Euro 2012 News: John Terry In A Race to Be Fit for Euro 2012

Two days to go until Euro 2012 kicks off, and there’s a ton of news to report this morning:

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  1. Gaffer,

    I didn’t know where to put this but what do you think of Cardiff changing their home kit to red and away kit to blue and changing the crest to have the Welsh dragon in it?

    1. They’re the laughing stock of the Football League. One month ago, the club chairman — responding to supporter pressure — said that they decided not to change the club home shirt from blue to red, but now they’ve completely reversed their decision and, like you said, changed their club colors and club crest.

      Cardiff is in a difficult position where they’ve essentially sold themselves to the devil. The devil, in this case, is money. Without the investment from Malaysia, Cardiff would be entering administration within days or weeks. So to keep themselves afloat, they have to take the Malaysian money and agree to their terms.

      If this was an American franchise, changing the colors of the club from blue to red (even though the club’s nickname is the Bluebirds) and changing the club crest from a bluebird to a dragon wouldn’t be that much of a big deal. But this is a traditional British football club that has been in existence since 1899.

      Cardiff City has backed themselves into a corner where they have to make the changes to survive. It’s a pretty sad case for a historic club (the only non-English club to win the FA Cup).

      The supporters must be outraged. Rightly so. But in the battle between Swansea and Cardiff, this is a glorious day for Swansea fans.

      The Gaffer

      1. I don’t see an up side to the switch myself. Why would the new investors risk the backlash from the fans? I see people not buying the new kits in protest and wouldn’t be suprised in seeing blueouts at Cardiff City Stadium next season.

        1. I agree.

          However, red is a very lucky color in Asia, so the Malaysian investors were insistent on the color change. In addition to changing their crest and shirt colors, the investors will build a new training ground, provide funds for new transfers and pay off a substantial debt owed to Swiss financiers.

          The Gaffer

          1. The only thing I could compair this to is if the Yankees were sold to an asian group and they said oh you have to change you uniform to red and put a big apple on the chest and hat (because NYC is the Big Apple). People would flip out.

  2. since they changed the crest maybe they will change their name to the Cardiff City Knights to tie in with the dragon.not a Cardiff fan but i am a fan of tradition.

    what is your take on the manager search for the Swans?who would you like to see get the job and what are your fears for players exiting?

    1. It’s more likely that they’ll keep Cardiff City as the name, but change their nickname to the Dragons — in keeping with the Welsh flag, and being the capital of Wales.

      As for the Swans, it’s hard to say. I’d be very interested in Michael Laudrup getting the job, but I trust the Swansea chairman to make the right decision, and will back him no matter who he selects. As for fears of players exiting, losing Gylfi will be a big blow, but I’m a believer in the system and even if we lose players, we have a blueprint for success, so I’m not too worried.

      The Gaffer

  3. while i understand where fans are coming from, they should realize that clubs need money to operate. With no money they aren’t going to be competitive, and that gets them relegated.

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