Chelsea 2012 Champions League Winners T-Shirt: Now Available to Pre-Order

Celebrate Chelsea’s incredible 2012 Champions League triumph by ordering the official Chelsea Champions League winners T-shirt from Adidas.

The white cotton T-shirt, available in five different sizes, is a perfect way to commemorate Chelsea’s first Champions League Final victory. The front of the T-shirt reads “Chelsea FC — Champions Of Europe.” Plus, it features the Chelsea crest, “Munich Final 2012,” Champions League trophy and Adidas logo.

Order the Chelsea 2012 Champions League Winners T-shirt today from World Soccer Shop.

11 thoughts on “Chelsea 2012 Champions League Winners T-Shirt: Now Available to Pre-Order”

  1. I already ordered the champions kit with 12 and European Champions lettering on the back and the winners scarf.

      1. Pre-order is one thing but I immediately ordered this almost 20 something days ago. What’s up with that?

          1. Second week now in July. My father worked in the garmet district in NYC for years. There is NO WAY it should take this long to press that shirt up even IF there were thousands upon thousands of orders (poor planning if you can’t execute that). I’ve often seen you advertise differnt Soccer Shop.Com offerings and have previously thought of ordering however I think they’ve handle this bad. If they are going through a third party they should end those ties quickly.

            Gaffer – is there anything you can do to get these guys to move on these shirts? You have advertised their goods before and I don’t think they would like to see your readers unhappy. I live in Detroit now and want to wear this thing before winter hits.

            Has anyone received a shirt yet?

          1. Called World Soccer Shop again and NOW it’s mid June so I should really expect it by mid July with the 4th coming up between their estimated time frames. I will never PRE-ORDER again – my fault.

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