Poll: Who Do You Think Should Be the Next Liverpool Manager?

Now that Kenny Dalglish has been sacked as Liverpool manager, the race is on to see who will become the new manager at Anfield.

As you can see from the poll below, there are a lot of available options depending on how much money Fenway Sports Group is willing to spend. Or, they could go for a young up-and-coming manager instead.

Needless to say, the decision by Fenway Sports Group is a massive one. Liverpool supporters will want to improve on their past results, and will have little patience.

Who do you think should be the next Liverpool manager? Vote below, and then let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

66 thoughts on “Poll: Who Do You Think Should Be the Next Liverpool Manager?”

  1. Very unlikely that Paul Lambert, Alan Pardew, Harry Redknapp, Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola or Mourinho will move. Either Brendan Rodgers, Martinez or McLeish I suspect…

  2. This is pointless… does anybody believe that Guardiola or Mourinho will come to Liverpool? This poll should be called “Who do you dream to be the next Liverpool Manager”.

    1. the question is “Who do you think should be the next liverpool manager?” not “who will be liverpools next manager”
      key words: you think should

  3. As much as the tabloids would like Jose Mourinho to return to EPL, I don’t believe he wants the gig.

    The seat Jose really wants for the 2015-2018 cycle is the one that is being kept warm by former Orange County Blue Star player “Jay Goeppingen”.

    Jose wants that gig because he wants to keep his eyes on his two children while they attend university.

  4. Guardiola?



    Anyone who was completely exposed by one R. Di Matteo as a one-trick pony need not apply for any gigs at a “Top 10” global brand.

  5. Not a Liverpool fan, but I think it would be very interesting to see Pep go to LFC. I would like to see if he could turn the side around into one that would compete for and maybe even win their first Premiere League title. However, I don’t see it as likely. I think Benitez is much more likely.

  6. Martin o’Neil Would be a good choice. Experianced and can handle the big names and can work on a budget.

  7. This poll shows the neutral gear that Liverpool is stuck in as a club. Based solely off of tradition and the hope of better days ahead much like the days behind.

    Tradition never graduates. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t want to move forward with a smart, young and hungry manager. Give the manager time and don’t make it about some grand legacy that they have to carry like a heavy crown.

    Make it about moving forward and the results. Nothing more.

  8. If the club wants to move forward then it should look for a manager with fresh ideas and tactics that are suited to the present, an eye for talent, and one that the players will respect enough to play for.

    Ones I would consider: Guardiola (not sure if he would want to manage right away as he left because of burnout), Andre Villas Boas (he didn’t succeed at Chelsea because the senior players were receptive to him) who could just be the right man for a club undergoing changes and there aren’t too many senior players to contend with, Brendan Rodgers, Paul Lambert, Descahmp, Klopp.

    Ones I would not consider: Benitez (who wants to watch crap football and playing not to lose), Martinez (the fans would not give him a chance as his name was mentioned before the official firing of Daglish), O’Neill (we’ll have to watch Downing play every game) or Redknapp.

  9. Some of you guys have got to be joking havn’t you. Liverpool FC are not going to bring in a big name manager like Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho, they are not in the Champions League and I cant see them re-entering that competition for a very long time, no matter who they get. They have too many average players like Charlie Adam and Jordan Henderson who they paid over the odds for, and I cant see the owners giving the new manager another £100m to spend like last season. Roberto Martinez or Brendan Rogers for me, failing that another Rafa type character from abroad.

  10. Correction: Andre Villas Boas (he didn’t succeed at Chelsea because the senior players were NOT receptive to him)

  11. Yes, I think AVB might just be the man. FSG are admirers and if they had not given Daglish a new contract AVB was high on their list. Then of course he was appointed by Chelsea. But is now available again.

    Steve Clark stayed behind after Daglish left Boston and was seen at a Red Sox game with John Henry the Liverpool owner. Clark was with Chelsea and was there when AVB was Mourinho’s assistant. Who knows but maybe they were discussing AVB and how Clark would get along with him. It’s noteworthy that none of the assistants, at least to our knowlwedge, has been fired. Just Daglish.

    I’m not a betting man but if I was I might put a few quid on AVB getting the job. Worth a punt.

  12. Liverpool should wait until Roman Abramovich lets Di Matteo go in favor of a bigger name. RDM doesn’t want to go back to West Brom and I can’t see Abramovich keeping him on… but who better to take an underperforming team and turn it into something formidable? It would be interesting at least.

    By the way, I’m a Chelsea fan and I would love to see RDM stay.

  13. Latest news is that Clark has resigned out of loyalty to his fellow countryman Daglish. So there goes my theory that Clark might work with AVB. Still, the Guardian is reporting that AVB is high on the list for FSG.

