Will non-Chelsea Fans Put Aside Partisanship and Choose an English Club over Bayern Munich?

In American college football, the Southeastern Conference has some of the fiercest and most legendary rivalries in the land;  fueled by factors familiar to the Premier League – proximity, history, regional pride, high stakes, top talent, and, above all, passionate fans. The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party – Florida v. Georgia. The Egg Bowl – Ole Miss v. Mississippi State. The Iron Bowl – Alabama v. Auburn. LSU-’Bama. LSU-Florida. Almost every autumnal Saturday brings a big rivalry game. But when fall turns to winter and college bowl season, many SEC fans, regardless of school, unite as one to cheer for whichever SEC team is left playing on the national stage. During the regular season, the hate runs deep, but when it’s one of their own against a team from another conference, the “S-E-C” chants rain down.

Does such solidarity exist among Premier League club supporters? This Saturday’s titanic tussle between Chelsea and Bayern Münich will provide the test.  No doubt Spurs supporters sweating over their Champions League spot are busy memorizing the words to “Stern des Südens,” but what about the rest of you? Perhaps fans of Manchester United, Liverpool, Aston Villa, and Nottingham Forest don’t want Chelsea joining their exclusive club. Maybe the QPR and Fulham faithful would like to see their big neighbor beaten down by the Bavarian giants.

But will greater pride in the Premier League and England supercede partisan concerns come Saturday? Non-Chelsea supporters, let us know which club you’ll be pulling for in the poll and comments.

41 thoughts on “Will non-Chelsea Fans Put Aside Partisanship and Choose an English Club over Bayern Munich?”

  1. Bah, rubbish. Not that I care too much who wins, but nationalism disgusts me. I think it’s a little too blind/myopic. If you’ve got legitimate reasons for liking or hating Chelsea, support who you want to.

  2. On a completely unrelated note (and only because I don’t see a related blog in the near future), a number of Arsenal fans have started tweeting threats and abuse to van Persie. This is almost exactly what happened with Nasri last year (and I’m an Arsenal fan too, hurt by his departure yet starting to see his side of the feud with Arsenal fans a little better) and I get the feeling those fans will decide – or may have just decided – whether van Persie stays or goes. Again, sorry for posting this here.

    1. Yeah, that will make Robin want to stay.

      “The Impact Of Twitter On The EPL”. Is there any? Somebody write an article. Not me. I don’t tweet. 😉

      1. Have no fear, I’m under no delusions. The threats just make the decision so much easier (as if that’s possible).

  3. I don’t think too many fans of non-Chelsea prem clubs are really pulling for them. Maybe not against them either but I don’t get a sense there is a “win it for all of us” thing at play. Chelsea have been one of the big kids on the block for about a decade now and thrown money around in ways most English clubs can’t compete with. There are a few aging English internationals in the Chelsea squad but for the most part the players that make that team go are foreigners. If somehow the English team in the final were someone like Aston Villa or Stoke City I could see fans from across the prem galvinizing behind them but this seems to me less like cheering for your neighbor than watching the a**hole down the block try to claim a prize.

  4. I hope Bayern win the tournament, but I have a suspicion Chelsea will pull it off, it is basically being “written in the stars” their CL run.
    But then again, I just follow the EPL as a whole without any rooting interest

  5. Oh yeah and I agree with Andre, there is not much English about Chelsea with the exception they play there. 4-5 English players at most, owned by a Russian, Italian-Swiss manager, which is why I laugh at the English media campaigning people to support an “English team”

    1. You can apply that context to all of the big clubs in England. None of them are managed by Englishmen and most of their most important players are English.

  6. It’s a tough call. Unlike in NCAA bowl games (SEC or not, it will be a cold day in Hell before this Vol roots for Alabama) a UCL win benefits the victor’s league in a measurable way through the coefficient. Thus while I loathe Munich almost as much as I despise Dortmund, a win for the Bavarians would in its way benefit my boys in Gelsenkirchen.

    So I guess I’m somewhat neutral. Bayern winning would be OK for league pride, but Chelsea winning would be perfectly copacetic as a great storyline. Meh. I’m-a just gonna hope for a really good game.

  7. I’m English and I want Bayern Munich to win. Maybe I’m in a minority but I don’t like seeing any of my clubs rivals do well, the fact they’re German is weird after so much heartache at the hand for the Germans on the international football level. So, the arse and chelski as far as I’m concerned should always loose.

    There is extra juice, as with a chelski loss we go thru as we should to the UCL, over the season Spurs were better and deserve the spot. Plus how the dodgy Russian got his billions at the expense of exploiting Russian people and having mafia ties just adds more reasons to not like them.

    That being said I don’t mind if other prem teams do well on the European stage it’s good for the league.

    1. You hate them in the league, you hate them in Europe. You tend to have a ‘second team’ who you always hope do well provided your first team aren’t competing. If you’re neutral to a team in the league then you won’t really care if they win or lose in Europe but you’ll wish them the best of luck all the same. Do you think the Stamford Bridge faithful would be cheering on anybody else?! If anybody thinks they’d be cheering for anybody else just because they’re ‘English’, please go see a doctor ASAP.

      1. Second team..hmmm not in the uk, i have an MLS team but not a Second team. I think the geography of london and its tribal rivalries are unique. As a liverpool fan given the choice would you prefer Man utd or everton to do well in europe?

