Sky Sports Premier League Review 2011/12: Montage [VIDEO]

At the end of every Premier League season, Sky Sports in the United Kingdom always does a montage of some of the most memorable moments from the season. And they’ve done it again with a video that was shown last night.

It includes a lot of the misses, goals and key incidents that happened throughout the 2011-12 Premier League season. Of course, the four minute video can’t capture everything, but it’s still a good way to reminisce about the season that has just ended.

Watch it now before the Premier League pull it down from YouTube.

8 thoughts on “Sky Sports Premier League Review 2011/12: Montage [VIDEO]”

  1. Gary Nevile joining Roys team of coaches? with no experience, good choice?? I guess he is using him as a player buffer/inpritaional leader? WTF…

    1. Dust, if you were Hodgson, who would you have picked?

      Neville, as he’s shown in the past few months as a co-commentator and pundit, is an excellent communicator, knows the game and commands respect. Superb pick by Hodgson!

      The Gaffer

      1. If I was Roy then Paul Scholes. He has experience coaching, and has way more respect than neville. I understand he is a popular pundit but I don’t think thats enough.

      2. Plus neville even stated he would have preferred ‘arry…it seems a desperate attempt to get players onside with what will be unpopular training sessions, just like pierce for Capello. Roy and Capello run similar drill oriented training sessions that are not popular with players…I’ll guess we will see.

    2. It’s funny because on the last Monday Night Football during the ‘Ask Gary’ segment near the end of the show, one of the viewers tweeted to ask him about the England squad looking ahead to the Euros and what tactics they should use etc. He used the ‘Sky Pad’ to put the squad together and talk formations, players and all of that. He went into great detail and he had me sat wanting more… I could have listened to him talking for hours on end about it. He seemed to know exactly where the problems would arise so to me it would seem that Roy was watching the same MNF and spoke to the FA about getting him on board straight away.

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