  14. Liverpool need to start playing like germany. Solid defensively and hurt the opposition on the counter attack with a lethal striker spearheading the counters with fast pacy wingers. Maybe Klinsmann i dont know if he is available but he could be good. but first lfc have to get rid of these players
    Maxi-6m(i love maxi but if he is a benchwarmer what good is he)
    Navas-20m(long shot with no CL but i can hope)
    Tabaneu-10m(not well known but a fantastic player technically and adds pace down the left wing)
    Gameiro-15m(again he has CL clubs monitoring him so i dunno if he will come to lfc)
    Dembele-9m(probably the most realistic target and isnt a bad finisher)

    1. What are those figures? They are not what they cost – as Cole was free. They are not what you would get for them if you sold them either (Reina 16m – he is retiring, Cole was free and will be free, Downing 12m? Dreaming)

  15. Pep is not managing anywhere next season. The truth is the allure of a big club and big money would probably be enough to tempt Lambert or Rodgers or someone like that away from where they are but I really hope they make a decision based on football. I know it is easy for me to say when it is not my career but I think they have accomplished great things but working hard and smart and would love to see them try to push their clubs up another step or two.

    I still believe AVB will triumph as a manager and Liverpool might be the place, who knows. After sacking Dalglish and Comolli I would imagine whoever is next will have some say over what the squad looks like so that might entice him.

    If Klopp knows/is willing to learn the language and culture he could be perfect. Has done more with less which is a huge draw for new managers but he actually won silverware.

  16. Rafa Benitez because he is the best manager Liverpool had yet. He won the Champions League and came ever so close to winning the EPL, which would have been Liverpoool’s first in the Premier League era. Also he knows and loves the club like Kenny Daglish. His managerial career so far has not been the same since he left LFC, but will always be considered a legend regardless. If LFC wants a young manager that at least seems to know how to play attractive football and has something to prove since Chelsea sacked him they could go with AVB.

  17. rohit, you are very optimistic with your figures.
    There’s no way anyone is going to pay 16 million for Renia. Has had a bad season and is now third/fourth Spain keeper.
    No one will pay more than 7-8 million for Downing.
    Adam going for 3-4 million would be the best Liverpool can hope for.
    Milan have an option to buy Aquilani for 6.5 million and they are not prepared to buy him for that price. Says it all.
    Maxi, Cole and Kuyt will probably fetch 5-6 million each.

    Klinnsman won’t leave the USA job and he likes living in Hollywood. If only FSG can tempt Joachim Low to take over after the Euros that would be great business. I rate him higher than Klinnsman.

  18. Any person stupid enough to depart for such a cold, desolate place deserves whatever is coming to bite them in the a$$.

    1. LoL, says the manchester utd fan. have you even been to Manchester, it’s just as rubbish, but they have a better sense of humor in Liverpool.

    2. Frill Artist – you’ve lived up to the Manchester United mould perfectly this week. Bitter, very very poor in defeat and chats nothing but crap. Instead of taking your tantrum out on City fans like you did the other day, you’re now starting on the other rivalry because you’ve realised the blues have the upper hand so you’ll bash Liverpool instead while we’re flat on the floor! Bring it on :)

      1. Paul, that doesn’t make any sense. I’m only taking a swipe at Liverpool just as much as you take a swipe at us.

  19. Whoever comes in, there needs to be a massive clear out at the club or nothing’s gonna change. Its not harsh to say that Kenny wasted 100m pounds on average players, and any decent manager would have done a lot better with that money. Downing cost 20m pounds with a goal and assist return of 0 in the league. Says it all really. So new manager will, before anything else, have to offload the likes of him, Henderson , Adam and spearing. Make about 4 decent signings – a striker, 2 mids and a LB, and find a system which will bring the best outta big Andy. Either way, with less money to spend, fans hurting from the loss of their king and players with confidence at an all time low, the new guy’s gonna have his work cut out whoever he is. Best of luck to him.

  20. @Paul
    Rumors about him being the chosen manager have been fierce lately. It is said he was the owner’s first choice before they appointed Kenny so I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he was given the job. He ticks all the FSG boxes, young, ambitious and with a point to prove.
    I do feel that he was unlucky to clash with the senior players at Chelsea and the backlash was fatal. However, there’s no doubting his quality. His track record at Porto can not be ignored – winning three trophies with a league record of 27-3-0. My main worry is that they have sacked all personel with any decent knowledge of football. That said, this could be good in that they simply go out for the tried and tested big names or bad in the fact that they might actually get caught up in the media hype and appoint a Rodgers or Lambert, who still need another season to prove their premier league credentials imo/ Either way I really do hope they get it right. Liverpool’s been out of the CL for far too long now.

    1. A good indication of things is what move the bookies make and when they have things on good word. On Tuesday they suspended all betting on Kenny being at Anfield for the new season… next day he was sacked. Last night they suspended all betting on AVB being the new manager… it’s not set in stone and it’s by no means certain but it’s usually a good call.

