Rogers Media to Produce FOX Soccer Report Replacement from Toronto

EXCLUSIVE: A reliable industry source has told me that Rogers Media in Toronto has been selected by FOX Sports Media Group to produce a yet-to-be-named soccer newscast, presumably starting October 1, for airing on FOX Soccer in the U.S. and Sportsnet World in Canada.

The new Toronto-based show will replace BOTH Fox Soccer Report and SportsNet World Connected.

My original source who gave me the tip that FOX Sports officials met with Rogers in Toronto in April was spot on.

Shaw Media will shut down the production of FOX Soccer Report from 201 Portage Avenue in Winnipeg by no later than September 30.

26 thoughts on “Rogers Media to Produce FOX Soccer Report Replacement from Toronto”

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    1. Found this job listing at

      Senior Producer – Sports News Program, Rogers Sportsnet Inc.-31049


      This position is responsible for the management and creative development of a daily news program.

      Reports to Vice President, News and Information Programming
      Manage show staff, talent in all aspects of the production of a sports news shows
      Develop oversee execution of show concepts; enhances the current initiatives.
      Help develop and maintain system for information sharing across multiple properties.
      Assist in creation and management of production budgets
      Liase with sales department to create and execute sales initiatives
      Liase with creative department to develop and implement on-air elements

      Rogers Sportsnet offers viewers five channels featuring regional and national sports programming: Sportsnet East, Sportsnet Ontario, Sportsnet West, Sportsnet Pacific and Sportsnet HD. Sportsnet gives viewers the choice they want, featuring Toronto Blue Jays, five Canadian regional NHL teams, AHL, CHL including the Memorial Cup, MLB, MLB playoffs including the World Series, NBA and Canadian Soccer. Sportsnet also features Sportsnet Connected and Sportsnet is a division of Rogers Media Inc.


      Minimum 5 years newsroom and producing experience
      In depth knowledge of television and news gathering technology
      Excellent editorial judgment
      Excellent knowledge of the sport of soccer
      Ability to work under stress to meet strict deadlines
      Graduate of a broadcasting or journalism program or equivalent experience

  2. fox soccer report looked low budget. ESPN’s soccernet presspass is much better and it only lasts 30 mns. ANd thats impressive since they cant even show highlights.

      1. streams ESPN Soccernet Press Pass in full daily around the world including U.S.

        The show goes out in the morning U.S. time so that it airs during prime time in Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific. Other markets such as U.K., Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, Israel, and Middle East/North Africa get the show on TV.

        Highlights are generally blacked out due to rights issues. Highlights for int’l distribution (sold by SNTV or Reuters) are not cheap.

        Talk shows generally don’t sell in this era. Too much competition. Nothing really unique about a talk show unless you are already a fan of a particular personality.

          1. ESPNU is for University sports.

            ESPNEWS is for news 24/7

            At one time, Press Pass was on ESPN Classic. Not anymore. U.S. rights clearance fees for highlights far exceeded ad sales.

            Again, talk shows aren’t unique unless the hosts are famous enough to attract large number of viewers. None of the hosts on Press Pass move the needle.

    1. Indeed. I enjoy their enthusiasm for the game. The low budget production is quite endearing, as long as they make it up with substance (which they do, for the most part).
      Ana I <3 Michelle :)

      1. One former FOX employee in LA said to me: FOX Soccer Report “looked like crap”

        FOX Sports Media Group had no choice:

        1. Cannot commit to more than a 1-year deal due to Qatar Media

        2. New transmitter would have required a 5-year deal due to accounting rules

        3. Rogers need to sell U.S. rights to its show in order to recoup losses. Sportsnet World only has about 50000 subscribers in Canada.

  3. i wonder if Bobby will travel to Toronto to do Monday and Friday like he does now,or if they would setup a studio so he could do it from Winnipeg?hope they can find some new on air talent will be interested to see how it all shakes out.

  4. Bobby’s not moving from WPG, as he has other business interests.

    Michelle Lissel is the big loser here.

    Too many better candidates available will be applying at both Rogers in Toronto and beIN Sports USA in Miami.

    Some of the people behind the scene got caught flat-footed. There was no excuse for that. They had contacts that could have tipped them off weeks ago.

    I had known since March, when Shaw first made the announcement, that FSR was in trouble. Once I found out about the Qatar Media situation, I knew that there was virtually NO chance FOX would renew with Shaw because of the digital transmitter issue.

    The subsequent meeting in April between FOX and Rogers, and the move to slot Sportsnet World Connected at 10pm two weeks ago, were telling.

    I couldn’t go with the story until I had a solid source.

  5. Bobby is the best pundit in North America. If one of the US providers (ESPN, NBC or the new Bein) dont pick him up it will be a huge mistake.

    1. Issue: Bobby is based in Winnipeg and has business interests there. He is not moving. FOX Soccer does not need him in LA. Sportsnet does not need him in Toronto. Ditto TSN. No one will need his services after FSR goes dark with the exception of the blog.

      Winnipeg was an anomaly to begin with because Canwest Global was headquartered there. Most Canadian English-language media are HQed in Toronto.

      Only reason FSR has survived this long was because FSWC was around. Once Shaw decided to shut down FSWC and Shaw asked FOX to bear cost of expensive upgrades, FOX Soccer had to seek out Rogers.

      FOX Soccer cannot commit to any capital improvements because FOX Soccer doesn’t know yet whether it will have EPL in 2014.

      If Qatar Media can get its act together and get a partnership done with Comcast/NBCUniversal, Qatar Media’s bid for EPL will be fully compliant and will likely exceed the bid by FOX-ESPN-Univision by a wide margin.

  6. Any idea as to where Bobby McMahon will go?

    Also, what’s the deal with Qatar Media? Are they the same as the Al jazera group who is buying up a good chunk of the broadcast rights for futbol across the world?

    1. Qatar Media Corporation owns many media properties. Al Jazeera and beIN Sports are different brands and are managed locally with different people. beIN Sport 1 France is very different than beIN Sports USA / beIN Deportes.

      A lot of work will have to be done in 60 days. Production, branding, marketing, legal, IT, etc.

      As is typical of any start-up, everything is fluid. A lot can change very quickly.

  7. Yes, definitely needs to be in HD. FSR is good, but looks like it is not funded properly. Hopefully the new show will have more coach and player news conference footage – I want to hear others talk besides the hosts. If Mourinho speaks, people listen.

  8. @huhe888 .. Do you know if beIn Sports has started hiring production crews? I have been searching but havent seen anything yet.

    1. Yes. Production crews for upcoming PPV South American WCQs are in place.

      All freelance people.

      Lots of freelance production people available for hire in South Florida, mostly bilingual English-Spanish.

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