7 Ways to Survive Today Without Any English Soccer

So the last matches of the Premier League season are tomorrow and you are counting down the hours almost like it’s Christmas. Nervous about relegation? Hopeful for a Blue or Red rising in Manchester? What can you do to get past these last hours today?

Here are 7 suggestions:

1. Hop on FIFA or PES and play out tomorrow’s matches a few times. Write them down and compare with actual games tomorrow. Or try the same with Football Manager.

2. If you haven’t done so already, vote in the EPL Awards for your favorite blogs, podcasts, footballers and more.

3. Watch a rerun of the Europa League Final on GolTV if you really need a fix (it’s on at 1pm ET).

4. If you are in the US, start planning how you want to see some of the summer friendlies. Plan your road trip. Buy your tickets.

5. Go outside and play a game of soccer. Imagine that the final seconds are ticking away as you kick the winning goal…who wins?

6. Did you forget that tomorrow is Mothers Day? Did you get her that gift yet? Go. Now. And if you are spending some time with her, make sure your FOX Soccer 2Go app, Slingplayer or whatever you use is up to date or….gasp. DVR.

7. Listen to the EPL Talk Podcast, where Laurence, Morgan, Kristan and Matt preview all of tomorrow’s matches.

Those are just a few suggestions to make it through this agonizing day. I have to go. I have a date with a 360!


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