Blackburn Manager Steve Kean Calls Sam Allardyce a “F***ing Crook” [VIDEO] – NSFW

Explosive new video has been released revealed today showing Blackburn manager Steve Kean calling current West Ham United manager Sam Allardyce a “F***ing crook.”

The video was filmed without Steve Kean’s knowledge at a bar in Hong Kong during Blackburn’s pre-season Premier League Asia Trophy tournament last summer.

Some of the revealing quotes from Steve Kean include:

“I worked my balls off for [Sam Allardyce], and then he had a go at me, so f**k him.”

When asked why Sam Allardyce had been sacked as Blackburn Rovers manager, Kean replied “Just because he’s a f***ing crook”

Steve Kean also talks about how much he rated Phil Jones as a defender and how the Blackburn academy (and presumably Sam Allardyce) didn’t see his talent. Kean later went on to discuss how Blackburn would win the Carling Cup, and finish in the top half of the league.

Blackburn Rovers was relegated from the Premier League last week. Unfortunately, the disclosure of this video isn’t going to help Blackburn’s PR efforts which have been a disaster in the last week after the letter from executive Paul Hunt was leaked.

H/T 101 Great Goals.

4 thoughts on “Blackburn Manager Steve Kean Calls Sam Allardyce a “F***ing Crook” [VIDEO] – NSFW”

  1. Why wait so long to release this? I’m surprised. If they (the fans) wanted him gone, this is a dream come true.
    He won’t last the night. Big Sam’s lawyers will be all over this.

  2. I hope this makes it all over the media and I hope he gets lambasted over it. However, I doubt Kean’s going anywhere though. He is in bed with the owners after all.

  3. Surely nobody needed Kean to tell them big Sam’s a crook? Same reasons dodgy Harry never got near the England job both bent as a nine bob note!

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