Which Nation Will You Support During Euro 2012? [POLL]

In a tournament that only includes 16 teams (before it’s increased to 24 in 2016), there are only so many countries to root for in this summer’s Euro 2012 tournament.

Depending on where you live in the world, your ancestry, where you were born or where your allegiances align, it can be a tricky question. For the purposes of getting a definitive answer, I’ve purposely eliminated a “neutral” option as well as forced the poll to only allow one choice. So, take a few seconds and vote below. And then share your opinions in the comments section below.

26 thoughts on “Which Nation Will You Support During Euro 2012? [POLL]”

  1. Well let’s see. Out of 4 grandparents: 1 was Dutch (giving me my last name), 2 were German, and the last was English. So I go Germany, Holland, than England. I’ve lived in Germany before as well.

  2. Croatia…but I have very low expecations comared to Euro 2008 where I thought we were legit contenders. This time around we will be lucky to get 1-2 points.

    Of the favorites, I hope Germany win (since Croatia have no chance)

    Oh yeah, cheering for an early exit for England 😉

  3. Scottish lad here, and I will be cheering on England all the way! Good luck boys, wish we were with you but do the Brits proud!

  4. Ireland for sure. Relatives living in Ireland who are mad about the national team. Followed by Poland, I’ll be teaching in Poland this summer for 3.5 weeks. Those are my two favorites, but I’ll likely be cheering on Netherlands to win it all.

  5. went to a french school when i was young. i have a love/hate relationship of them, but i grew up watching the French team .

  6. England and Russia due to my ethnicity. France because I am often there on business and love the place. Italy because of Balotelli. But then again my favourite colour IS orange, so the Dutch….

    Oh hell, I can’t really pick a side. Just love the sport!

      1. Well Gaffer, I am indeed Welsh, but I am also one eighth Irish (and one eighth Scottish), so I shall be supporting my Celtic brothers & whoever England are facing. Also, I have yet to do my sweep and so long as I don’t pick out England, I’ll be supporting that team too! How about you?

        1. My Dad is English, and my Mum is Welsh, but I was born and raised in Wales, so I’ll be supporting England. Because of my celtic roots, Ireland will be my second team.

          The Gaffer

  7. Polska! Because my wife is Polish, I hope Poland can return to the glory day someday

    -1978 WC Semi-Final
    -1982 WC Semi-Final

    Lato, Boniek.

    My second team will be Ireland, go green:-)

  8. Russia!

    Will finish first in an easy group and will surprise everyone by getting to the final and winning it on penalties.

  9. England, even though I don’t think they’ll win we still need to get behind them,
    I think Germany or Holland will win but England could be semi-finallist’s
    Good luck England and Roy- Do our nation proud

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