FX to Show In-Game Highlights of Key Goals From Other EPL Games During Sunderland-Man Utd

All eyes will be glued to the Premier League season-finale on Sunday, where all 10 games will be shown live on US television and Internet across FOX properties and ESPN2. In a press conference this afternoon, FOX Sports shined more light on its coverage plans by announcing that FX’s live coverage of Sunderland against Manchester United will also feature in-game highlights of all of the goals that matter from the other games.

FX plans on showing the in-game highlights in the corner of the screen as the Sunderland versus Manchester United unfolds. This is the first time that FOX has done anything like this for soccer, and it’ll certainly be interesting to watch as FOX’s Eric Wynalda and Rob Stone watch all ten games at once.

In other news, FOX Sports and FOX Soccer said that they will start all of their nine games at the same time as soon as the feeds come in, so they can try to ensure that there are no delays.

“As soon as a goal is scored, scores will drop down from the FOX Box and about every ten minutes we will run through all of the scores to keep you up to date on every channel,” said FOX Sports Media Group Co-President and Co-COO Eric Shanks. “This is a new high point for European soccer here in the U.S. and the Premier League specifically. This is a better experience of Survival Sunday for fans than even what they’re getting in the UK. I still don’t believe that you can watch all of these matches, all at once, in the UK.”

10 thoughts on “FX to Show In-Game Highlights of Key Goals From Other EPL Games During Sunderland-Man Utd”

    1. If they use the over the air FOX stations, they’d probably run into the same problem they are having with regional FSNs not picking up the Arsenal match. It would probably be even worse though.

  1. Ugh, I hate when ESPN do that already – I usually record matches and try to catch em later – only to have the gremlin Ian Darke gleefully yell out score in other games.


    On the last day of the season it makes sense. Anyone that has watched last day matches before knows that the crowd all find out scores as the game goes along – so, for example – when City score 3 against QPR in the first half, the United fans at Sunderland will all go quiet and you’ll be able to tell.

  2. Premier League Productions have assigned the following announcers to the matches on Sunday for international consumption:

    Man City vs QPR – Peter Drury and Craig Burley

    Sunderland vs Man Utd – Jon Champion and Kevin Gallacher

    Stoke vs Bolton – Daniel Mann and Tony Gale

    West Bromwich Albion vs. Arsenal – Gary Weaver and Trevor Francis

    Tottenham vs. Fulham – Tony Jones and Davie Provan

    Everton vs. Newcastle – Gary Taphouse and Garry Birtles

    Read the AP article for the rest…


    1. Thanks Huhe!

      Note that Ian Darke and Steve McManaman will be commentating Man City vs QPR.

      The Gaffer

  3. Hopefully they will give fair warning before they do this because it’s Idiotic and I’m sure there will be some sponsor attached to it, anything to make a dime. Why not take FSC and do like directv does on their mix channel, show eight games at once, lol. ESPN reminds of watching local tv when there is “dangerous” weather near your city; jumping in your face with useless drivel about an event happening many miles away from you.

    @Jean, P-off, like you’ve never been upset that someone ruined an outcome for you.

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