35 thoughts on “Manchester City Wins the Premier League Title”

        1. Stoke tied the match in the 77th minute. I don’t know what the end-of-match overlap was. Probably 4-5 minutes. However, I certainly did not see any let-up in QPR and heard no such suggestion from any commentator or pundit.

          I do feel for Bolton since Stoke’s first goal should have never been allowed, but there were 27 other matches during the season where Bolton could have picked up more points and avoided being where they were on the last day. That’s football.

    1. 1.) Fergie Time, you shouldn’t complain
      2.) Barton’s ordeal ate up 2-3 minutes(if not more)
      3.) 30 seconds each sub(2′:30″)
      4.) QPR getting a time wasting warning 30 seconds

  1. We can still hold our heads high after today, nothing to be ashamed of. Well done city they won if fair and square but we will be back next year!!

  2. Congrats to City and QPR fans for getting the results they needed.

    I must say though that Martin Fulop had possibly the worst day a pro athlete has ever had in my lifetime. What a mother freaking gift to Arsenal. That was a joke, no matter if Arsenal played well today.

  3. Wow!!! I am sure glad I didn’t have a dog in that fight!!! I am wrung out watching all the permutations today. The last five minutes was incredible…watching City and United side-by-side and the emotional roller coaster for all the fans…incredible. Now what??? I think it is nap time. In addition, Pastor Maldonado winning the Spanish Grand Prix…what a day…definitely nap time…out.

  4. don’t mean to pile on UTD fans but add this to your nightmare Blackburn at home Wigan away and Everton at home you had it in your own destiny.what does not kill you makes you stronger!what a season next stop Euros.

    1. I have to agree. When you are hoping someone else will do the job you were supposed to, you will always be disappointed. City was the hungrier team but now the burden is on them to move forward and build on their 1st EPL title and 1st Championship in 40+ years.

  5. I wonder how many riduculous stories we’ll hear about Man United fans across the globe losing their mind and commiting hari kari? There’ll be days of national mourning anounced across South East Asia.

  6. It was neat to see 6 soccer games at once here in the US (Fox Soccer, Fox Sports Net, Speed, FX, Fuel, ESPN2 for me)…wow, wonder what the ESPN2 ratings will be…. I think to sum up, “It’s not over until it’s over.”
    Most time spent on ESPN2 and FX, probably like most other folks?

  7. Man U lost on goal differnece, huh? A few more games this season for the 2010-2011 Golden Boot winner might have had the difference. Why does Sir Alex hate Berbatov soo much?

  8. Busy all morning, I just finished watching the replay without knowing the result… incredible! As a (semi) neutral, all I can say is what a show! Congrats to Man City on a brilliant season’s end… the fan/player/manager reactions at both sites said it all. Classic.

    It didn’t hurt that my Gunners stayed up.

  9. One of the best games of the season. Glad QPR stayed up, it will be interesting to see what they do next year. As for United, they will be back next year. I see a two-horse race for the title over next few seasons.

    1. It’s a shame that FOX Soccer decided to work with Liverpool. Imagine if it had been Man City. The footage today would have made an incredible documentary.

      The Gaffer

  10. Barton’s twitter will cost him. He admitted to trying to take a player with him, then blaming his meltdown on Tevez. Joey, Tevez will be fined and get a match ban don’t you worry as he was not carded, its up to you to be a bigger man, oh wait we are talking Joey Barton. QPR defended and played like giants. I’m glad they stayed up… I hope they find a way to release Barton.

  11. Tevez did nothing, leg got tangle while running across each other. Why would Tevez get anything? Barton said he punched him in the head not only was his back to Tevez the replays also say he’s not only a disgrace to football but lair to boot.

    1. As a West Ham supporter I would be the first to defend Carlitos… But he did it on purpose. Just look at his face. He saw an opportunity to wind up Barton, and he took it. And Barton did what everyone think Barton would do.

      1. He did what on purpose? You dont say, watch the reply as they run across each other there is a tangle of legs, Tevez is trying to get in front of him not even a foul never mind a yellow, no so called punch to the head as this loon tries to say and I’m sure the F.A will see the same thing. How many times did you ever see Tevez ‘punch’ some body then while at the Hammers or anywhere? Now how many times have you seen Barton kick, punch and generally assault people on or off the pitch? Says it all really doesn’t it?

  12. Congrats to Manchester City even if I am a Manchester United fan, they won both games against us so they deserve it, Congrats to QPR too for staying up, kinda like that team. My only complait is the final day should be on saturday! I am watching the EPL all season long on saturday so my ritual is on saturday not sunday, I missed it damn it.

    Upset city indeed!

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