Roberto Martinez Spotted In Miami Beach With Liverpool Owner John W. Henry

The news has been all over the Twittersphere today. Roberto Martinez was spotted in Miami Beach, walking down Lincoln Road with Liverpool owner John W. Henry. They both look deeply engaged in conversation. Henry with a venti coffee in his hand from Starbucks. Martinez with a trusty legal pad in hand, and phone in pocket.

Yes, I’ve scrutinized this photo more times today than I care to mention.

Realizing that not everyone is on Twitter (and not everyone follows EPL Talk on Twitter), I thought I’d share it on here (courtesy of @Nihar247).

This is one of those rare stories about the Premier League where it’s being played out literally in my backyard. I’ve walked past the slew of tourist shops near Lincoln Road on countless occasions (I had the pleasure of watching Chelsea beat Barcelona in the Champions League in a German pub, just a few blocks from there). I can also picture which Starbucks that Henry and Martinez went to (there are three on Lincoln Road; but only one good one).

For a league that is played thousands of miles away from my home, it’s refreshing to know that the major news story of the day is happening in my area, for once. It’s surreal.

Somehow I have a feeling that if talks between Martinez and Henry extend in to tomorrow, they’ll send someone to go grab some coffees from Starbucks.

27 thoughts on “Roberto Martinez Spotted In Miami Beach With Liverpool Owner John W. Henry”

      1. Not impressed by it.

        Genuinely can’t see where this club is going at the moment. I think that if FSG make the wrong move here it will leave us in a position that we won’t recover from for a long time and that worries me a lot.

        1. But who really knows which manager Liverpool should pick? The fans, media or Fenway Sports Group? FSG needs to make the decision so they can live and die by the sword.

          Roberto Martinez would be a fantastic acquisition by Liverpool. After seeing what he did at Swansea and Wigan with limited resources, he’s ready for the next step up to a bigger club. He will get rid of the poor and underperforming Liverpool players, and instill a system which Liverpool desperately lacks right now. It’s imperative that Liverpool supporters give him the support and backing, if he gets the job — as well as time and patience.

          The Gaffer

          1. Was he that good at Wigan though? Looking at the managerial win % at Wigan it goes like this:

            Paul Jewell 43.64%
            Steve Bruce 33.82%
            Roberto Martinez 26.77%

            If Martinez feels he should step up the ladder, personally I think he should try his trade at Aston Villa first and see how he fares there.

            I wish him the best of luck if he does get the job. Fingers are crossed and only time will tell…

          2. And also, he had a great end to the season but what about the awful 3/4 of the season before it? Should we all just forget that because he managed to scrape by relegation?

            We just don’t know what will happen until he gets the job and starts playing. They could be a match made in heaven… until they work together we don’t know. I just think it’s crazy how people are referring to him as this great manager who deserves a shot at the big time just because Wigan didn’t get sent down. People seem to be forgetting all the bad stuff and are just zoning in on April and May.

            1. I think Americans are more favorable about Roberto Martinez for the Liverpool job after the brilliant analysis Martinez did for ESPN in the States, for World Cup 2010. Even as a Swansea supporter, I gained a greater appreciation for Martinez during that summer. He knows his football. His track record of signing players for Swansea was good. He’s the type of manager who gets his teams to play attractive football. I believe he would fit in well at Liverpool.

              At Wigan, he could only do as well as the players he had at his disposal. You also have to consider the players who left Wigan.

              Even despite players leaving, he was still able to steady the ship and keep them up. Players such as Antonio Valencia, Wilson Palacios, Charles N’Zogbia and Paul Scharner left the club. Meanwhile, who did Wigan buy that was a big name signing? Hardly anyone, if any. Hugo Rodallega was signed by Steve Bruce before Martinez got there. But Martinez managed to work his magic with what he had this season — beating Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Newcastle United.

