FOX Soccer Promotes Survival Sunday With Magnetic League Ladders

UPS delivered a surprise package to me yesterday from FOX Soccer, to promote their coverage of Sunday’s Premier League Survival Sunday, where they’ll be showing nine of the 10 matches live across several of their TV and Internet properties.

Conveniently, the package contained a magnetic league ladders — a modern version of the league ladders from the 70’s or 80’s that many British schoolboys, myself included, will remember fondly from Shoot magazine.

FOX Soccer’s version, presumably released only to their key contacts, came in a cardboard FOX Soccer box. The metal stand contained numbers 1-20, along with magnetic peel-and-stick Premier League club names. My eight-year-old daughter rearranged a couple of the team names and, without my prodding, placed a notable team at the bottom of the Premier League table (see below). Her Swansea-supporting father has taught her well!

Also included in the package was a double-sided flyer to promote Sunday’s matches.

It’s a timely and pertinent gift to show that FOX Soccer is going “all in” on the Premier League, and making sure that FOX’s coverage of Survival Sunday will be front-and-center.


4 thoughts on “FOX Soccer Promotes Survival Sunday With Magnetic League Ladders”

  1. Too bad here in Connecticut, Cox doesn’t carry FSN so I won’t be able to watch the West Brom Arsenal game. Fox needs to make more of an effort to have their channels more accessible.

    How come they aren’t showing anything on regular Fox?

    1. Tommy:

      MSG+ is available in Southern Connecticut. MSG+ will have West Brom vs Arsenal.

      Unfortunately, Comcast SportsNet New England will NOT have West Brom vs Arsenal. Instead, CSN New England sold the TV time to air paid programming: 1 hour of boat shows, and 1 hour from the Massachusetts School of Law.

  2. I like the way your daughter thinks! But she didn’t put Swansea in the #2 slot–maybe you need to do a little more teaching.

  3. Tommy:

    Fenway Sports Group (the owner of the Red Sox, Liverpool, and 80% of NESN) has stepped up to the plate and will take the West Brom vs Arsenal match live.

    You are reading the above correctly: the owner of Liverpool has decided to step up to help out Arsenal fans by putting the Arsenal match on NESN, while Comcast Sportsnet New England counts its money from two fishing shows.

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