Euro 2012 News: Gareth Barry a Doubt for Euro 2012 with Groin Injury

After England’s comfortable away win against Norway yesterday, the team looks like a solid but unimaginative side that will be difficult to beat, but may have issues creating enough chances to win games. We’ll find out more later this week after their next friendly, against Belgium.

In the meantime, here are the latest Euro 2012 news stories:

And as a bonus, even though it doesn’t have anything to do with Euro 2012, here’s Michael Bradley’s goal for the United States against Scotland (101 Great Goals).

8 thoughts on “Euro 2012 News: Gareth Barry a Doubt for Euro 2012 with Groin Injury”

  1. “Imaginative play” ugh! no need for that, straight lines down the same old channels all the way. “trouble creating enough chances to win”, if they just defend all game and just kicked it up to carrol thats good enough, creativity doesn’t matter, just win. Winning is all that matters.


    Heuchelei !

  2. Reallllllllly looking forward to the euros, looking forward to seeing England go out, hopefully on penalties again. I think like the World cup, Spain are on a completely different level to any other country, but there are a few teams on the level below who could potentially knock them down a peg. I’ll be wanting Ireland to win, but out of the realistic teams, I want Holland too, I wouldn’t look into the friendly loss to much. I just hope its not boring like the majority of the World cup was.

  3. My local team is crap and will probably never be as good as the richest clubs in the world but i still support it and always will.

  4. If Michael Carrick weren’t such a douchebag, he’d be in line for going to play in the Euros… what an unpatriotic douche.

    1. Unpatriotic? No you should blame the stupid people in charge who thinks that being able to go hard on a “tackle” is what it means to play football. They like to put “safe” players who aren’t going to make mistakes in the starting XI. Besides Ashley Young, none of the players can do something unpredictable. The most unpredictable thing Gerrard can do is shoot from distance.
      Both Aaron Lennon and Adam Johnson are better wingers than Downing. Sturridge, Richards……and the list goes on.

      1. Yeah, unpatriotic. He didn’t event want to be on the stand by list. What an unpatriotic douchebag. No character whatsoever.

        1. To be honest though, I wouldn’t say we were a very patriotic country over here at the best of times! Interestingly, there was a poll conducted a while back that listed England as the least patriotic country in the whole of Europe to back that up!

  5. U think he is unpatriotic? Ok, with his being unpatriotic he still did well this season we just finish and i don’t think anybody has his number of appearance in the midfield role at united this season.

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