How Will You Be Watching Euro 2012?

Another tournament is about to begin in a far off land. While we may feel that we’re almost there thanks to the wonder of television and wall-to-wall coverage, there remains the issue of trying to figure out how to squeeze Euro 2012 matches into our busy lives. European soccer, after all, is a priority for most of us reading this article, but how do you plan on personally watching the matches?

If you live in the United States, like me, you’ll have to figure out a way to watch as many games as possible. But since the games will be kicking off every day from June 8-July 1 at Noon ET and 2:45pm ET (i.e. 9am PT and 11:45am PT), how will you watch these games? Will you find a way to watch them live, are you planning on watching them on or the WatchESPN app? Or will you block off all forms of communication and watch the games on DVR after you get home from work?

Are any of you planning on taking vacation to ensure you can watch games? Or have you found a convenient way to watch as many games as possible live? Share your stories below.

For those of you who are living in the United States, the challenging part of blocking off all forms of communication is that it could backfire. Soccer is becoming more popular each year, and the popularity of soccer on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites means that it’s very easy to accidentally see a result or overhear a conversation regarding a scoreline.

I’m interested in hearing your stories, and finding out if your method of watching massive tournaments like Euro 2012 has changed at all.

Thanks in advance for your stories!

15 thoughts on “How Will You Be Watching Euro 2012?”

  1. I will not be able to watch the first three days of the tournament as I will be visiting my grandson for the first time!!! I will DVR all the matches and fast-forward them to see the goals, cards and fights in the stands. I will be home on Monday in time for the England v France match. I will watch the remainder of the tournament live…except when I need my nap. For that time I will have my DVR cranked up.

    I don’t know how much of my interest is because of the potential off-the-pitch problems that have been documented through programs like Panorama. I hope that, like my experience at Euro96, the fans unite as one and are able to enjoy the great event and not have to be affected by any negative activity.

  2. It’ll be a mix….I’ll probably save the skipping of work for the knockout games. For the group stages, it’ll largely be DVR and watch them at home.

    You know what would be awesome for us Americans: SPOILER FREE reviews of the games! You know, nothing that says who scored, but something that says, “Open play, lots of goals and an very exciting finish in injury time.”

  3. Will ESPN3 (WatchESPN now I guess) have the games on archive?

    I will watch most games at home, but unfortunately will miss some of the matches which is why I ask about if WatchESPN will archive these games

  4. Will use ESPN3 on my 2nd monitor at work. Plus will use my iPad and WatchESPN app if ESPN3 isn’t enough. Who has time to watch full games after work? Usually only have that kind of time on weekends.

  5. I will be taking advantage of and hope to watch as many matches as possible.

    Might be taking some half-days for those 245 kicks.

    Can’t wait for the Euro to begin.

  6. Exept for the weekends where I plan to catch them live. I’ll be watching the games on replay after work on espn3. I have to second that spoiler free reviews for us would be great. It could just be a page with a 1-5 rating for the quality/exitement of the game. That way I can prioritize what games to watch.

  7. When I’m at work, I’ll watch on

    When I’m at home/weekends, ESPN or ESPN2.

    Pretty much the same way I watched the 2010 FIFA World Cup. I remember during past Euros, I had to record matches, but solves that issue.

    I really don’t have a dog in the fight (I’m picking Holland to win it) but it should be a fun tournament to watch once again.

  8. ESPN, ESPN3 and watchESPN. The first work week I have 3 evening meetings, so I’ll have to sneek in ESPN on the office TV. The last two weeks will be with the fam on vacation, so here’s hoping watchESPN works in the car in a radio type mode. So I figure that I will “watch” the matches in about 8 states, with the final somewhere on the Florida Turnpike.

  9. Gaffer
    Watched the first half of GermanyPortugal on BBC and second half on ESPN. The ESPN is almost unwatchable unless you turn on mute. The lead commentators are good. But the experts are worthless – Kasey Keller, et al. The pre, half, and post are even worse!! Michael Ballack and Alexi(s) Lalas? – do me a favour!! I didn’t hear one mention of technical tactics, formation, etc. the chasm with the BBC or even ITV is mind boggling! ESPN should realise – people who watch the European Championships are “football” fans not SOCCER fans!!

  10. I teach groups for mental health clients at a community mental health center. We have a television in our facility that gets ESPN. Thus, I have been/will continue to teach groups on “intercultural appreciation” and “current events” i.e. watching Euro 2012!

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