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Which Soccer Leagues Are Favorites Among Americans? These Findings May Surprise You

family feud1 Which Soccer Leagues Are Favorites Among Americans? These Findings May Surprise You

In a recent EPL Talk survey, we asked readers to rank their favorite soccer leagues that they watch or follow. We listed a choice of 18different leagues from around the world — everything from US domestic leagues such as MLS, NASL and USL to foreign leagues including the Turkish Super League, Premier League, Mexican Primera Division and all of the major leagues from around the world.

More than 300 soccer fans from around the United States, and some from overseas voted.

We asked readers to rank their favorites in order from most favorite/watched to least. None of the answers were mandatory, so we ended up with two data sets. The first, as you’ll see below, is the cumulative number of votes for each league. The second ranking below is based on the average ranking position.

Here are the most favorite soccer leagues watched and/or followed by Americans (well, mostly Americans) who answered the survey on EPL Talk:

  1. English Premier League, 300 votes
  2. La Liga, 280 votes
  3. MLS, 256 votes
  4. Serie A, 250 votes
  5. Bundesliga,242 votes
  6. nPower Championship, 208 votes
  7. Ligue Un, 159 votes
  8. Scottish Premier League, 154 votes
  9. Eredivisie, 151 votes
  10. League One, 132 votes
  11. Mexican Primera Division, 131 votes
  12. League Two, 117 votes
  13. Argentina Primera Division, 117 votes
  14. Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, 114 votes
  15. Australia A-League, 111 votes
  16. USL, 103 votes
  17. NASL, 100 votes
  18. Turkish Super League, 99 votes
And here are the average ranking positions for each of the leagues (from highest to lowest):
  1. Premier League, 1.23 average rank
  2. La Liga, 3.52 average
  3. MLS, 4.39 average
  4. Bundesliga, 4.46 average
  5. Serie A, 4.49 average
  6. nPower Championship, 5.19 average
  7. Ligue Un, 7.84 average
  8. Scottish Premier League, 7.87 average
  9. Eredivisie, 8.19
  10. League One, 8.93
  11. League Two, 10.12
  12. Mexican Primera Division, 10.34
  13. Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, 11.25
  14. Argentina Primera Division, 11.64
  15. Australia A-League, 11.82
  16. USL, 11.87
  17. NASL, 11.88
  18. Turkish Super League, 13.42
Any surprises? What are your thoughts regarding the results and do they match up with the leagues that you watch or follow the most? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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21 Responses to Which Soccer Leagues Are Favorites Among Americans? These Findings May Surprise You

  1. Lyle says:

    The Mexican league is actually on TV all the time in the US so it’s probably the most watched league… the Premier League may beat it out now, but at worst it must be second. The MLS comes in there somewhere too for the same reason.

  2. kevin says:

    Why is it surprising that an EPL blogs survey ranks the EPL at number 1?

  3. Yespage says:

    League One and Two, NASL are watched? How exactly?

  4. Jason Gatties says:

    Every NASL match is available online. The poll mentioned nothing about TV.

  5. There’s actually nothing surprising about this list. Maybe the nPower Championship being at #6 but that’s not surprising either because of its availability on North American television.

    • The Gaffer says:

      It’s all subjective. I think it’s one of those things where people will take different things from it. It may surprise some that MLS, even though it’s the domestic league, is only the third most popular in its own country.

      For others, this won’t be surprising at all.

      The Gaffer

  6. Andre says:

    The top few leagues are about what I thought. I think from about number five down it has to do with exposure. Even if you don’t support a club in France, Argentina, or Holland but are a fan of football in general you would like those leagues if they were readily available.

  7. Tommy says:

    It will be interesting to do this survey a year from now since La Liga and Serie A will no longer be carried by Gol TV or ESPN and Fox. I think MLS, Bundesliga and Eredivisie will add to their following.

  8. Tom says:

    it really isn’t a scientific survey or at all a reasonable survey audience. The Mexican Primera is far and away the most popular league in the US, followed by the EPL, followed by MLS. No one else is really close. Barcelona and Madrid have following, but no one cares about Real Sociedad vs. Malaga here.

    • Adam Berkowicz says:

      I’m not sure I agree with you here. Perhaps in certain parts of the country you may be right, but in the mid-west, we really don’t get any Primera coverage whatsoever.

  9. TrammerHC says:

    Gaffer, how did you get the second number? Because it seems to me that the 1.23 average rank # for the EPL is impossible. The EPL got 300 1st-place votes. There were many more than 300 “other” votes, meaning that even if the EPL was 2nd on everyone else’s ballot (that didn’t have the EPL 1st), it would still be statistically impossible for the EPL’s number to be “higher” (lower #, higher rank) than 1.5. Not trying to nitpick, and I clicked on the link to honestly read this, so I wasn’t looking for a fight. Just noticed that there’s something strange about that 1.23 and the wide gap of a lead that it gives the EPL. With that said, my ballot has the EPL 1st as well.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Good question TrammerHC. I’ll take a look at the data again, but the results were automatically tabulated by SurveyMonkey, the service that I was using for this.

      The Gaffer

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