Chelsea’s Summer 2012 Transfer Targets

Chelsea may be 90 minutes away from a much coveted UEFA Champions League title, but supporters everywhere need to embrace the reality that a title would be a false dawn.

The writing is on the wall that Chelsea is on the verge of having to rebuild its squad and might have a rough future ahead.

If nothing else, Tuesday’s league match against Liverpool was an interesting experiment in squad rotation and chemistry where some lessons can be taken away.

Sure, key players including Juan Mata, Frank Lampard, and Didier Drogba were rested while players such as John Terry and Ramires were weary from the exertion at Wembley only three days earlier. However, the match may be a result that the club will have to endure, at least at first, as some squad regulars move on. And the holes made by their departure will be harder to replace under Financial Fair Play (FFP).

It is likely that Paulo Ferreira and Jose Bosingwa will be sent packing this summer while Salomon Kalou, Michael Essien and Florent Malouda will be sold. And, of course, Didier Drogba is out of contract.

These holes will be no real problem to fill with the current players in waiting. However, the unpredictable nature of owner Roman Abramovich is another thing entirely.

If Chelsea does win the Champions League final next Saturday, he could consider this part of his “project” done and sell off the Jose Mourinho remnants to usher in a new period of domination. Petr Cech, Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, and even Mr. Chelsea himself, J.T., could all be given the famed Abramovich axe for mission accomplished. That leaves the squad without a captain and a long list of established players to replace.

So the question is, “Where will the players come from?”

Bit players would need to step up while there would be one or two major signings and some bargain deals. This week’s revelation that Lille winger Eden Hazard will be moving to Chelsea or Manchester City is promising since the team has been lacking a real winger since Arjen Robben left. And the team is sure to pursue Tottenham’s Luka Modric again, as it did last year.

But Abramovich would have to choose. I can’t imagine FFP allowing that much money in transfers to go out.

Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, fresh off winning the Europa League title, could come in for Cech. Josh McEachran would need to finally make good on his promise and play alongside a revitalized Mikel. Ryan Bertrand would need to capitalize on this season’s solid displays to show his worth at left back. Newly signed Marko Marin and January transfer Kevin De Bruyne would provide options on the wing and in midfield. And Daniel Sturridge would be moved, finally given his chance as a sole striker upfront.

The only problem areas are defense. Chelsea would need to buy a solid right back to take over for or deputize under Branislav Ivanovic. Cover would also be needed at left back and the center.

Scouring the market for a bargain would go against the Abramovich type of spending big and asking questions later, but FFP would make it a necessity lest Chelsea have a thin backline.

So the choice team would more than likely appear something like this:


Ivanovic — Luiz — Cahill — Bertrand

McEachran — Mikel

Ramires — Mata — Hazard


Subs: Turnbull, Meireles, Marin, De Bruyne, Sturridge.

The last piece of the puzzle is determining who would manage this squad.

If current interim manager Roberto Di Matteo is handed the reigns, it would provide some stability, but he would be reluctant to let the club legends go. And if Abramovich does want to start new, he might as well get a new manager to go with an overhauled squad and potential stadium at Battersea Power Station.

Is this scenario the best option? No. Is it the worst? Not if Torres continues to find his footing and the players who have shown promise this season take the next logical step.

It’s true that the club can’t seem to function without it’s stalwarts, but their departure is going to happen sooner or later.

And Chelsea’s greatest glory could lead to its biggest shakeup.

35 thoughts on “Chelsea’s Summer 2012 Transfer Targets”

  1. I don’t think Cech will be moved out yet. He has shown how World Class he is this season, single-handedly keeping Chelsea in many fixtures. I definitely foresee Turnbull(sh*t) being let go on a free. Courtois comes in to provide competition for Cech and to handle Cup fixtures. Hazard is definitely going to Citeh. He will go to the highest bidder, which is no longer Chelsea. I think there are buys to be made that can be as good as Eden, for pounds cheaper.

    1. Hazard is definitely going 2 city… r u sure? Because im pretty certain he said last night he was going to the champions league winner, and, well, city?

  2. I think you’ve gone a bit far with the ‘Chelsea Revolution’ there. I’d say the first choice XI will look something like this:


    Ivanovic — Luiz — Terry — Cole

    Lampard — Garcia

    Ramires — Mata — Hulk


    As Garrett says, no way CFC are getting Hazard. Hulk appears a more realistic target. I agree that Sturridge should be Torres’ back-up. Hopefully a deal transfer can be arranged for Javi Garcia to replace Mikel as CDM.

      1. Because that buyout clause was BS. They just put it in to scare teams off while the contract is fresh. Reports suggest Hulk will go for 45M euro. This may be more than Hazard but the real problem with him is his wage demands which are apparently making even City flinch.

  3. Don’t forget we have Bruma (CB) out on loan a Hamburg, van Aanholt (LB) at Vitesse, and Kakuta (FW) at Dijon. If we can’t get Hazard we could also look at Christian Eriksen from Ajax but he is more of a CAM than a winger. Now to Cech, he is going no where anytime soon. He is only 29 years old goal keepers can play into their 40’s. I highly doubt they will cut the old guard but I think they wont play every game. I think the big deal was the way AVB was going about not playing the older players and the fact that they players that were replacing them weren’t doing a good job.

