5 New Enhancements Featured in FIFA 13 [PHOTOS]

More details were released this week about the Fall launch of FIFA 13, thanks to website Digital Spy.

Will FIFA 13 feature an annual roster update as some EA Sports games tend to be or will this be a must have? While the answer remains unclear, here are 5 features that will be included in FIFA 13:

  1. First Touch Control will see incoming balls more difficult to control, with the strength, speed, player skill and ball height all influencing how the ball is received and dealt with.
  2. Offensive AI is set to receive an overhaul, with smarter strikers that move with the offside line and that will choose better running routes when off the ball.
  3. A new free kick system will enable gamers to feint shots, which can be followed by a pass to a player coming off the wall, while up to three players can gather round the ball and “make fun of the opponent’s defense and goalie”.
  4. Defensive options on free kicks are also improved, allowing more players to be directed into the wall or out to block the ball.
  5. Complete Dribble will be offered. While few details were provided, you will no longer be able to change direction and begin dribbling as with FIFA 12.

And let’s hope that the Xbox 360 version has Kinect capabilities!

What do you think about the planned enhancements? What’s on your FIFA 13 wishlist? What do you think about the FIFA 13 screenshots shown above? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

16 thoughts on “5 New Enhancements Featured in FIFA 13 [PHOTOS]”

  1. How about more stadiums and the ability to carry saves over from the previsious year’s game because it is hell having to restart a career every fall.

    1. Carrying career saves over to the new game is a great idea. Here are the things I find that need improvement:
      1.) A quick one touch button that would flip to an overhead view while held on corners & free kicks.
      2.) Determining if a player has advanced or regressed in abilities when he returns from a loan period.
      3.) Player switching. I have no clue how the computer determines which player to switch you to if you hit the switch button.
      4.) Player scouting. Is there any easy way to find less-expensive players who have received good scouting reports?

      It is very possible that I am just going about doing these things the wrong way, but in my 13 years of playing FIFA I haven’t figured them out.

      1. and it’s not like it can’t be done…if Mass Effect can carry over 100s of decisions I have made from 2 previous games to a 3rd one, I don’t see why not!!!!

    2. A friend brought up a good point about carrying over a career….how would real-life transfers and loans be handled? For example, if playing as City, and you bought messi in the game….what would happen to him and FCB when you transferred your career over to 2013?

  2. I would love to see something like Madden Franchise mode. The ability to build and add on to your own ground. If your team is playing well you can attract on sponser to but there name on your ground an boost your ability to spend in the transfer market. Or maybe even put there name on your kit and give you money based on certain goals they set during a season.

  3. How about letting Liverpool attack the kop2nd half of home games!! A little thing but drives us Liverpool fans mental!!!

  4. More stadia should be a definite. Tired of such a limited selection.

    And improved graphics is of course a must. Being that it’s the year 2012 and not 1998, there really shouldn’t be too much time spent with the same overall graphical look and quality. Improvements should be swift and frequent.

  5. 1) Better offensive AI – they mentioned this and I hope it works out well. The “runs” my guys make are often completely useless. They usually run smack into defenders and cut off my passing lanes. They’ll also stand there and stare at the ball bouncing right in front of the goal and won’t even try to attack it. In addition, the number of times I hit my own teammate with a shot is quite silly (and they’re always standing off-sides). They don’t try to get out of the way.

    2) Better defensive AI – the number of times one of my defenders have taken bad routes and end up behind the dribbler is ridiculous. They completely ignored attackers at times and will peel off a dangerous player to try and get to the dribbler, basically giving up an easy goal.

    3) More fleshed out Career Mode: (a) scouting is limited and only give you a few types of players; (b) player growth still needs work and should be more dynamic; (c) finances don’t account for ticket sales, stadium growth, merchandise revenue or anything else; (d) reserve players grow slow or not at all due to lack of games; (e) sub players can receive poor player ratings and so grow slower; (f) loan offers are made by teams who are MUCH better and will never actually use the player; (g) free agents always will join your team

    4) Re-adjust crosses and headers effectiveness (and the ability to win 50-50 headers). They’re way too rare in this year’s game (although they were way too easy in last year’s game). I got a few goals from crosses in lower leagues but now that Wimbledon is in the Premier League, I NEVER get a cross to work, even with a beast like Lukaku in the box. The defender almost always gets to the ball first. Even when I do get a head on the ball, it sails over the bar the vast majority of the time.

    5) Collision physics needs a little more work. My guys fall over way too much. Even running into each other constantly.

    I’m sure I can think of more if I tried.

  6. All too often, we’ve lobbied for stadiums and EA disappoints. I can’t understand why we don’t have them as dlc. Some animations in th crowd too would be a nice touch and an increase in the number of celebrations (I’ve always wanted the ‘shirt off’ celebration).

  7. I wish they would take UT and put it back on the disk and optionally have something carry over to the next year. I understand, they’re only trying to squeeze every dime out of us, but at least, let us take it offline and play with the team some people spend lots of real cash on.

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