US TV Schedule Announced for Final Day of 2011-12 Premier League Season

FOX Soccer has announced its lineup for the final day of the Premier League season, which kicks off at 10am ET on Sunday — with all games being played simultaneously.

All matches kick off at 10am ET, and will be preceded by a 30-minute “Survival Sunday” preview show:

  • Sunderland vs Manchester United, FX and FOX Deportes
  • Chelsea vs Blackburn Rovers, SPEED
  • Swansea City vs Liverpool, FUEL
  • West Bromwich Albion vs Arsenal, FSN
  • Tottenham Hotspur vs Fulham, FOX Soccer
  • Stoke City vs Bolton Wanderers, FOX Soccer Plus
  • Norwich City vs Aston Villa, FOX Soccer 2Go
  • Wigan vs Wolverhampton Wanderers, FOX Soccer 2Go
  • Everton vs Newcastle United,

Manchester City versus Queens Park Rangers, meanwhile, will be shown live on ESPN2, and ESPN Deportes at 9:30am ET (with the kick-off also at 10am ET).

According to the FOX Soccer 2Go website, eight of the 9 matches that FOX is showing will be shown live on FOX Soccer 2Go except for Spurs against Fulham, which will be shown live on FOX Soccer.

The good news regarding the final day of the season is that all 10 matches will be shown live on US television and Internet. However, Arsenal and West Brom fans who will be watching FOX Sports Net (FSN) on the final day of the season will need to check their local listings since it’s not guaranteed that every regional FSN will show the game. For example, we understand that the Comcast-owned FOX Sports Net affiliates in Baltimore/Washington (Mid-Atlantic), Chicago, New England, and Philadelphia will not be showing the game live. If you are in one of these areas, you may want to sign up with FOX Soccer 2Go as a back-up plan.

What are your thoughts regarding FOX’s decisions on where to place each of the nine games on the final day of the season? Share your comments below.

45 thoughts on “US TV Schedule Announced for Final Day of 2011-12 Premier League Season”

  1. So the Newcastle game is being live-streamed on the regular Fox Soccer website and not behind the pay-wall of Fox Soccer2Go? Is that how I should read that?

      1. Hi Conrad; Seems I find you everywhere. Hope your summer is going well and chat at you later before August. Go United!

    1. I pay for the soccer2go, but dissapointed I wont be able to watch on the big TV, although I must say NUFC have had allot more games shown on TV than previous seasons, which I guess comes with the teams exceptional performances! Come on champs league!!

  2. I was left scratching my head seeing they wasted a slot on Swansea v Liverpool, but yeah, you have to push that reality show. I’m not sure why Arsenal, in a massive game for the final automatic CL slot, would go on the one regional channel out of the lot. That is going to nervy knowing how erratic FSN broadcasts can be.

  3. Hang on a second….this huge, unprecedented promotional effort, billed as SURVIVAL SUNDAY, ends up with the only game available to Fox with any survival connotations whatsoever (Stoke v. Bolton) being “relegated” to Fox Soccer Plus, the pay network?

    I suppose I should be glad it is not on the pay website.

  4. The Fox main network channel should have covered the Man City game and promoted it to get more exposure for the EPL.

  5. ugh…was looking forward to watching Spurs and Newcastle games, but I guess my broke-ness will prevent that. ManU, ManC, and Arsenal it is, then.

    i hate that normal-cable channels will feature ‘Pool and Chelsea, who will have nothing to play for, and likely won’t feature their best XI, respectively. frustrating.

  6. I can’t believe this…I’m an Arsenal fan with Comcast Mid-Atlantic. Have paid $15/month for FSC plus all season in order to watch all Arsenal matches and now I have to shell out $20 for Fox Soccer to Go for 1 day. I don’t think Comcast Mid Atlantic is even showing it on tape delay. The much hyped Fox Sports Survial Sunday is pretty much a dud for me. Is there any other way to watch Arsenal/West Brom?

  7. seems like they just made the decision by pulling the fixture list out of a hat, guess i’m wathcing the gunners on my ipad.

