FOX and ESPN’s Premier League Season Finale Coverage Tops 1.3 Million Viewers In US

FOX’s historic live coverage of the final day of the 2011-12 Premier League season topped more than 1.3 million viewers across the English and Spanish-language properties that showed many of the final games of the season.

Led by FX, FSMG networks SPEED, FSN, FUEL TV, FOX Soccer, FOX Soccer Plus and FOX Deportes, along with digital platforms and FOX Soccer 2Go, carried nine matches live at 10:00 AM ET on Sunday, May 13, 2012. The tenth game was televised by ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes, which had a viewing audience of 600,000 and 189,000 respectively.

According to audience figures compiled by Nielsen Media Research, the English language (FX, SPEED, FOX Soccer, FSN, FUEL TV & ESPN2) and Spanish language (FOX Deportes & ESPN Deportes) viewership in the United States for Survival Sunday came in at 1,348,000, up +72% over the combined viewing on FOX Soccer, FOX Deportes, ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes on Survival Sunday 2011 (728,000).

Here are additional highlights from Survival Sunday 2012:

  • The English language audience on the FOX-outlets (392,000) and ESPN2 (600,000) combined for 992,000 viewers, up +80% over the combined viewing on ESPN2 and FOX Soccer a year ago (550,000).
  • English-language viewership on FOX outlets (392,000) was +160% vs. 2011 (151,000). The breakdown is as follows: FX – 161,000; FOX Soccer – 77,000; SPEED – 53,000; FSN – 59,000; FUEL TV – 42,000.
  • FOX Deportes recorded 167,000 viewers Sunday, +120% over a year ago (76,000); ESPN Deportes drew 189,000 viewers.
  • Unique visitors to on Sunday were 420,000, +278% from last Survival Sunday (111,000) and +143% compared to the usual Sunday average during the Barclays Premier League season (173,000).
  • and FOX Soccer 2Go combined for 41,522 live video streams.

The US TV record for the most number of viewers for one match was the November, 2011 match between Chelsea and Liverpool on FOX TV, that had 1.67 million viewers.

4 thoughts on “FOX and ESPN’s Premier League Season Finale Coverage Tops 1.3 Million Viewers In US”

  1. This audience will only grow in future years.

    Hopefully the quality of the pre and post shows improves with more interesting and original programming during the week for all networks involved.

    This is the next step for FSC to grow as a network. Just as ESPN devotes programming to the NFL for example during the offseason, Fox must create dynamic programming outside of the matches. It has tried and failed so far.

  2. As a Yank who woke up on my off day to catch the action I have to say that Fox and Espn did a great job. Such a great day of football and even my freinds who cant understand my love for this game were screaming when City came back to win. Hope they keep this up and show more EPL because as the numbers show its only growing.

  3. ESPN did an excellent job on their coverage all season long. It is a shame that Fox coverage is still inferior.

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