  4. If there was ever a time to make a clean break with Drogba then this would be the moment, especially if Chelsea win the CL.

    Most of the players mentioned were going to be shipped off anyway regardless of the next manager. John Terry/Frank Lampard/Ashley Cole/Petr Cech are going nowhere. They’ll have another year of mileage on them but they are still quality players.

  5. Will have no problem watching the shakeup at Chelsea as long as these players leave with every trophy in their cabinet.

    Come on Chelsea!

  6. I think u have a very crazy imagination…cech won’t b dumped anytime soon..courtois congrats to him on winning the europa league..but he is along way 4m being chelseas no1…cole is another player who won’t be sold…but I do see n hope bertrand gets a lot more playing time..also mceachran n de bryune won’t break into the 1st team…shud b sent on another loan n bruma shud not b recalled 4m his 2yr loan…bosingwa n ferriara shud def b sold…van der wiel is hopefully a target…he can solve chelseas defensive problems…moutinho n hulk o falcoa cud be very good additions…also I guess lukaku shud b sent on loan…

  7. I think folks are putting more into the “demise” of Chelsea than is really there. This team showed more character against the great Barcelona (with 9) than anyone else had. They have good players and just need some tweaking. I think letting Di Matteo go would be a big mistake. I’m a United fan but have lots of respect for the Chelsea team.

  8. I don’t think all of these squad changes will happen, just kind of a “doomsday scenario,” if you will. I think the old boys have shown their worth this season, especially Cech, and I would even be on board with giving Drogba another contract. But with Roman, who knows? Thanks for reading, guys.

  9. courtois will spend 1 more year at atletico, then come to epl to spend one year on loan. thats the supposed plan for him.

    if chelsea get hazard, my god what coup that would be, he is basically man City bound at the bound.

  10. Nobody seems to question Man U keeping Giggs and Scholes around for so long. Lampard and Drogba were still Chelsea’s top scorers this season – the club should keep these guys around and just use them sparingly as they work in younger talent. The Chelsea veterans (Cech and Terry included) could have three or four more decent seasons left.

  11. I doubt they’ll sell cole/terry/lamps/Cech they’re still quality. I think midfield is the main area to strengthen – with Marin mata and Sturridge on wings we need a world class CM, id go for hamsik from Napoli. Also a new striker is cavani, he’s been linked and would be quality. In
    All I think van der wiel, hamsik, another creative mid like willian (shakhtar) or modric, and cavani up top.

    Then I think kalou, bosimgwa, Ferreira and malouda have gotta go

  12. Players like JT, cole and Drogba still need a year extension of contract, but chelsea need a prolific striker like Radamel falcao to help our faltering attack line. No chelsea, no jam body. Up chelsea

  13. chelsea are in desperate need of a striker as the only goal scorer is about to leave(drogba)..
    the best replacement for drogba is FALCAO..he’s a gem of strikers..
    feelin’ sad dat i coulsn’t mention’s nt imprtant how good he is ., he should score or shud b moved to midfield..


  15. no but porto will sell hulk for way less around 40 million id say ………

    i think our team should be:

    Van Der Wiel, Cahill,Terry,Cole
    Yaya Toure
    Hulk Hazard or Marin

    Falcao Torres or Cavani or Higuain
    Subs: Marin ,Piazon , Courtois , Mikel,Lampard , Ivanovic,Drogba.
    YES YAYA TOURE IS MOVING SO DONT ASK , im not too sure about hazard but am confident about the rest 😀 ………… KTBFFH!!!!!!

  16. i think the blue should:

    Ivanovic — Luiz — Cahill — Bertrand

    Michel — Garcia

    Ramires — Mata — Hazard


  17. Drogba is gone as earlier today it was announced that the contract hasnt been renewed .

    for Me we should get either of the 2 : Gareth Bale / Aaron Lennon . These 2 will be reulctant to go cos Spurs failed to make it to the cl .
    & can also try to bring Cavani or Lavezzi .

    My Line Up :

    Ivanovic – Luiz – Cahill – Terry
    Lampard – Lennon
    Ramires – Mata – Bale/Lavezzi

  18. Cech
    Ivanovic D.Luiz J.Terry A.Cole


    Ramires F.Lampard

    Hulk Falcao Torres

    Bank: Courtois
    Obi Mikel

  19. Cech
    Van Del wiel Cahill D.Luiz A.cole

    Lampard Yaya Toure

    Hulk Mata Hazard


    Thomas Klass

  20. I find it kind of funny how some of you guys are leaving people that we already have signed off you starting XI and bench (Marko Marin) and how you put people out of position like Terry out at LB wtf.

  21. Hazard announced on his twitter feed that he was going to be signing for the Champions League winner. Now we have to wait until July when the transfer window opens to see if it is official.

  22. ceche
    sampson -liuz -chahil -cole
    modric ramers
    mata hazard lampard
    sub=falicao,hulk,cavani,ivan ,goalk,tery…..




  24. Chelsea Most Start 11


    Ivanovic G.Cahill J.Terry A,Cole

    Ramires Modric Mata Hazard

    F.Torres Hulk

    –Van Der Wiel
    –Marko Marin
    –Lucas Piazon

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