Manchester City vs QPR Premier League Season Finale Nets 600,000 Viewers On ESPN2

On the final day of the 2012-13 Premier League season, the incredible match between Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers on ESPN2 was viewed by a US audience of 600,000 people according to Nielsen.

The Sunday, May 13 broadcast between 9:30am-12:15pm ET scored a 0.5 household coverage rating, and was watched in 467,000 households by 600,000 viewers.

The live Premier League match was also shown live on ESPN Deportes, where the telecast had a 3.1 Hispanic households coverage rating, and was watched by 189,000 viewers.

The above numbers are very promising for ESPN considering that the games were shown on a Sunday morning (typically a quieter time of the week due to Americans going to church, etc). Plus, there were nine other Premier League matches shown live across several FOX TV and Internet properties. And many people may have been watching the game on ESPN3 instead of ESPN2.

TV ratings from the FOX properties have not yet been made available, but as soon as we hear from FOX, we’ll post them on this site.

6 thoughts on “Manchester City vs QPR Premier League Season Finale Nets 600,000 Viewers On ESPN2”

  1. Not bad considering the othe 9 games were on fox.
    Are fox doing a cumulative viewership number for Sunday?

    If espn got 600,000 then fox should get at least 350,000 when you add all 9 games together.

  2. Not sure where to put this, but here seems as good a place.
    if this is true then I hope it pushes fox soccer to do a pay for subscription app for apple tv. I could drop Comcast.

    I pay 5 bucks extra a month to Comcast for fox soccer and that sounds reasonable but I’d rather pay espn and fox separately for the same coverage. I pay 20 bucks a mintj in top anyways. Seriously fox espn if you are interested, I would pay you both 30 bucks per month each directly to ensure I could get the coverage for football now it would save me money and make you way more per person that subscribed, it win win.

    One fox soccer branded app that allowed me to watch any game of football on my apple tv. C’mon figure it out it’s gonna happen eventually, you could start making more money now if you just did it! Espn are, c’mon fox it would just be a fox soccer feed added to the app options of fox soccer to go. Look ok I’ll pay 35 a month just get it don’t do I can stop paying those aholes at Comcast! Think of the ad revenue you could get by offering direct access to my football obsessed mind!

  3. FX only got 161,000 viewers for Sunderland vs Man Utd.

    FOX Soccer got 73,000 viewers for Tottenham vs Fulham.

    Amazingly, SPEED got 53,000 viewers for Chelsea vs Blackburn, which was a complete waste of bandwidth because neither team had anything to play for.

    1. Thanks for the info. Collectively, that means that the viewing audience was well over a million fot the Premier League season finale (and that doesn’t take into consideration the 3 other matches on TV plus the 3 that were Internet-only.

      The Gaffer

  4. How do they account for those of us who flipped between the matches? I watch the City match for the majority of time, but checked out United & Arsenal for at least a third of the ninety minutes.

    1. The ratings are time-averaged.

      ESPN2 averaged 600000 viewers for the entire broadcast of Man City vs QPR.

      Nielsen samples 21000 households. Each viewer in the sample is supposed to represent a certain number of viewers, based on that particular sampled viewer’s age, gender, and ethnicity.

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