Liverpool Away Shirt for 2012-13 Season From Warrior, Official Pics [PHOTO]

Sometimes history is best left alone. This applies to Liverpool’s away shirt for the 2012-13 season, which was officially unveiled tonight by Liverpool FC and Warrior Sports. Unfortunately, in this case, Warrior Sports has got it wrong.

According to the Liverpool website, “Following Warrior’s design direction of modern tradition, the new kit is inspired by Liverpool’s away Kit from 1900-1906 which featured the yoke detail in recognition of sailors and the huge influence of the docks on the city at the time.”

In theory, this makes logical sense. Go back to the history of the club and commemorate the proud history of Liverpool FC. However, the Liverpool shirt from 1900-1906 that features the yoke detail should best be left to the history books, and not brought back to life.

The drab gray color of the collar makes the shirt look morbid. To make matters worse, it looks like the front of a cape. As a result, the away shirt looks horrid, which is incredibly disappointing given how the new Liverpool home shirt looks splendid.

What do you think? Review the rest of the photos, and then share your opinions in the comments section below.

20 thoughts on “Liverpool Away Shirt for 2012-13 Season From Warrior, Official Pics [PHOTO]”

  1. that is not a good look looks like Stevie is auditioning for a Batman movie.if i was a LFC fan i would stick with the home shirt.

  2. ok nevermind. i take back what i said in the leaked image comments. i didnt realize there were little grey thingies. this is atrocious. well, time to go hunting for last season’s black kit at end of season sales!

  3. I usually buy home and away kits… gonna have to wait until I can get up close and hands on with this one in the LFC store before I commit to it… already got the new home kit on release day so maybe that’s enough for this season!

    This isn’t not ‘horrible’ as such, it’s just really odd and going to take a lot of getting used to? First time I’ve seen a kit and been fairly lost for words either way so that’s not a great sign! What a bizarre design. Dreading the 3rd kit now lol

  4. A bit harsh Gaffer. It is not terrible – decent template, looks more like a 3rd kit but you have a point, of all the the more “traditional” colours Liverpool have in their archive – yellow, white, even the more controversial silver gray and green would have worked better. That being said, it is still a better effort than that white and sky blue aberration adidas put out last season.

  5. Okay now I am not going to be able to get the thought of that being a “cocktail dress” out of my head every time I see this.

    To me this is an example of something where the idea might have been a good one but the execution of same was a bit lacking.

  6. All these comments seem to be boiled by group think. The players these days love tight shirts, and this fits the bill. Just look at Fulham last year. Also, I think that paying respect to the kits of more than 100 years ago is a unique way for Warrior to engage the fanbase.

    Also the colors are a bit dreary, I think they will work well on the pitch. The solid color should assist all with the high level of contrast. Also, I support the black color, its menacing.

    This palate is certainly better than the green and whites of the early 90’s!


  7. I agree with Chad’s assessment. The kit has a menacing look to it that will be hard to ignore. I think it’s one of those designs that will actually grow on people as they see it in action. Certainly not nearly as bad as what ManU is turning out this season – yeesh.

  8. And now I am thinking of the line in “Kill Bill” when Uma Thurman describes one of the evil characters as looking like “a Star Trek Villain.”

  9. As I’ve been saying for the last two years, how about an away kit with some color! I am so tired of black as the base for our away kit and don’t see that as a good precedent to be doing that every freaking season. Bring back yellow away kits!

  10. I hope this kit is of better quality than the Home one …… I washed mine once @ 30 degrees and the embroidered LFC and Warrior Logo shrunk and went all curled up when dry . My mate had the same thing happen, not quite so bad though … but his collar has started to come off …. May have just been a bad batch but they all look like they are cheaply made and have a tacky feel to them .I have also heard of others with similar complaints … be warned ! …. Just thinking if you are stood on the terraces wearing this shirt in the rain , do not be tempted to put a coat/whatever over your head , you will look like a NUN …… I am looking forward to the new 3rd kit though , either so i can consider buying it (quality allowing ) or for another laugh ! … As for now I will be sticking to my old Adidas / Reebok shirts ……

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