Your Comprehensive Guide to Sunday’s Premier League Season Finale

So with the end of another memorable Premier League season in sight, there are still positions to be decided and silverware to be claimed. The final day can often be a nervous time for supporters around the world, with other results often crucial to the respective fates of their own sides. So expect soccer fans to be flipping back and forth between TV channels like mad men. And in a season of memorable twists and turns, you wouldn’t bet against further drama right up until the final whistle on Sunday afternoon.

Below is a list of all the possible permutations in respect to the title race, the battle to secure a Champions League spot and the relegation scrap:

The Title Race:

  • Manchester City vs QPR
  • Sunderland vs Manchester United

Quite simply, if Manchester City win then the title is theirs. With both of the Manchester clubs locked on the same number of points and with City’s superior goal difference, Sir Alex Ferguson will be hoping for a favor from Mark Hughes and his QPR side, who themselves need the points for different reasons. City has not been very generous to opposing teams at the Etihad in the Premier League this season however, only failing to secure maximum points on one occasion. If City is to slip up at all, United must win their result if they are to secure their 20th league title.

Champions League Places:

  • WBA vs Arsenal
  • Tottenham vs Fulham
  • Everton vs Newcastle

All three of the teams involved will be doing their best to secure third position in order to guarantee their Champions League place. This is because if Chelsea triumph in Munich, then the team finishing in fourth will be relegated to a Europa League spot next season. But all sides face potentially tricky final games of the campaign. Third place Arsenal travel to the Hawthorns to take on WBA and the England manager in waiting Roy Hodgson, in what will be his last game at the club before taking the international hot seat. Fourth place Tottenham welcome former boss Martin Jol and his Fulham side to White Hart Lane, with Fulham still in with a chance of finishing in seventh place. Whereas fifth place Newcastle travel to in-form Everton, who will themselves be looking to finish above rivals Liverpool with a win at Goodison.

Below are the potential permutations that could apply to each side in their quest to play in Europe’s premier competition next season:

  • If Arsenal win they will finish 3rd.
  • If Spurs win and Arsenal fail to win, Spurs finish 3rd.
  • If Arsenal lose and Spurs fail to win, Newcastle will finish 3rd if they can beat Everton.
  • Newcastle will finish 4th if they win, Arsenal win and Spurs fail to win.
  • Spurs will finish 4th if they win and Arsenal win.
  • Arsenal will finish 4th if they fail to win, Spurs win but Newcastle fail to win.
  • If Chelsea win the Champions League, the side in 4th will play in the Europa League next season.


  • Stoke vs Bolton
  • Manchester City vs QPR

QPR have given themselves an excellent chance of staying up after their dramatic late winner against Stoke last weekend. Bolton on the other hand threw away a two goal lead late on against West Brom which now see’s them two points behind QPR, but with an inferior goal difference. Therefore, if QPR can avoid defeat against Manchester City then they would be safe. If Mark Hughes’s men suffer a defeat at the Etihad Stadium, then nothing less than a Bolton victory away at Stoke will see the Trotters remain in the top flight.

TV guide for soccer fans in the United States:

 Sunday, May 13 (all times Eastern)

Which matches will you be watching on Sunday? Do you think QPR can upset Manchester City with either a draw or shock win? Will Manchester United beat Sunderland? Who is going to finish third in the Premier League? Give us your opinions in the comments section below.

30 thoughts on “Your Comprehensive Guide to Sunday’s Premier League Season Finale”

  1. I will be watching Tottenham vs Fulham. I do not care about any subplots in the other 9 matches. I’m a Fulham supporter who only cares about Fulham & where they finish. I won’t be flipping channels during the match.

    1. Just checking your singlemindedness here, Jason….. 😉

      So, you won’t even go check on the Everton and Liverpool matches……for a second?

  2. For your Champions League permutations you could add that Arsenal will finish 3rd if they draw and Spurs fail to win. Of course, Newcastle could also finish 3rd in this scenario if they put up 18 against Everton.

  3. Also for your Champions League permutations you might want to add that if Chelsea win the UCL third place is like finishing 4th and that team will have to qualify for the group stage.

    1. CTBlues,
      UEFA has confirmed that if Chelsea wins the CL, then 3rd place is guaranteed a Group Phase placement – no qualification games needed.

  4. Watching my ManU this sunday, its gonna be a treat, I hope, and then the next day, I will have a new TV service installed and set to go 😀

  5. Does the “” for the ‘Castle game mean that it’ll be streamed (free) directly from their site? Or does that mean it’ll be available via (payed)?

    Either way, i will beat this dead horse again: Newcastle & Spurs games should be on Speed and Fuel TV. No excuses.

  6. We will watch the United game :) … would have also flicked to the Stoke City game as I support them too but we don’t get FS+

  7. you missed a scenario, and I hope this is the way it falls

    Spurs win
    Newcastle win
    Arsenal loose

    Spurs 3rd UCL
    Newcastle 4th UCL / Europa League
    Arsenal 5th Europa League as liverpool are in the europa league after winning the carling cup

    Swansea are currently also in the Europa league playoffs as they are top in the fair play league (2nd is spurs)

    fair play you say?
    Can’t say i’m surprised to see newcastle and chelsea in the bottom half

  8. One caveat to add is that Manchester United could still win the title even if Manchester City wins, and that’s if they have a better goal difference than City. Manchester City currently has a +8 goal difference.

