Vote for the Best of the 2011-12 English Premier League Season

It’s not only on the football pitch where there’s a race to the finish for the clubs in the 2011-12 Premier League season. Sunday also represents the final day of voting for the prestigious fourth annual EPL Awards, which recognize the best of the EPL season — everything from footballers to blogs to podcasts, video games and more.

Take a look at many of the closes races to decide who’s the best of the best of the 11-12 season:

Best EPL Players, Teams and Managers

In the Best Goalkeeper of 2011-12 category, Manchester United’s David de Gea is currently in first place with Manchester City’s Joe Hart in second.

In the race for Best Defender of 2011-12, Jonny Evans of Manchester United is currently in the lead with Manchester City’s Vincent Kompany and Everton’s Leighton Baines not far behind.

Best midfielder? According to the voters, so far, it’s Antonio Valencia while Clint Dempsey and Marouane Felliani aren’t far behind.

Who’s been the Best EPL Striker this season? Wayne Rooney is in the lead, but Robin van Persie and Nikica Jelavic aren’t far behind.

If voting ended today, the Best EPL Manager would be awarded to Alex Ferguson. But Alan Pardew and David Moyes are battling for second place, and there’s always a chance that any of the managers could finish in first.

Who would you say has been the Most Improved EPL Manager of the season? So far, the leader is Newcastle United’s Alan Pardew, while Chelsea manager Roberto Di Matteo and Everton manager David Moyes aren’t far behind.

Best EPL TV, Radio and Podcast Coverage

An upset is on the cards. For the past three years, Martin Tyler has won the Best TV Commentator award. But currently he’s in second place while Ian Darke is in the lead.

The race for Best TV Co-Commentator is a close one between Gary Neville and Steve McManaman.

The award for Best EPL Podcast is usually a neck-and-neck race between The Football Ramble and The Guardian’s Football Weekly, but so far, the incumbent Men In Blazers podcast is leaving both Football Weekly and The Football Ramble in the dust.

What has been the Best EPL TV Feature Show of 2011-12? So far, according to the majority of viewers, it’s Fox Soccer Report, but there’s plenty of competition that could pip it at the post.

Football Weekly’s James Richardson is a dead ringer for the Best EPL Podcast Presenter award, right? Not this year, so far. Instead incumbent Michael Davies of Men In Blazers is leading the pack with Alan Davies (The Tuesday Club) and Martin Rodgers (World Football Daily) closing in.

The same applies to Best EPL Podcast Pundit, where Roger Bennett (Men In Blazers) is leaving usual winners Barry Glendenning (Football Weekly) and Keith Dover (Tuesday Club) in the dust.

Best EPL Blogs, Websites and Books

Who has the Best EPL Coverage Online for 2011-12? According to the readers who have voted so far, it’s neck-and-neck between The Guardian and Bleacher Report.

What about the Best EPL Forum for 2011-12? Last year’s winner, Grand Old Team (Everton), is in the lead with RTG Sunderland coming up fast.

Do you prefer 101 Great Goals or Footy Tube as your Best EPL Video Site for 2011-12? The latest poll has 101GG in the lead with Footy Tube closing the gap.

Jonathan Wilson is leading the race as the Best EPL Writer of 2011-12. Can David Conn, Daniel Taylor, Henry Winter or others catch up with him?

The race for Best EPL Blogger of 2011-12 is heating up. Michael Cox of Zonal Marking is in the lead, but Brooks Peck (Dirty Tackle), Arseblogger (ArseBlog) and Kieron O’Connor (The Swiss Ramble) are hot on his heels.

Which club has the Best EPL Club Blog of 2011-12? The race is incredibly close between The Anfield Wrap (Liverpool), ToffeeWeb (Everton) and Republik of Mancunia (Manchester United), while there’s still a chance for other club blogs to sprint out front.

Just as the race for Best EPL Club Blog is a close one, so too is the award for Best EPL Club Podcast where The Anfield Wrap (Liverpool) leads the way, followed closely by The Tuesday Club (Arsenal) and Chelsea Football Fancast.

In the category of Best EPL Blog, there’s a close race between Caught Offside, The Swiss Ramble and Zonal Marking for second place, while Dirty Tackle is in first. Kckrs, as of press time, is in last place.

In the category of Best Football Book for 2011-12, Jonathan Wilson’s book about Brian Clough is in second place, while Mick Rathbone’s book, “The Smell Of Football,” is in first.

Last year’s winner of the Best Online Football GameI AM PLAYR, is currently in the lead.

ArseBlog is beating out the likes of Robbie Savage, Henry Winter, Joey Barton, Rio Ferdinand for Best EPL Tweeter at

Vote for any or all of the categories today!

Voting closes at midnight ET on Sunday, May 13.

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