Hilarious David Luiz Interview With Italian TV After Champions League Win [VIDEO]

David Luiz was interviewed by Sky Italia after the 2012 Champions League win against Bayern Munich, and it looks like he was either drunk on spirits or high on life — judging by the hilarious interview.

Luiz played a pivotal role in blocking Bayern Munich’s attacks yesterday.

7 thoughts on “Hilarious David Luiz Interview With Italian TV After Champions League Win [VIDEO]”

  1. It looks like he’s as high as a kite, his eyes are all over the place lol

    I guess winning the Champions League is better than any drug… let’s hope Chelsea don’t get too addicted 😉

  2. Either the man can’t handle his champagne or he’s tripping his balls off possibly? I’d grab a hat like that if I was tripping my balls off.

  3. this is why England should have supported Bayern Munich against Chelsea. 7 Germans in the Bayern XI vs only 4 Englishmen in the Chelsea XI. If there was any reason to support a team based solely on NATIONALISTIC reasons, then BAYERN should have been supported because they have more players of GERMAN nationality, the COUNTRY in which the FC Bayern Municn is in. Foreign owner, foreign labor, the only thing English about this team is the name and location of the club. If there had been majority English players on this team, then this whole “support the English team in a final” wouldn’t have been so farcical. It wouldn’t have been farcical of the German media to start a “support the German team in the final” because most German teams that have participated in European competition have majority…wait for it……German players on their team!

    1. Blah….blah….blah….those days are long over. If anything, EPL is more of a world league because of its appeal.

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