  8. ‘They’ll win it 5 times! They’ll win it 5 times! Bayern Munich they’ll win it 5 times!’

    Wouldn’t ever support any team just because they’re ‘English’. Anybody who does that is really odd in my book. I hope the Chelsea rent boys get well and truly torn apart.

  9. I want Bayern to win, not because my brother & dad support Chelsea, not because I hate England and not because I hate half the Chelsea side but because I’m Welsh and I want to see Gareth Bale in the champions league!!! Go Bayern!

  10. I’m pulling for Bayern only because Spurs earned the right to play in the CL. When did UEFA change their stance on qualifications? If I remember correctly, the year after Liverpool won it they finished 5th in the league. All four teams that qualified for the Champions League as well as Liverpool all qualified.

    Spurs deserve to get in. Bayern get to play at home.

    1. So if Spurs finish 6th next year and make the Final they deserve to lose b/c they’re bumping the team finishing 4th?

      You have to be in it to win it as they say. Uefa should make the winning team who doesn’t automatically qualify play in the qualifying round. If they can ignore goal technology they can add an extra team to the qualifiers.

  11. During the Premier League season, I abhor Chelsea. But, I’m a EPL fan over any other league in the world. I also have to say that DiMatteo’s run is a nice story. I’ll be roting for Chelsea this weekend.

  12. I’m torn…
    do I root for Chelsea because their Premier League and it knocks out Tottenham (I’m a Gooner) or do I root for Munich because I want Arsenal to be the 1st London team to bring home the CL?

    choices, choices

  13. I can never watch a game as a neutral, there is always some factor, even if tiny, that sways me to one side or the other.
    Sometimes it gets complicated, as a Newcastle supporter, if we had 4th spot i’d obviously be siding with Bayern, but since Spurs have that spot, I’d prefer Chelsea to take it, resulting in spurs not having the CL cash or status to lure players, and perhaps Bale might see it as an excuse to leave.

    It’s a bit of stretch but thats the result that would benefit NUFC, by putting our direct competition at a disadvantage :-)

  14. That rationale is flawed…will University of Miami fans cheer for Florida State in a National Championship game because of the state of Florida? If the title is between Arsenal and Manchester United will City fans cheer for United so the title stays in Manchester?

  15. I like the idea that the fans own most of Bayern while Chelsea have a manipulative, petulant, and impatient oligarch as their owner. I want to see him destroy the team again after losing. The more turmoil Chelsea is in, the better for the rest of the clubs in the EPL.

    Plus, I got the feeling that the Chelsea players decided they didn’t want to play for AVB and tried to get him fired. Just my opinion and I’m sure it wasn’t all Chelsea players.

  16. loooooooool this is the biggest bs ive ever read. if you support a rival of chelsea, like every goddamn team in the epl, why would you support them just for one game? and its not like bayern is a team everyone and their grandma hates…

  17. Sort of unrelated to this post, but where is the video compilation of the chelsea fans’ reactions to the 2-2 draw vs. barca that was posted yesterday? It was an emotional video and would like to show my mate.


  18. hahaha. What a joke? I go to the University of Texas and if Texas A&M were in a bowl game, I would never ever support them just because they are from Texas. I would want them to lose. As far as Chelsea is concerned, if you’re a fan of Arsenal, you wouldn’t want Chelsea to win. Having Tottenham in a few Champions League games isn’t a big deal as compared to wanting to be the first club from London to win the competition. It should def. go to Arsenal because they are by far the biggest club from the capital in terms of trophies won. And I don’t think most English people are going to be supportive of a team which is owned by a filthy-rich billionaire from abroad who buys all the best players from the world and pays them inflated wages coupled in with some English players who are greedy pricks who have inflated wages and egos. The same goes for Manchester City. Everyone was happy that someone other than United won the Premiership but when you scratch the surface, City’s players are all foreigners as well, owned by a foreign owner like Chelsea who uses oil money to buy the best players in the world and pays them inflated wages, like the $300,000 Yaya Toure makes. No one in England is going to support such teams or have sympathy for them. If this were Liverpool, United, or Arsenal representing English football, then the whole of England would rally behind them, except for fans of the other two teams, of course, because those clubs have built a tradition of success through several years and not been bought by a sugar daddy. Go Bayern!

    1. Yes the tradition of success of buying Rio Ferdinand from Leeds, Wayne Rooney from Everton ( which the team hasn’t recovered yet ), or how about Berbatov from Spurs .. how about Arsenal ? have you forgot already the deal that was supposed to have ruined football 11 million pounds for Henry in 98 and Arsenal english ? wtf ? Tim I hate to burst your bubble but Liverpool, Arsenal, and Man U are the same as Chelsea or City. Clown

    2. you do realise that arsenal is owned by two different filthy rich billionaires from abroad, has a team full of foreign players and a foreign manager!

  19. one of my favorite sayings: “every EPL supporter has two favorite teams, their own team and whoever’s playing chelsea”

    needless to say, i’ll be rooting for bayern

  20. Got to root against Chelsea and their Russian oligarch! But as a neutral I mostly want to see an entertaining game. Edge to Bayern, but miracles happen, as in the semi-final.

  21. I can’t even vote because I’m really split. On one hand, I don’t want a rival club to win. On the other hand, I’m indifferent towards Bayern and would kinda, sorta want an EPL team to win. All I’ll say is may the best club win.

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