      Phil Thompson has just been on offering his thoughts on the situation. He think AVB would be the wrong call at the moment – his number one choice being Didier Deschamps.

      The apartment I live in in the city centre is the same building that Ian Ayre lives in so at the moment we’ve got Sky cameras at the bottom of the road waiting to catch people walking out of the LFC office which is in the next building. Can’t wait for it all to die down!

  21. I would love to see them bring in Ralf Rangnick, if he’s gotten over his fatigue. He’s like the German version of Wenger, and would be great for a team that is looking to go younger.

  22. Liverpool needs a complete overhaul. The club, the fans, the management continue to live in the past. When I was growing up Liverpool were the club everyone admired and feared. But now they seem to have a pathological fear of the past eluding them. The ground is old, the kop is named after a Boer war battlefield, the songs they sing are miserable, the previous manager was an old Liverpool hero and hailed as a god yet his tactics were 30 years out of date, they hang on to local heroes past their sell by date such as Carragher and “Stevie G”, hell even the “This is Anfield” poster in the tunnel leading out to the pitch was put there fifty years ago by Bill Shankly to intimidate the opposition.

    The best thing the new owners can do is move to a new ground with a new manager who can have a good clear out of players and back room staff and not be bogged down by expectations of the past. Newcastle seemed to have achieved this and moved on from their misguided sense of entitlement to being known as a “big club” Liverpool need to do the same.

  23. Given that both the Director of Football and manager positions are vacant I wouldn’t mind giving the DoF to Martinez and manager to Brendan Rogers. Terrific combination not just for the present but for the future too. They both have the same philosophy about how the game should be played so will be on the same wavelength with regards to talent.

    1. Why on earth would Martinez ever consider becoming a DoF at any club when he’s a young upcoming manager who wants to be on the front line?

  24. Well it looks like it might be Martinez as Liverpool have just been given permission by Wigan to talk to Martinez. Whelan seemed pleased that he got the call. Not sure if Liverpool have to pay Wigan a fee or not.

    Given that the ealier reports/rumours last week had FSG firing Daglish and appointing Martinez then this would make sense.

    1. Then again it could be true that Liverpool have got a selection of managers to work through and didn’t plan on playing out the interviewing process in public until Dave Whelan decided to get on the phone to Sky 40 minutes after being contacted by Liverpool. I think it’s disgusting and really unprofessional of Whelan to be blabbing live on national television about something as big as this, 40 minutes after first contact was made.

  25. Yeah, that’s not good. He may have actually hurt Martinez’s chances. Then, again, maybe that was the plan. 😉

  26. Martinez should not be Liverpool manager, i think AVB got a bad rap at chelski. And there is also no evidence that do Matteo didn’t benefit from what avb was doing. Martinez is over rated, his record does not suggest otherwise 26.8 win percentage–seriously? Discernment is one thing, you can ignore those numbers.

    1. I agree he shouldn’t be manager of Liverpool. Not yet at least. We need something really solid to give us the best chance. We don’t need a manager who we’re taking a complete gamble on just because he’s managed to have a decent April/May keeping Wigan from the drop.

      Fact is though, if he is appointed then every single Liverpool fan has no choice but to get behind him and show full support. We don’t need a fans revolt to make his life even harder than it will be already if he gets the job. He could be good at it (I hope he is obviously!) but part of me is worried that if he’s not up to the task we’ll be looking for a replacement come January and that’s something we really don’t need or want.

    1. Yeah I woke up to that news just breaking this morning. It’s nice to see that some people in football have morals and remain faithful. Much respect to Brendan Rodgers, Swansea should be proud having him.

      1. Very proud Swans fan here regarding how Rodgers has treated the situation. Upmost respect!

        The Gaffer

  27. Liverpool need high profile manager to bring them back to top four. Plus to attract better players. Martinez is bad choice and could start decline and take them back ten years. They will be playing division two football, just look at what’s happened to Nottingham Forest.

  28. I personally think if FSG are serious about getting LFC winning the premier league,champions league…
    and so on in the future they need a yound and talented manager with experience and for me that guy is the one and only Pep Guardiola its a complete long shot but if i was FSG i do everything in my power to get him in the hot seat this way it will attract big name players and it would be a fresh new challenge for pep which i think hes looking for and you know if you give him 100mill it would be spent well i think managers the like of rogers and martinez are good managers but they are more suited for mid tabled clubs it would be risky buissness giveing them 50-60mill to spend i think personally my other choice would have to be AVB he was supposed to be the next jose mourino chelsea players were a disgrace the way they treated him and CFC barely gave the guy anytime to get results hes young got european experience won domestic titles the man a winner FSG should be persueing these types of managers because i believe that if martinez or rodgers get the job they will be another hodgson these owners are stupid they wanna make the same mistake again havent they learned from inexperienced managers or do they tink managers is not an important role and they can cheap out.

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