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Play Euro Manager, the Free Euro 2012 Fantasy Game From ESPN

espn euro manager Play Euro Manager, the Free Euro 2012 Fantasy Game From ESPN

Looking for another way to enjoy Euro 2012? Then head over to ESPN and play Euro Manager. A group named Fans of has been created and can be accessed here.

All that is required to play is a free ESPN username. Create your team, then click on the ‘Join Group’ button, and play against fans from around the world.

There are a few changes to this game compare to years past:

  • All managers must submit one 11-man team for each round of games in the group stage within a 4-4-2 formation. This is the same for everyone, you won’t be able to opt for three strikers or five defenders; it’s a level playing field. Every nation will play three games in the group stage in rotation, starting on June 8, and you submit a team for each one of the three rounds.
  • Managers then have the chance to submit a new team for the quarterfinals, and another for a combined semifinals and final round of fixtures.
  • The Promotion will be broken down in to five (5) “Rounds”:

Round 1: Group Stage 1 (June 8-10)
Round 2: Group Stage 2 (June 12-14)
Round 3: Group Stage 3 (June 16-18)
Round 4: Quarter-finals (June 21-24)
Round 5: Semi-finals + Final (June 27-July 1)

Complete game rules can be found here.

So compile your best squad with the likes of Casillas, Sneijder, and Ronaldo and compete against your friends and

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3 Responses to Play Euro Manager, the Free Euro 2012 Fantasy Game From ESPN

  1. dust says:

    great idea

  2. Wan says:

    I thought Sneijder injured already?

  3. Sim says:

    Hi,,, Do we get a chance to create a new team for each round? If yes then we can create a total of 5 teams (3 rounds, quareters, semi+final). Am I rite?

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