    If the unthinkable happens and both Manchester City and Manchester United end up on the same number of points and are equal on goal difference, then the team who has the most number of goals scored will win. If that number is tied, then a title decider match would be arranged in the next week to decide who is the champion. Imagine if that happened!!

    The Gaffer

    1. LOL sure if city win 1-0 then Man u have to score 9 against Sunderland, there have been some crazy scores like liverpool palace or Spurs wigan, or even Man U Arsenal. but I think Sunderland are way better than that at home.

      If anything Man city win 4-1 and amn utd draw or loose to a Sunderland that beat city at home.

      You must be excited Swansea get a a shot at Europa next season.

      1. I’m not too excited about the Europa League matches, but if there’s a way that the Swans can do that without hurting their Premier League chances next season, I’ll be happy.

        The Gaffer

        1. I think it would be great for Swansea, being able to attract more investment form advertisers, better players, or keep the ones they have. The cup vs league sponsorship model spurs have would be great for swansea revenue. Could even get them there own training center and pitches, If Fulham Can why Couldn’t Swansea

          I personally don’t like the Europa league, but that is because of the way its treated by UEFA, the competition used to mean something, clubs took it seriously. Spurs bowing out and treating it so disrespectfully pissed me off. Why don’t Uefa give the winners of the Europa league a UCL spot next year. If the UCL is the best then the least UEFA can do is recognize how difficult it is to win any european cup, what with all the crazy league and domestic cup schedules.

          as a side gaffer, would you be shocked if brendan ended up at spurs anyway this summer, in-spite of ‘arry not getting the England job?

          1. Dust, this is EXACTLY what I want. Why can’t the “champions” of the Europa League get an invite to the “Champions” League the following year (maybe just the qualifying rounds). It would give that competition a huge boost and maybe clubs would then field competitive teams instead of blowing it off. It would also give teams who ordinarily don’t have a chance at the Champions League (i.e. Fullham, Everton, etc) another avenue to reach that mighty summit. Let’s face it, most English teams can’t compete with the massive spending that goes on at the top of the table.

    2. Can just imagine Cisse making it 8-0 to QPR, jumping into the crowd to celebrate with the fans before and resultantly picking up his second yellow card, before City go down the other end to score and win the title on goal difference

  9. I’ll be watching them all live. Finally, I will be able to put my multiple split-personalities combined with my ADD to good use.

    For those concerned about not seeing their favorite game…don’t forget the 1-month free trial for FoxSoccer2Go. The promo code is: XOOMFOX

      1. It should be fun… Being mostly neutral I just hope that it is dramatic.

        I will start the morning with the Spanish Grand Prix just to get my eyes warmed up.

  10. I will b watching Arsenal match as a Arsenal fan I am concerned about where we finish this season. Although its says it will be on FSN, what is that if someone can lemme know and I have TWC so do we have thSt channel?

    1. FSN is FOX Sports Network. Your cable company should have it live unless you live in Chicago, New England, Philadelphia, Colorado or other select cities.

      The Gaffer

    2. The following regional sports networks in the FSN system will have West Brom vs Arsenal:

      MSG+ (New York State, Northern New Jersey, Southern Connecticut)

      ROOT Sports Pittsburgh

      Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic (Maryland, DC, Virginia, North Carolina)

      Comcast SportsNet Bay Area (Northern California, Northern Nevada, Southern Oregon)

      FOX Sports Florida

      FOX Sports South
      FOX Sports Carolinas
      FOX Sports Tennessee

      FOX Sports Ohio

      FOX Sports Indiana
      FOX Sports Midwest
      FOX Sports Kansas City

      FOX Sports North
      FOX Sports Wisconsin

      FOX Sports Southwest
      FOX Sports Houston
      FOX Sports Oklahoma

      FOX Sports Arizona

      FOX Sports West

  11. I think there is going to be some City and United fans who will end up getting sick or in the hospital as I predict that City and QPR will draw 1-1 and United will also draw 2-2 with Sunderland. :-)

  12. I will probably have City/QPR match on and then have the internet streaming to the Manchester United match. As the day goes I will have switch around to the most compelling game.

  13. Most people will probably have the following setup:

    Man City vs QPR streamed at

    Sunderland vs Man Utd on FX in HD via pay TV

  14. Am I the only one who records all the relevant matches and tries to watch every minute of every game? It’s hard to keep from being spoiled and sometimes I have to watch with the volume off to keep from hearing about other games.

    What I’ll do is watch like the first 5 minutes of one game, switch to the next and watch its first 5 minutes and so on. Since this can take a long time to go through all the games like this, it’s probably easier to do in the US where media outlets are less likely to mention the results.

    I guess I just can’t stand missing out on any of the action.

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