Wigan Manager Roberto Martinez to Join ESPN Euro 2012 Team As Studio Analyst

EXCLUSIVE: Roberto Martinez will be spending part of his summer as a studio analyst for ESPN’s coverage of the UEFA Euro 2012 tournament, according to two sources who confirmed to EPL Talk that a deal will be announced soon.

Just this week, Martinez helped Wigan Athletic clinch another season in the Premier League after he miraculously turned the team’s fortunes around, against all odds. The highly-revered football manager is expected to leave Wigan this summer after chairman Dave Whelan has admitted that if a bigger club comes in with an offer, then Whelan would be happy to let the Spaniard leave.

Martinez worked for ESPN during World Cup 2010 where he was one of the surprise stars of its award-winning presentation of FIFA World Cup 2010, where ESPN won several Sports Emmy Awards. An announcement regarding the Wigan Athletic manager joining ESPN for its Euro 2012 coverage is expected to be made after the 2011-12 Premier League season ends.

What are your thoughts about Roberto Martinez being lined up to provide analysis for ESPN’s Euro 2012 coverage? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

15 thoughts on “Wigan Manager Roberto Martinez to Join ESPN Euro 2012 Team As Studio Analyst”

    1. Couldn’t agree more Guy. Enjoyed and looked forward to his knowledgeable and insightful commentary during the World Cup.

  1. Awesome news. Great manager, great insight. For me it makes the difference between whether I’ll even watch the commentary or not.

  2. Good studio guy…Sure he’s ok….well he’s better than Lalis….but Great manager? really? they finished above 1 new BPL team QPR, they have been in the BPL 8 years and the last 3 its been all struggle, look at his win percentage and he lost 9 -1 to spurs with 8 goals in the second half.

    People throw the word great around too much.

    1. I think with the talent he has Wigan should have been relegated many of those seasons. It’s a miracle he’s kept them up so many seasons. Maybe not a great manager, but a good one.

      1. I’d argue he’s a great manager given the success he’s had at Swansea, and how well he’s done at Wigan with the resources he’s had (especially given the long list of players who have moved on from Wigan to play for bigger clubs).

        I’d love to see how Martinez does at a bigger club with greater resources as his disposal.

        The Gaffer

  3. Seems everybody is happy with the choice and I agree he was refreshing during the World Cup. Please keep Macca off the air ESPN if at all possible. He will go to pieces again when England goes nowhere quick which is bound to happen.

    1. Considering they (ESPN) still allow Alexi Lalas to continually have a coronary at halftime of every USMNT game, I doubt macca is going anywhere.

  4. I feel like Roberto Martinez is like David Moyes but with even less skilled players and resources lol

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