              The Gaffer

          3. But it’s there in which the debate lies. People say he worked his magic with what he had and beat Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal and Newcastle in the process but you can’t say ‘he’s a great motivator in the run-in!’ or ‘yeah but didn’t they play well in the last 8 games!’… he is the same man who failed to get results all season long. For the 8 or so he managed to snatch decent results against the bigger teams, there are 30 matches beforehand when he couldn’t buy a win no matter how hard he tried.

          4. Boy, do I agree with Paul. If Martinez could “work his magic” at the end, what was he doing the rest of the season????? Don’t think he’s the man for Liverpool.

        2. Liverpool is a big club, the fact that people are turning them down or taking themselves out of the running, is to be honest a big shock. I agree that Martinez isn’t the right choice, or Rafa (that’s just crazy). Are managers not interested because of the organization and the players they would inherit?

          It’s confusing to me why Rodgers would rule himself out unless he has his eye on another club, which again is confusing because its Liverpool. I just dont buy that Rodgers doesn’t feel he is ready. The whole thing is just weird.

          1. Rodgers said he wasn’t interested because he doesn’t want to give Swansea fans the idea that he wants to leave the club. If Liverpool singled Rodgers out as the only candidate for the job and approached him, he’d be open to speaking with FSG. But he doesn’t want to be one of many interviewing for the job. It sends the wrong signals to the Swansea fans.

            The Gaffer

        3. So if the right big club came along and only wanted him, he would entertain leaving. How is that not giving the impression he wants to leave?

          Why would they fire Daglish without a person as their sole focus? De Boar said no, he wouldnt leave Ajax, Ajax! this is Liverpool for gods sake! This whole search has been bungled from the beginning. If they wanted Rodgers why wouldn’t they just approach him and offer him whatever he wanted? Conducting a search for the manager of Liverpool fc shouldn’t be done in the same fashion as a toys r’ us manager.

          Out of the 120 million spent only Suarez has panned out on the pitch, I think fsg are trying to play baseball gm to much, in football the manager rightly says I want x y or z player, asking managers to make it work with players they didn’t choose or that won’t fit in their system could be as much to blame. No way are you going together back the 100 million spent for the others.

          I don’t blame LFC fans for not having much faith in FSG, just looking at what they have done since arriving, sure they have mone but how much have they actually improved the club? What happens when they announce they are moving from Anfield?

          1. Totally agree with everything you’re saying Dust. I think Rodgers did the right thing because he’s still the manager of a team at the end of the day so while he was part of a supposed huge list of candidates he didn’t want to rock the boat. Now that FSG are still targeting him they’re hoping to make it more lucrative for him and entice him into talks by saying he’s a main priority for them and for the club as a whole. I wouldn’t count him out for the job just yet because as we all know, it’s a funny business and things change so fast.

            The main argument is that FSG should never have sacked Kenny until they had a firm plan of action in place. They acted too quick in sacking him and now they’re playing this out in the worst possible way. I know FSG have the money but do they really have the first clue about football and how it really works? This is a world apart from American sport that they’re used to and questions are being asked if they’re out of their depth… but only time will tell.

            As for moving from Anfield… likely scenario is they’re going to renovate the existing ground but they may as well just move somewhere else because they’re in “advanced talks” regarding sponsorship and naming rights. How on earth they think they’re going to get away with calling it something stupid when it’s one of the holy grails of football is beyond me. That place is and always will be Anfield no matter what name they stick on it.

          2. I hope they stay at Anfield, fsg did reenate Fenway park. The thing is, if they are going to renovate and not move then why not just say so? Why all the drama? Advanced talks? Just come out and say we are not moving, we are going to stay here and remodel, you should see the plan!

            After all I went through as a fan with the whole Olympic relocation debacle, I’m grateful my Paxton Road will get bigger and better with the Northumberland project 60,000 seater. If we had moved I would have been devastated.

    1. It doesn’t matter who Liverpool picks as the manager, there will be factions of Liverpool supporters who will be upset.

