FIFA 13 Trailer And News About Kinect Functionality [VIDEO]

EA Sports has released a trailer for FIFA 13, the highly anticipated video game due out later this year.

Watch the above video to see actual gameplay footage and some of the new features that are highlighted. The trailer, which was shown at E3 in Los Angeles, was just one part of the news from EA Sports. According to FIFA Soccer Blog, EA has “elaborated on how FIFA 13 will be ‘Better with Kinect’. Using voice controls you will be able to trigger substitutes, change formations, and command your squad with your voice. Most amusingly of all, you can act aggressively to the referee – and then get told off by the commentators!”

What are your thoughts about FIFA 13, the new trailer and the new features? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

H/T FIFA Soccer Blog.

7 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Trailer And News About Kinect Functionality [VIDEO]”

  1. “Most amusingly of all, you can act aggressively to the referee” – Guess I’m going to have to start swearing in Welsh.
    I do like changing formations with voice control, that wasn’t an easy menu to navigate in 12.
    Look forward to it.

  2. I love FIFA 12 but I really hope there are some massive improvements going forward. Growth of players that are given significant playing time continues to be an issue. There are times where the keeper will spill the ball and my strikers will simply stand there looking at the ball as it rolls past them. The CPU’s ability to clear the ball to their teammates with pinpoint control is maddening.

    I don’t expect the game to be perfect but there are some small things like these that can be corrected it seems and make FIFA 13 unstoppable.

    1. Biggest issue with FIFA 12 is the apparent stupidity of the CPU on my team. I constantly find myself screaming, “MAKE THE RUN!!” or, “GO TO THE BALL!!!”

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