Tottenham Hotspur Away and Third Shirts for 2012-13 Season [PHOTOS]

New leaked images of Tottenham Hotspur’s away and third kits for the 2012-13 season have been released, courtesy of Under Armour who included screenshots of the new shirts on a promo video on YouTube (fast forward to the 5:11 minute mark).

The following images are screengrabs from the video. As you can see above and below, the new Tottenham away kit will be navy blue with white trim. The shirt features a v-neck collar and white cuffs. The shoulders have a light blue or grey motif.

See a close-up below:

The back of the new Spurs away shirt features a light blue or grey design to break up the navy blue color (see sketch below).

Meanwhile, Tottenham’s new third kit will be another departure for the club. This one features small traces of yellow trim, but the main color scheme appears to be charcoal and an off-white color. The shirt design is busy, but it’s certainly like nothing else I’ve seen a Premier League club wear before, so people will probably either love it or hate it.

What do you think of the new Tottenham away and third kits? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

H/T to EPL Talk reader FatFish for the news tip.

26 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Away and Third Shirts for 2012-13 Season [PHOTOS]”

    1. …….yeeeeeeeeeeeeuk!!!!!!! That 3rd shirt is absolute fukkin garbage!!! Hate it completely….lets hope they forget about that sh**e or we never ever ever have to use it!!!

  1. Im sure the home kit will be much more classic looking, so it’s okay to have more fun with the away kits. I like the navy much better than the washed out blue of 2011-2012. I really like the back but am not too sure about the shoulder pattern inthe front.

  2. Nice shirts can’t wait to get them, what worries me, is that they have pictures now, so why can’t we buy them BEFORE the season starts???

  3. Official supporters clubs in the US have been told that the UA kits will be available for purchase during the teams upcoming US matches. So maybe they will be availible to everyone before the season as well…

  4. How can the home strip b so nice n these so terrible. At least they will giv L’pool fans something to smile about, thier kits dont look to bad compared lol. C.O.Y.S

    1. Liverpool home kit is really nice! Doesn’t feel like a football kit when it’s on though… feels and looks very casual but I still love mine all the same 😉

  5. I love both of these kits because are original and not just some stupid template. The worst kits I’ve seen this year are with out a doubt the Scottish Man Utd kits. Those are just dirty.

  6. I prefer simple classic style not fussy flimsy garish hey changing times…check out youtube tottenhams yid army or goggle images c’mon lilywhites!

  7. The Home kit is too similar to last seasons and i just find it boring not classic, away kit is nice and the whole point of the third kit is to have a wacky black and flourecent shirt. I love it

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