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Manchester United Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season: Officially Unveiled [PHOTOS]

manchester united home shirt1 600x434 Manchester United Home Shirt for 2012 13 Season: Officially Unveiled [PHOTOS]

Manchester United has unveiled their new home shirt for the 2012-13 season.

According to the club, Manchester United’s new home jersey is inspired by the club’s rich history and close bond with the heritage of Manchester. “This relationship is represented by the striking gingham print which runs through the shirt – a tribute to the world-famous fabric that powered Manchester’s growth from a small market town to a global centre of cotton textiles. Its iconic checked pattern remains an enduring symbol of the city’s culture today.”

A motto on the inside of the shirt’s collar reads, ‘Forged in Industry, Striving for Glory.’

Images of Manchester United’s home shirt were revealed more than 6 months ago on EPL Talk. And here are images of the Manchester United away shirt, which will be officially unveiled later this summer.

Here are more images of the new Manchester United home shirt:

man united home shirt front Manchester United Home Shirt for 2012 13 Season: Officially Unveiled [PHOTOS]

 Manchester United Home Shirt for 2012 13 Season: Officially Unveiled [PHOTOS]

man united crest Manchester United Home Shirt for 2012 13 Season: Officially Unveiled [PHOTOS]

 Manchester United Home Shirt for 2012 13 Season: Officially Unveiled [PHOTOS]

 Manchester United Home Shirt for 2012 13 Season: Officially Unveiled [PHOTOS]

What are your thoughts about the new Manchester United home shirt? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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45 Responses to Manchester United Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season: Officially Unveiled [PHOTOS]

  1. Soot says:

    Spurs fan here, that shirt is pure awesome.

  2. Toast says:

    Looks like a tablecloth.

  3. anas sani garba says:

    This to me is one of manchester united’s best ever home jersey…. I’m highly inspired by the design, idea and everything on it.

  4. Ryan says:

    I hate that I like it.

  5. Carmello says:

    Man this shirt is JUST goofy enough for me not to like it. I’m all for different designs, but this is just a little bit too weird.

  6. Fernando says:

    All Man United players will be able to work at Benihana next year.

    Well done Nike.

  7. Andy says:

    Would this be concidered plaid? Are they going to be the first team to break into the world of A&F plaid?

    • Bishopville Red says:

      This would be considered gingham.

      I’d like to have a closer look at the shorts. Also, I’d like to have a better look at the little devil on the back. It looks stitched, but there’s no sign of stitching inside the collar.

      • Wan says:

        Must inspect by a closer look. I think no one can see the devil stitched or not, sort of layered/padded on the back neck (look carefully on the last pictures).

  8. MG says:

    Picnic much? Not bad though, really.

  9. Taylor says:

    Ugly. I’ve been really disappointed with Nike. Look what they have done with USMNT, Holland National Team, Brazilian National Team, etc. No inspiration and creativity.

  10. Irish Red says:

    Disgrace horrible shirt, and 3 different home jersey’s in 3 seasons!

  11. Paul says:

    They’ll be wearing full on lumberjack shirts next season then

  12. Alex Wolcott says:

    Well of course I hate THEM, but actually like this shirt. Seems like it would look better with a black stripe at the end of the sleeve to match the collar, though.

    But sleeve stripe or not, at least we know what United will be wearing whilst on the receiving end of another double from us in League play next year.

  13. Cody says:

    I like it a lot. But I was under the impression it was more of a “3rd” jersey….this is the new home 1st?

  14. bello says:

    looks lilke bed****

  15. Why? says:

    OMG!!! And Nike have just taken over City’s kit manufacture, not looking forward to the designs at all.

  16. MNUfan1991 says:

    Yasser Arafat approves.

  17. Dan says:

    Did Nike borrow my gran’s table cloth? I’m a united fan, but I won’t be wearing this!

  18. DCUdiplomat96 says:

    Man Chester RedNecks LOL

  19. Enathi Bam says:

    I’m a big United fan but this is unacceptable. Tablecloths for football kits, it’s getting ridiculous. Never gonna wear that, EVER!

  20. Live it up says:

    Loyal united fan here. Table cloth u all say…. do u all know where the table cloth lies? on TOP of a TABLE (Premier league) :) Cheers… :)

  21. harris says:

    well guess what fella…where did tablecloth the TOP OF THE TABLE…get what i mean..?? HATERS GONNA HATE…!!

  22. mhlengi maphumulo says:

    the jersey is TOP…TOP…TOP… *SMILLING* manchester united for life

  23. Elijah Dogara says:

    The jessy should be urgly or beautiful, 2 me i like it and what matters the most is to win trophies this coming season !!! *HAPPY AND SMILLING*

  24. Elijah Dogara says:

    I can see vetory cominy to united next this coming season in our new kit *HURRAY* haters should go and die.

  25. felix salvatory says:

    hapo sawa.

  26. manchester united 4ever with this new kit we will shine even more

  27. Tumpes says:

    Wierd. Very ugly lol.

  28. Soleil says:

    Love Manchester United but not the uniform….yaiiks!!

  29. thiha says:

    i’ve manu 11 shirts. i’m not going to buy one more not to like. it’s realy realy realy no good.

  30. mayweather says:

    is the best ever…glory! glory! glory! man united

  31. eberling says:

    it’s nt nice at all. The worse jersey eva

  32. what matters most is to win trophies this season, But to me the jessey is perfect.

  33. I luv man utd with all my heart

  34. evans says:

    i love this jersey

  35. Maestro says:

    Cool design, I love the V-shaped neck and the faint checkers…..absolutely cool. Where are the away kits…???

  36. Henry Ghana says:

    it dosn’t matter how the jessy look like. it trophys we are looking for. glory, glory man united

  37. ay says:

    the jersey is not our tarjet it the cup so, let go for it

  38. Mann says:

    the most beutiful kit on earth !

  39. Kumbel says:

    I prefer the AIG than these ones.

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