Is This Tottenham Hotspur’s Home Shirt For 2012-13 From Under Armour? [PHOTO]

Is this Tottenham Hotspur’s new home shirt for the 2012-13 Premier League season?

Thanks to eagle-eyed EPL Talk reader Dust, he’s provided us with the above shirt as well as a description of the Under Armour technology that is supposedly integrated into the new shirt design:

“The E39 shirt is outfitted with a ‘bug’ sensor that contains a triaxial accelerometer, a processor, a Bluetooth and two gigabytes of storage. The bug uses this things to measure heart and breathing rate, skin-surface temperature, as well as force and direction and shoot it to laptops or smart phones, according to the NFL.

“The bug can measure acceleration and change in direction allowing coaches to dissect a player’s movement yard-by-yard. The players, however, are happy to run and turn around to see how much G-force they can generate.”

What do you think? If this is the new Tottenham Hotspur shirt from Under Armour for 2012-13, once the sponsor name is added, will you be pleased with it? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

25 thoughts on “Is This Tottenham Hotspur’s Home Shirt For 2012-13 From Under Armour? [PHOTO]”

  1. Nice kit. Classy, simple, with a little understated grey. I wish there was some blue on it, but the more I look at it the more I like it.

    Now Spurs need a better kit sponsor with a decent logo.

  2. It’s way too simple. Looks more like an undershirt or a training shirt.

    I really hope this is not our kit for next season.

  3. I hope so ! Kit manufacturars need to uphold the Spurs tradition. ” Lilywhites ” the clue is in the name.

  4. This is by far….the worse spurs top i have seen in my life!…. i can see it took very little imagination to create this piece of poo! saving money and cutting corners naturally… so another dull bland season, with the same dull bland plain white! bring back the neon/gold flashes and maybe some detail? and please for the love of god!!!!…Speaking as life long supporter of the club…. get rid of that god damn sky blue/pale blue strip. it is so annoying….still with black, or old spurs purple style. :)


  5. I’ll end up supporting every home Spurs kit I imagine. As long as they keep it simple with a white top and blue shorts it’s hard to go too wrong.

    Not really bothered by whatever the 2nd and 3rd ones look like because Spurs wear the home one 90% of the time. Very much enjoy the current home kit as well.

  6. nice shirt ! hope shorts are plain blue with socks blue with white fold over like 91 cup final. hope away kit is the oposite like early 70s! yid army!!!!!!

  7. This really nice, abit of light blue would make it necta. doubt aurasma will b the sponsor so who will butcher it with a gash logo. C.O.Y.S

  8. It is the kit, if anyone has seen the Under Armour 2012/13 video you see all the kits except the home one. However that has been leaked as well in some areas. As for being a training kit, please people we don’t train in white and I can’t think of when we ever have.

    As for the design, I like it. The back has the badge on it in a watermark style, which I really like and the shorts aren’t blue, they are white. With white socks with a tiny bit of blue trim, it will look very classy. COYS

  9. bad to worse. Umbro are making the best kits but aren’t contracted with anyone but ManCity.

    I got the 11/12 Chelsea jersey with the Munich Final embroidery and I’m sure that I’m not buying another Adidas jersey unless I can see in a shop again before I buy it. My jersey from 08/09 is much better quality and looks better except for the stupid white and gold collar.

    this Under Armor jersey looks like sh9te

  10. LOVE IT! Nice to see a simple design for once in a league with kits that are a mess and have too much going on! COYS!!! Hope they wear the new kit in Baltimore!

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