Euro 2012 News: Is This Going to be England’s Starting XI Against France?

Ten days remain before Euro 2012 kicks off in Eastern Europe. Hopefully you’re getting excited as the tournament is getting closer and closer. Stay updated on all of the news with our updates below:

Programming note: Be sure to listen to the previews of Group A and Group B from the EPL Talk Podcast crew. The episodes are a must-listen.

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4 thoughts on “Euro 2012 News: Is This Going to be England’s Starting XI Against France?”

  1. Glen Johnson, Ashley Cole, John Terry, Lampard, Gerrard, Milner. all first team players In key roles at the world cup in 2010 and were slow, outwhitted and just plain awful, after 2 years what is it everyone is expecting to be different?

    Maybe they went to the OAP home in the movie cocoon?

    Andy Carrol is the first choice to partner Rooney and his stand in. He is the best in England? Really?
    Odds on Gerrard getting injured in the first 2 games? 7/6

    Given the choice of Theo Walcott or Andy Johnson? I can’t believe Theo is seen as the better option his ball distribution is just terrible.

  2. Danny Welbeck is a better footballer than Carroll. But Roy Hodgson like his big men. The problem is England doesn’t have a very good midfield thus they will target Carroll with Long Balls for him to knock down for either young or rooney.

  3. Watching England v Mexico on fox soccer, the header by crouch from the back post back into the box for and England goal by king us just one of the many reasons he should be upfront and not the joke of a forward Andy carrol..

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