Behind-the-Scenes Look at ESPN’s Studio Set for its Euro 2012 Coverage [VIDEO]

I love stuff like this. ESPN has wisely given us a behind-the-scenes look at their studio set for its coverage of Euro 2012, which kicks off this Friday.

While ESPN made the decision to have the studio set stationed in Bristol, CT instead of Poland or Ukraine, the creative services team at ESPN has been hard at work to try to make the sets feel like Poland and Ukraine. As you can see from the above video, the amount of detail they’ve put into the studio set is impressive.

The set looks perfect, and I love the attention to detail. Also, the on-screen graphics look crisp as usual.

According to ESPN, they utilized 1,800 square feet of studio real estate (Studio G on ESPN’s Bristol, Conn., campus) that normally belongs to NASCAR Now and a few other shows covering a variety of sports.

“Ultimately, by bringing in custom set pieces inspired by the host countries, ESPN will give fans a studio presentation befitting the enormity of the event,” says ESPN. “The studio space will be transformed back for NASCAR Now within one week after the final match.”

I’m certainly looking forward to watching Euro 2012, and I’m excited that it’s on ESPN. Be sure to bookmark the complete TV schedule for Euro 2012.


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