn’t player selection an inherently subjective endeavor?

  17. The Guardian, telegraph and BBC are actually ashamed of you and distance themselves from your so called journalism. Oh I don’t happen to believe that but I shall add it in anyway just to put that thought in people’s heads.

    I take offence to the fact you through Sturridge et al in there and make out these players have a problem with Terry. Sturridge plays with Terry for god sake! Asforementioned are you trying to make out Hodgson is a racist. Either way I think it’s disgraceful you blatantly make that part up for sensationalism and then add I don’t believe that!

    Very poor article!

    1. I also said I don’t believe the argument. the point i was making was that john terry’s inclusion is an unwanted distraction, if ideas like this is out there and being seriously discussed

      1. If ideas like this are out there. I’ve not heard this-and been reading all sources relating to this story. Can you send me a link to those who have said Danny and co. wouldn’t want to play with Terry so have been excluded.

        1. download and listen to the two latest episodes of The Times’ TheGame podcast. It was suggested (or put out there) by Tony Cascarino, I believe

  18. This article made me chuckle! Please dont give up the day job because your career in sports journalism will not go very far with these pig headed opinions, please try and look at all the facts before making your self look like a very silly little boy with bitter opinions. Not a well presented or thought through article a all!

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