  8. the selection of games to channels is a joke. why do chelsea vs blackburn and swansea vs liverpool get channels?! when everton vs newcastle is actually important. chelsea are not making the top 4 and blackburn are relegated. the bolton/stoke game should also not be on fox soccer plus, given most people will not have that channel. i dont care, personally, as i get all the channels, but for those who do not this seems like a very idiotic way to pick. once again americans prove they know absolutely nothing about football (soccer). morons. but i guess showing these games is a move in the right direction.

    i just hope that new al jazeera network that is opening up in the states eventually snags the PL rights as well. they will do a far better job on the whole.

    1. “i just hope that new al jazeera network that is opening up in the states eventually snags the PL rights as well. they will do a far better job on the whole.”

      Why did I just have a vision of me throwing this back in your face in five years or so? Oh that’s right, because Al Jazeera has ZERO track record in the States whatsoever!!!

    1. Premier League Productions will offer world feeds for all matches.

      FOX has the option of using either the world feed or the BSkyB feed for the Sunderland-Man United match.

      The other matches will all have commentary from Premier League Productions

      Complete waste of TV bandwidth by putting Chelsea-Blackburn on SPEED and Swansea-Liverpool on FUEL TV. Those two matches will mean absolutely nothing. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

      The following FSN affiliates will NOT have West Brom vs Arsenal:

      Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic (Baltimore/Washington)
      Comcast SportsNet Chicago
      Comcast SportsNet New England
      Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
      ROOT Sports Northwest (time was sold to air fishing shows)
      ROOT Sports Rocky Mountain (time was sold to Glendale Rugby Club of Colorado)
      ROOT Sports Utah (time was sold to Glendale Rugby Club of Colorado)


      Comcast SportsNet Bay Area will have West Brom vs Arsenal because FOX still holds a 25% equity stake in that channel.

      ROOT Sports Pittsburgh will have West Brom vs Arsenal

      MSG+ will have West Brom vs Arsenal

      All the “FOX Sports” regional networks should have West Brom vs Arsenal because FOX owns at least 70% of every one of them.

  9. As a Spurs supporter I’m happy I’ll get to watch them on the flagship, but I totally understand the frustration of the Arsenal supporters. Their match should be on SPEED or FUEL.

    As far as the bigger picture goes…having finally finally finally gotten Fox Soccer HD added by my local Comcast provider I’m filled with dread as to what the future holds for U.S. fans of EPL and Serie. I don’t see Comcast or DISH adding Al Jazeera Sports anytime soon.

  10. As usual, they aren’t using the drama to drive ratings, they’re using the relative fan base #’s to drive their choices.

    Truth-be-told, this is probably their mitigation procedure for the “inconvenience” of having all the matches played at the same time. Gotta give those Liverpool fans their match, even though it’s about as meaningful as headphones to a deaf man.

  11. With this Chelsea/Liverpool scoreline at 0-3 at time of writing this, it makes even less sense now putting either one of these matches on TV above Everton/Newcastle and at a better network than Arsenal/West Brom.

    There will be nothing to play for in Chelsea/Blackburn (and the teams will reflect that) and the same for Liverpool/Swansea. Yet, Everton/Newcastle there is a potential Champions League place on the line, just like with Arsenal/West Brom including the twist that 4th may not be good enough this year so 3rd being all the more crucial.

    One step forward, two steps back.

  12. Way to really drop the ball Fox. Chelsea vs Blackburn is about as meaningless of a match up as a summer friendly vs a MLS team and that gets the nod on speed over Newcaslte/ Everton.

    Just look at Chelsea’s line up today, they obviously dont care about league position.

  13. I am no great supporter of Fox, but this is a real “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation in selecting the games/channels. I am glad to have the FoxSoccer2Go trial subscription and a TV with PIP. I will have 9 games (8-Fox 1-ESPN3) walled on my PC using my 50″ HDTV as a monitor and have the Fox Soccer Channel match on PIP.

    Plenty of coffee for the concentration and plenty of pancakes for the endurance. Should be fun…although possibly not as dramatic as we all (at least the neutrals) had hoped for…

  14. A few years ago we’d be celebrating having one or two matches available. Anyone desperately looking to watch their team or the big match of import would have to find a local establishment and hope for the best.
    Baby steps.

