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Emotional Interview With England Legend Paul Gascoigne [VIDEO]

This interview with Paul Gascoigne should be required viewing for every member of the England 23-man squad for Euro 2012.

Umbro recently sat down with England legend Paul Gascoigne to talk about several topics, but the one that hits home is the pride and passion that Gascoigne felt, and how he communicates that with the viewer, by talking about what it means to play for England, and how much it meant to him.

Only 44 years old, Gascoigne has been through a difficult life. And he’s lucky to be alive. But the warmth and honesty shines through from this video, as well as the spark that captivated our hearts at World Cup 1990 and Euro 96, as well as on countless other occasions.

Whether you’re an England fan or not, spend a few minutes and watch this excellent interview.

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7 Responses to Emotional Interview With England Legend Paul Gascoigne [VIDEO]

  1. RVPFan says:

    Love Gazza!!

  2. Mufc77 says:

    “Best goal at wembley in 100 years”, you must be joking. Great player in his day who may have thrived under pressure during games but off pitch he couldn’t handle it at all.

    • Taylor says:

      While Gazza’s goal in the semifinal of FA Cup was awesome, Psycho’s goal in the Final was not worse than Gazza’s. Plus, Psycho’s expression: calmly raised his arms, added the “awesomeness” of the goal.

    • Dust says:

      Easy! Couldn’t handle it off the pitch? He is an alcoholic, “pressure off the pitch” had nothing to do with it, it’s a desease that has nothing to do with pressure. He was a superstar and hung out with A list celebs of the day. It is a shame he didn’t seek help earlier to get it under controll, he was a fantastic player! His goal against Scotland was incredible!

  3. Dust says:

    If only he connected with that slidding toe poke on the back post against West Germany, he would have sent us to the final and the sat out.

  4. Brn442 says:

    He looks like 54. Most natural talent of any British footballer the last 25 years. Shame he wasn’t in France 98′.

    Alcohol aside, Gazza made some poor decisions on and off the pitch – that tackle, passing on the PL to go to Rangers, not keeping himself fit, him or his people reportedly asking the FA to pay him to write something in the England match day programme.

    Italia 90′ – Amazing.

  5. Pete says:

    Best English player I’ve ever seen, in 1990, the best player in the world

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