      It’s time for LFC fans to give FSG the confidence that they’ll make the right decision, and then to get behind the new manager and give him the time and support he needs. If Liverpool wants to climb back up the ladder, they need to be patient and supportive, not destructive.

      The Gaffer

      1. FSG have got our full backing. Opinions are being offered everywhere at the moment but ultimately whoever gets the job will have the full support of each and every person at Anfield come August. Only time will tell how this will play out but to say it’s a nerve wracking time would be an understatement.

  1. Martinez might be a good manager but let’s not delude ourselves that he is better than managers such as Brendan Rodgers or Paul Lambert for instance who with even less resources than Wigan were comfortably away from the relegation zone all season long. Martinez who has been with Wigan longer is always in the relegation zone every year and does seem to avoid relegation in the end. That’s what people remember the most about him and give him his due. However, if you look at the totality of his achievement at Wigan it’s not that good.

    So if Rodgers and Lambert have better records than Martiniez why is FSG so high on him? Because he speaks well? What about looking at his record. I don’t see this ending well for Liverpool since Martinez isn’t looked upon by the Kop with that much admiration, in fact Andres Villas Boas has a more favorable ranking among the Kop than Martinez even though AVB failed at Chelsea. Martinez might end up like Hodgson. The Kop will be merciless towards him if he doesn’t hit the ground running and knowing what we know about his teams that never start well this could get ugly at Anfield once again.

    1. That’s spot on Tommy. He would be welcomed with open arms but unless he works wonders – and fast – then he’d be hounded out of the job like Roy was. Martinez hasn’t experienced working at a club like Liverpool before. It will be a culture shock for him to see how different it is here.

      Liverpool insist they have NOT made Martinez an offer and Dave Whelan has basically been talking rubbish. He is either trying to get Martinez the job… or he’s trying to ruin his chances!

      According to the Liverpool Echo, they’re still after Klopp and Rodgers. According to an ESPN article today they’re also going to attempt to begin talks with Guardiola. Now, they may be thinking very high with thoughts of Pep but that’s the attitude we want to see here. Even if he doesn’t want the job at least they’re showing some sort of ambition by speaking to somebody of his profile. We would all rather they did that and failed instead of settling for Martinez from the off.

      1. Rodgers has already turned down the opportunity to speak with Liverpool, so I’m not sure what the British media are talking about. Sure, Liverpool may still be interested in speaking with him, but he’s already said no. As for Guardiola, I think that’s a red herring. Guardiola is taking a one year sabbatical. Plus Guardiola is not going to want to even consider being manager of a club that’s not in the Champions League.

        Martinez is the only one true contender. Everyone else is either press speculation, or attempts by FSG to appease the Liverpool fans into thinking that others are in the chase for the job.

        The Gaffer

        1. I agree on Rodgers – it’s very confusing. FSG are still very much interested in him though and still hope to lure him into talks. Be interesting to see how that pans out if anything comes of it.

          The news surrounding Pep is because of his words in reply to being asked about Liverpool and Chelsea – “I will be pleased to receive calls, of course, but for the next few months I have to recharge my batteries, recharge my mind. I’m going to rest for now and then I will wait. If a club wants me once I’ve recharged my batteries, and they seduce me, I will coach again.” He has hinted at the possibility of being an active manager come August of this year.

          There are more twists and turns in this saga still to come I’m sure.

  2. According to some media reports, if Liverpool were to tell Rodgers that he is on their short list he may be more open to consider talking to them.

    Guardiola is now the target of Chelsea and maybe Liverpool because after the Copa del Ray final he indicated he might be open to return to coaching after a couple of months off. So the feeling is that if the right club came calling he might jump back into coaching at the end of July. Liverpool are expected to test the waters through Pep’s brother, Pepe, who is the agent of Luis Suarez. Guardiola also prefers working in a system where the director of football is in charge of transfers and he concentrates solely on coaching. It’s the system Liverpool are trying to implement.

    I still believe Martinez is the front runner as FSG are high on his talents but they are not unaware of the supporters views which is very mixed.

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