  15. The decision to broadcast the Chelsea-Blackburn and Swansea-Liverpool matches on the network channels and relegate the Everton-Newcastle match to an online broadcast is pathetic and speaks volumes about the mentality of Fox Sports. Despite the fact that Chelsea and Liverpool are both playing meaningless games, the executives decided to value them more than Newcastle’s attempt to qualify for Champions League football. This confirms what most football fans already knew…Fox knows nothing about football and is ill-equipped to bring the world’s game to the USA. F**k off and go broadcast another Yankees-Red Sox game nobody wants to see.

    1. SMH. Last year you would have to go find a stream somewhere. Show me one other LEGIT broadcaster in the world showing the Newcastle game live, free, online or otherwise.

        1. Correct. Between now and Sunday, they’ll be posting something on the site to direct people to the Everton vs Newcastle broadcast, I’m sure.

          The Gaffer

  16. Long time reader, first time commenter.

    Some of the match/channel choices are crazy. In my opinion, you should have the most important/significant games on assessable/’flagship’ channels and spread the other games around. This is how I would have allocated the games if I was in charge:

    FX: Sunderland v Manchester United (Good decision there, since Fox Sports Group said FX was leading coverage and that game is the most significant following ESPN’s choice)
    Speed: Everton v Newcastle United (Would be a good chance to hook regular Speed viewers to EPL for next season, due to what’s riding on this game for both teams)
    Fuel TV: Stoke City v Bolton Wanderers (Same reason as Speed)
    FSN: Swansea City v Liverpool (Since the FSN game isn’t airing in all markets, picked a game which doesn’t have major implications)
    Fox Soccer: Stoke City v Bolton Wanderers (Simply swapped games with FS+, so game with more significance airs on the main channel)
    Fox Soccer Plus: West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal (Important game for the secondary channel to air)
    Fox Soccer 2Go: Norwich City v Aston Villa & Wigan Athletic v Wolverhampton Wanderers (Agree with both choices) Chelsea v Blackburn Rovers (Was simply a case of not enough channels, but still a good game for free streaming due to Chelsea’s European hopes on the line)

    1. “still a good game for free streaming due to Chelsea’s European hopes on the line”

      Can I stop hearing that Chelsea’s game is meaningless please? Factor that out and Liverpool on Fuel while Newcastle is on may have more to do with how terrible Fuel is than with Fox’s priorities.

  17. I wonder if there is any precedent for a last minute switch over for the arsenal match, I know these decisions are not set in stone so maybe the good people who have brought us such stand up television personalities as Glenn Beck and Geraldo Rivera will do the right thing and grant maximum access to the games that actually mean something

    1. You’re right…how can Fox screw up and not put that water bottle throwing, arm flapping, fourth official berating, scare crow on a more meaningful channel???

  18. Any idea whether this game with Everton and Newcastle is going to require people to log in as I don’t want to be doing that in a panic at kickoff. Also it probably is but I’ll ask anyways….is the game only for Foxsoccer subscribers? My friend would love to watch the game but only has an internet connection and no cable.

    1. Rich, good questions. FOX has released very little information about it other than to say that the Everton vs Newcastle game will be available via on Sunday. Best bet is to stay tuned to

      I don’t believe users will have to create a user account to log in to the game, but you never know.

      My concern is whether they’ll be able to handle the bandwidth seeing that this is the first time is showing a live Premier League game.

      The Gaffer

  19. Some of you need to pick your toys back up off the floor. Give ’em a break – the fact that they are showing all of these games simultaneously in the first place is nothing short of staggering. To think this is the country where you used to be able to catch live games once every four years.

    The chances of the UK/France/Spain/Germany ever choosing to show 10 Amfoot/baseball/NBA games across 10 different channels are well, zero.

  20. the more money you give fox the more paywalls they create for the same content

    fox are a disgrace to sport

    I had lousy foxsoccer+ in SD all season $16.99 , never again. Pathetic.

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