Euro 2012 Warmup, Norway vs England: Open Thread

England plays Norway today in their first warm-up friendly before Euro 2012. It’ll be Roy Hodgson’s first match in charge of England. However, it’s just a friendly, so I don’t think you can read a lot into the performance – whether England plays well or not.

England team to start: Green; Jones, Jagielka, Lescott, Baines; Milner, Parker, Gerrard, Downing; Young; Carroll.

Hodgson has decided to start some of the back-up players such as Robert Green, Phil Jagielka and Leighton Baines — presumably to give them an opportunity to show what they can do, as well as to give some of the first team players a rest, such as John Terry and Ashley Cole after the UEFA Champions League Final.

For viewers in the United States, the game will be shown live on and ESPN Deportes beginning at 2:30pm ET.

Before, during and after the game today, post your opinions about the match in the comments thread below.

14 thoughts on “Euro 2012 Warmup, Norway vs England: Open Thread”

  1. This starting 11 selection awful, green in goal, Ashley young playing off carrol.

    Thank god Taylor is commentating!

    1. Why is the starting eleven awful? Green, Jagielka and Baines are all accomplished professionals and deserve a chance.

      Good start by England. Great goal by Young.

      The Gaffer

      1. Ashley Cole’s goal was good. Let’s not re-hash rob green, surely it’s obvious. Baines and lescot I agree with but Milner, Carrol, Downing, jagielka, Phil jones at right back?

        Ashley cole playing off Carrol? So when Rooney comes back then what? Ashley back to right midfield with Rooney playing off Carrol? Carrol has done nothing all season to deserve being in the starting 11 for England.

        Just not my cup of tea.

  2. Off topic, but the advertising hoardings around the side of the pitch… are they moving on your feed or are they just bog-standard boards?

      1. Well i never noticed it until I read it before, but they’re really just still boards. The moving ads are being beamed onto them live by camera 1. When they go for a corner or move to a different camera they shown them as they are – still boards… moment they go back to camera 1 they’re different, moving ads again. All of our ads are for UK companies and products so I’m guessing they’re doing different ads for different regions.

        Really geeky, but also really clever lol

  3. So I guess everyone was impressed by the England performance?

    it was hopefully a B team selection, 1-0 vs Norway, but aside form the score being what it was thanks to a great individual effort by Ashley young what were the positives?

    Seriously aside from the obvious players being solid, Lescott, Baines, Parker, Barry, and Young all I witnessed was blah and meh with moments of midfield and defensive frailty after Parker went off, and this against Norway, not Spain, or France…Norway.

    Also Gerrard was lucky to not get a red fro that challenge that knocked the Norwegian out of the game.

    I hope it’s because they’re tired or something because otherwise…this was a poor show from a team I expected to come out with an emphatic win for Roy in his first game.

  4. I wouldn’t make too much out of friendlies. Germany, Denmark and Holland lost, Portugal drew. All from the group of death. Most teams are playing with fringe players mostly.

    The real deal will begin in a couple of weeks.

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