Fantasy Premier League 2011-12 Results: Top 20 Players in EPL Talk Private League

Over the course of the 2011-12 Fantasy Premier League season, more than 2,100 soccer fans from around the world played the EPL Talk private league version of the game.

In previous seasons, EPL Talk finished in the top 20 of private leagues out of the 200,000 private leagues worldwide. This year, with the redesign of Fantasy Premier League, it looks like they’ve removed that feature (if you find it, please let us know in the comments).

Nevertheless, here are the top 20 players over the course of the Fantasy Premier League season that represent the best-of-the-best Fantasy Premier League players:

  1. Anthony Ngo, 2386 points
  2. Darren Dunne, 2352
  3. Bunda J J, 2334
  4. FPL Hints Blog Team, 2322
  5. Rollo Tomassi, 2320
  6. Julie Brown, 2309
  7. Martin R, 2281
  8. Kevin Bagley, 2280
  9. Matthew Shinebourne, 2265
  10. Shaun McGrath, 2263
  11. Wenyu Tang, 2254
  12. Pat Pence, 2244
  13. Sean Holleran, 2244
  14. Kaloyan Yordanov, 2234
  15. Martin Horak, 2230
  16. Chris Musser, 2230
  17. L CY, 2229
  18. Aaron Brown, 2227
  19. Jeff Kay, 2227
  20. K Chris “OR” Mitchellinho, 2223

Congratulations to each one of you, and thank you to everyone who played this season.

Keep an eye out for EPL Talk’s Fantasy Premier League, which will open up for registration in mid-July.

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