Where to Watch the EPL Season Finale on US TV and Internet

Sunday is going to be one of those days that will live in history. Either Manchester City will win their first top flight trophy in 44 years, or Manchester United will stage a surprise 20th league title. And those are just two of the ten live matches that soccer fans in the United States will be able to watch across television and the Internet.

With Manchester City and Manchester United tied on the same number of points, but with City having a +8 goal difference, all Manchester City has to do today is win to lift the title unless Manchester United — against all odds — can win and overcome the gulf in goal difference. Needless to say, this is one of the closest finishes to the English Premier League season in recent memory.

Read our comprehensive guide to all of the Premier League season finale matches, and what they mean to each club that is still playing for something.

All ten Premier League matches kick off at 10am ET on Sunday, May 13, but coverage begins at 9:30am ET for those of you who want to soak up the atmosphere. Here are all of the channels and websites that will be televising the games on US television and Internet websites:

* Note: Live coverage of West Bromwich Albion versus Arsenal will not be available on seven regional sports networks nationwide. Here are the regions that are affected:
  • New England — Instead of West Brom against Arsenal, Comcast SportsNet New England will be showing boat shows and a law school infomercial. Thankfully, NESN (New England Sports Network) will be showing the game live on its channel.
  • Chicago — As of press time, Comcast SportsNet Chicago will not be televising the game.
  • Philadelphia — Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia will show the game delayed at 1pm ET, but what’s the point of showing it on delay when most people will already know the final result?
  • Seattle — ROOT Sports Northwest will have fishing shows on instead of the Arsenal match. They will show the game on delay on Monday at 1pm PT.
  • Denver — Instead of showing Arsenal and WBA, ROOT Sports Rocky Mountain will televise a rugby game. The game, as of press time, won’t be shown on Altitude either.
  • Utah — ROOT Sports Utah will air a rugby match.

If you live in Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Denver or in Utah, your best bet to watch the game is DirecTV, which offers FSN from regions across the country, or sign up for a free month of FOX Soccer 2Go by using promo code XOOMFOX. With FOX Soccer 2Go, you can watch the games online, on the iPhone or iPad. Read our comprehensive guide to FOX Soccer 2Go.

You can vent your outrage at the local sports networks by contacting them via the contact information found here.

New York residents you can watch West Brom versus Arsenal on MSG Plus. ROOT Sports Pittsburgh will show West Brom against Arsenal.

You can also follow all of the highs and lows on our Premier League season finale open thread starting on Sunday at 9am ET.

8 thoughts on “Where to Watch the EPL Season Finale on US TV and Internet”

  1. I’ll just be concerned with the Utd game tomorrow. If as expected city win it I’ll be disappointed that we let them back in the race, but looking at the big picture ill be ok with how we did this season considering the circumstances.

    If city drop points and we don’t take care of business against Sunderland I’ll be suicidal.

  2. Ok. this is nothing to do with EPL or English football. But I was watching the German Cup Final on ESPN3.COM and I tell you, the coverage of the game, pre-match and post-match stuff was great. We got to see the two teams not only come out, but didn’t have someone talk over that and then go to commercial break, like they do at Fox Soccer Channel. We saw the pre-game ceremonies with the dancers. It actually felt like you were there. Where was this kind of coverage for Fox Soccer Channel’s coverage of the FA Cup? We didn’t get to see the national anthem “God Save the Queen” being played. How else were we to know that Liverpool fans booed the national anthem or that Chelsea fans booed the Hillsborough minute of silence during the semi-final? When the players were coming out of the tunnel, Eric Wynalda couldn’t keep his damn mouth shut, could he? And when the players were going to receive their medals, even then none of them could keep their mouths! Even last year, when Fox were covering the Champions League final in Wembley, they talked over the players coming from the tunnel and then post-match, receiving their medals.

    My point is, why can’t Fox Soccer Channel improve the quality of their coverage? It seems like all they’re interested in is showing the game and cutting straight to commercials at half-time or the FSC analysts during the half-time show. You could argue that showing the game is the most important thing, but considering that we fork out $15 a month for this channel, we deserve better and more in-depth coverage of the games that are broadcast our way. I mean do we really need Fox Soccer to have its own analysts? Why can’t they just use the Sky feed from the UK, so that we here can hear what Jamie Redknapp, Gary Neville, Graeme Souness, Dwight Yorke, Ian Wright, and all the other analysts are saying? Why does Fox Soccer Channel feel the need to patronize those of us living in the States and do everything differently for those of living in the States? I already talked about the fake scorecard that Fox uses instead of the official scorecard with the Barclays eagle on the left. Sky already shows how scored the goals, how much possession and shots each team had, and other stats. Fox Soccer Channel doesn’t need to do any of that stuff because they will always be second-best to whoever does it in England, the country where the games are being broadcast from, ffs!

    1. Taimur, FOX is trying to create its own identity that it believes will be better for the American audience and advertisers. Their number one priority is to generate revenue for its company, but it has to balance that in the way that it presents games to us. They’ve spent millions in rights fees to be able to show the games to us, so they need to make that money back (and generate more, if they can). Yes, it would be great if they would show more of the opening scenes such as the Abide With Me hymn before the FA Cup Final, but that’s precious time for them to play TV commercials. As for the scorecard, I don’t see that as a big deal personally.

      As for using the Sky feed, what’s the point? Unless Gary Neville is involved, most of the pundits are average. Why shouldn’t FOX try to create its own identity in the US instead?

      I watched the German Cup Final on ESPN3.com (I missed the pre-match), and the coverage was very good (as well as the game itself). But it was ESPN3.com. It wasn’t shown on ESPN2, so it didn’t have the TV commercials, etc.

      The Gaffer

  3. While I’m a huge supporter of rugby & growing that sport in this country, it should be noted that the match being aired is Glendale vs San Francisco Golden Gate, a match which took place on April 14th and has already been televised several times on Fox Soccer Plus.

    My point is, Glendale rugby fans already know the result of that match so what exactly is the harm in showing West Brom vs Arsenal live?

    1. Glendale Rugby Club paid for the TV time on ROOT Sports Rocky Mountain and ROOT Sports Utah.

      When a TV network sells TV time, the TV time stays SOLD.

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