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The Road To Munich: Paying The Price to Follow Chelsea to the UEFA Champions League Final

road to munich tiff 600x421 The Road To Munich: Paying The Price to Follow Chelsea to the UEFA Champions League Final is a fan blog for Chelsea fans and we are on our way to Munich. Here is how we are preparing for our trip of the season.

The Miracle of The Nou Camp

When Chelsea achieved what has been dubbed the “Miracle of the Nou Camp,” few fans had given much consideration to reaching the final as few garnered much realistic hope. However all that changed when Fernando Torres rounded Valdes at the Nou Camp and slotted home to send us into delirium. And suddenly all thoughts turned to Munich.

Suddenly rather than surviving the onslaught of Messi and company, we were focused on the logistics of getting tickets and sorting accommodation in Bavaria.

Getting Tickets

The Allianz Arena may hold over 60,000 people but the UEFA corporate gravy train means that Chelsea fans only received an allocation of 17,500 tickets. This equates to only around 66% of our season ticket holders and none of our members.

The club tried to balance the demand by weighting your chance of getting a ticket by how many loyalty points that you have. Whilst a noble idea, in practice loyalty points are a marketing gimmick from the club and are not really about how loyal you are as a fan. I know some people who have traveled thousands of miles to follow the Blues away from home but have not got a ticket as they did not go to the Champions League group games or Carling cup matches that award up to 8x as many points as a three day trip to Valencia or Bayer Leverkusen.

The scramble has been fierce and it is disappointing to see that touts have managed to get their hands on so many tickets (through a variety of underhanded tactics) and that some fans have been unable to resist the urge to profiteer.

Getting There

Within minutes of the final whistle in the Nou Camp, flights from London to airports in the Munich area more than trebled in price and Champions League fever was in full swing.

This year, unlike Moscow, driving to the game is a viable option though it requires dedication with a round trip of around 1,800 miles. With the airlines looking to make a profit, the car or coach is the only option for most and I look forward to seeing a convoy of Chelsea fans on the roads between the French ports and Munich.

My family has chosen to drive and we will be stopping off at Frankfurt before the UEFA Champions League Final, to ensure we are in full voice come kick off.

Its going to be a long road trip. Let’s hope it’s worth it. C’mon you Blues!

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11 Responses to The Road To Munich: Paying The Price to Follow Chelsea to the UEFA Champions League Final

  1. Fog says:

    I understand that John Terry has a ticket available. It’s a great seat in the dugout. He won’t be using it. :)

  2. CTBlues says:

    The ladies and gentleman on the Chelsea Football Fancast are also taking a bus to the final.

  3. Chris in Dallas says:

    Good Luck.

    Safe journey.

  4. says:

    We will be tweeting on our way as well @Famous_CFC

  5. David says:

    Unfortunate to hear that it’s the same old story still. I went to the 2006 World Cup and attempted (unsuccessfully) to go to the Europa League Final in Hamburg with Fulham. Both trips saw tons of ticket touting and I’m always amazed, despite all the attempts, at the number of tickets that fall into these criminals hands. You’d think if it can only be given to season ticket holders, they could just transfer them to their card in some way, making a paper trail disappear.

    Oh well, safe travels to all those going, and hope the experience is worth the hassle!

  6. Ben says:

    Where are the none unfortunate ticket holders watching the game in the City. Is there a location or pub where we’re all looking to hopefully celebrate a trophy winning night….? guidance?

  7. Eplnfl says:

    Watching the game at the Irish Mill Inn in Mundelein, il. Feel free to drop by if you are a Cheslea fan who could not get a ticket to the game or just want to watch the game.

  8. Frill Artist says:

    Is it possible for a neutral not in England to acquire a ticket?

    • Fog says:

      John Terry’s ticket is gone. He sold it to Anton Ferdinand and threw in a stadium tour for an extra few quid.

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