FIFA 13: Live Gameplay Demo Featuring Kinect Voice Commands [VIDEO]

EA Sports surprised a lot of industry people and gamers yesterday when they revealed that FIFA 13 will be even better with Kinect, the motion sensing device for the XBOX 360 gaming system.

Watch the above video to see how the Kinect voice commands work in FIFA 13, including swearing at the referee.

What do you think about the addition of Kinect features to FIFA 13? Has the FIFA series jumped the shark? Or will the feature add a new level of enjoyment to FIFA 13 on XBOX 360?

Share your opinions in the comments section below.

One thought on “FIFA 13: Live Gameplay Demo Featuring Kinect Voice Commands [VIDEO]”

  1. Aside from Manager mode, is there a Manager game, available in the US?

    I really like FIFA, but as I age, can’t remember more than 3 combos, and prefer the manager modes.

    Not quite jumped the shark yet, but if they continue with the ‘Ultimate Team’ stuff, it won’t be far away.

    I am looking forward to the voice commands though. Half of them, I’ll unsuspectingly use during a typical rant probably.

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