Best Manchester City and Manchester United Fan Reactions to Aguero’s Goal [VIDEO]

If you have 5 minutes, the following video is a must-see. It’s a collection of some of the best videos that capture the reactions from fans to Sergio Aguero scoring the Premier League title winning goal in added time.

The video features reactions from Manchester United and Manchester City fans. You’ll see an diverse range of emotions on display here. There’s laughter, pain, delirium, depression, defeat and pure ecstasy.


10 thoughts on “Best Manchester City and Manchester United Fan Reactions to Aguero’s Goal [VIDEO]”

  1. Mancini has an excuse for each of his defeats: Against Man United in FA cup “we played with only 10 men in second half.” (failed to mention United did same in first game) Against Bayern Munich “we failed to warm up properly.” (Bayern is simply better) He wants to first kick out Tevez and Balotelli and now he may adopt them. He’s a bum who can only coach a team that has tons of world cup players. Hell, I could coach City with same results.

      1. “Man Utd blew it” (is the reason). City won despite their failings, they should have won it much more easily.

  2. That was great. My neighbors came over to see what all the commotion was about to find me with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face after Aguero won it. Watching these reactions brings it all back again. What a day.

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