Panini Launches UEFA Euro 2012 Soccer Stickers In United States

After the huge success of the FIFA World Cup 2010 stickers in the United States, Panini America has launched the official stickers for UEFA Euro 2012.

Panini has released a 64-page, full-color album (pictured above) that’s beautifully designed, as usual, to house all of the UEFA Euro 2012 stickers you’ll be collecting and placing inside the album. The album also features the schedule for each nation, as well as their history in the European Championship tournaments.

The 539-sticker collection features 400 glossy-white frame stickers, 100 glossy-black frame stickers, and 39 holographic foil stickers. Each packet contains 7 stickers. If you buy a box, it includes 50 packs included.

Panini America’s UEFA Euro 2012 sticker collection officially launched today in the United States. You can order the album, packets of stickers or an entire box of stickers either via the Panini America website or World Soccer Shop. The stickers will be available for sale at retailers nationwide, but if you want to get a head-start on your collection, order them today. The website is offering free shipping for orders over $50.

As usual from Panini, the album and stickers are beautifully designed. I received a box today at EPL Talk HQ, and I’m really looking forward to collecting this edition. You’re never too old to collect Panini stickers, and this is certainly going to be a lot of fun for the whole family.

How many of you are Panini sticker collectors? And if you’re not, I highly recommend it for a few reasons: One, it’s a great way to get to know the players from each nation. Two, it adds excitement in the build-up to the tournament. Three, they’re very collectible. And four, it’s incredibly addictive.

26 thoughts on “Panini Launches UEFA Euro 2012 Soccer Stickers In United States”

    1. If you and other readers will send a self-addressed stamped envelope to EPL Talk HQ, I’m in. I’ll swap!

      The Gaffer

    2. hello just got the album, i got lots of doubles and im looking for trade, im missing about 140+ stickers if someone is interested please contact me..

      1. Big thanks to Luis and Gilberto (lower on this thread), who recently made fair and easy swaps with me.

        Robert, email me at kevendc2 at hotmail dot com and let’s see if we can make a trade.

      2. hi if i give u a list of the stickers i need can u tell me how much shipped to usa here is the list which ones can u get me and how much shipped ?
        9 16 ,32,33 35 7 48 56 66 69 72 74 77 79 82 116 117 133 134 135 139 141 146 156 161 162 169 170 172 174 178 182 196 197 199 208 217 232 233 254 255 257 278 279 281 284 286 281 310 315 339 368 372 389 399 414 415 422 423 424 427 428 443 444 448 448 449 451 453 454 456 459 486 488 489 490 506 508 512 538 thanks

        1. Scott,

          I’m in the US.
          I have several of the ones you need from your post. I’ve successfully swapped with Keven, Gilberto and Luis already from this thread.

          Email me your list if you like at LVsaint76 at yahoo dot com

  1. Gaffer, would you post couple of pictures from the actual stickers ?

    One thought: because the album is released before the actual time, the players listed might not be in the final roster.

  2. Here are my doubles, if anyone is interested in swapping:

    5, 11, 201, 204 (2), 205, 207, 209, 220, 288 (2), 290, 326, 330, 360, 462, 464 (2), 465, 466, 469, 479, 480 (2), 492 (2), 493, 495, 496 (2), 497, 499, 504, 505, 509, 523, 527, 528.

    The Gaffer

  3. Do we know which retailers (not online) in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island sell the album and the stickers? I have visited several stores in the area and nobody heard of this album.

    1. Panini sold out really quickly, so they’re printing up more to keep up with the demand.

      The Gaffer

  4. I only need about another 100 stickers or so… Also, I found an Android app which helps you track what stickers you need. Its called Euro 2012 Sticker Checker, pretty handy…

  5. Hi, i’m looking for Euro 2012 Panini Stickers #281. I have to sell (cheap price) or swap all those numbers:8-9-10-11-16-18-20-22-23-37-45-61-75-87-93-95-97-103-111-117-123-125-129-140-144-145-147-148-151-155-156-157-160-161-167-168-174-185-189-190-193-196-198-201-203-205-207-209-211-212-217-219-224-225-230-234-240-244-248-254-256-264-266-270-272-274-278-287-288-292-295-304-312-316-317-321-324-325-338-343-347-348-350-352-354-358-363-364-372-374-375-378-379-381-382-383-385-386-387-388-389-390-391-393-401-406-408-411-412-413-417-419-421-428-430-437-442-444-448-454-458-475-476-479-480-487-488-490-491-493-499-505-507-509-515-517-523-525-534
    Send me the list of what you want at I live in Canada.

  6. I’m down to needing just 20 stickers to finish my Euro 2012 sticker collection.

    Here are the ones I’m missing (if anyone has any doubles of these, please get in touch with me at thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com):

    9, 47, 49, 57, 62, 70, 88, 90, 110, 160, 237, 252, 273, 299, 368, 387, 418, 422, 436 and 518.

    I have doubles to trade, so let me know what you’re looking for, in exchange.

    The Gaffer

  7. I have the COMPLETE ALBUM, all stickers included from the last Soccer World Cup for SALE to the best offer. I am open to any offer. Contact me through my e-mail.
    Thank you

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