Stoke City Home and Away Shirts for 2012-13 Season: Away Kit Looks Like Barcelona [PHOTOS]


Stoke City has unveiled their new home and away shirts for the 2012-13 season.

The new kits, which were revealed on the Stoke City website, are designed and manufactured by Adidas. The new Stoke City home shirt features a more classic Stoke City look-and-feel compared to this season's shirt. It appears that the shirt has a white rounded collar, and — of course — the famous red and white stripes of Stoke City.

Stoke City's new away shirt, meanwhile, looks like something Barcelona would wear, with red and blue stripes down the front and back of the shirt, while the sleeves feature three white Adidas stripes.

The shirts were revealed after Stoke City announced a renewal of two sponsorships. "The Club will go into their fifth season of Premier League football with bet365 as new shirt sponsors, while Britannia, which is part of The Co-operative Bank, will become the official Banking and Community Partner and also retain naming rights for the Britannia Stadium."

What do you think of the new Stoke City home and away shirts? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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11 thoughts on “Stoke City Home and Away Shirts for 2012-13 Season: Away Kit Looks Like Barcelona [PHOTOS]”

  1. Solid, classy kits from adidas. Just a shame about the sponsor. No better way to diminish a nice kit than with a betting site logo.

    1. Perhaps, but the man who is the chairman of Stoke is also the chairman of Bet365. And it’s his money from the betting site that is helping to fund Stoke City (and their recent big transfers).

      The Gaffer

  2. Not too shabby there – to the extent that you can make a betting site logo look vaguely respectable it seems they have done this.

  3. Bet 365 supposedly won the bidding process to gain the shirt sponsorship deal, what the competition was like I’m unsure. They’re the world’s biggest online gaming company and are a large local employer, they make massive leaps in turnover every year. It’s nice to see local companies in Britannia and Bet 365 promoted globally anyway.

    The colours of the away strip are based on those used when we first formed, I assume it’s to do with commemerating our 150th year in existence which falls next season. I assume there’ll be a few celebrations but nothing has been mentioned yet.

    We’re the second oldest club in the world and the oldest top flight club, we’ve still won bugger all! At least we cannot be accused of glory hunting. I’ve never known us use those colours in my lifetime so I assume that’s the link. I just hope it’s better quality than the dross Adidas have served up for the past two years, their range has been disappointing to say the least.

    I have to say I’m not one for replica strips and haven’t bought one for well over a decade, the ‘Barca’ strip might make me change that habit. For one I’ll get it signed by the players who play in whatever testimonial type anniversary fixture we play and get it framed, it’d be a nice heirloom from that POV. I doubt it’ll happen but it’d be a buzz to get the type of friendly opponents that Stanley Matthews attracted in his retirement match.

    In summary better than I expected, but I’ll wait to see it in the flesh.

  4. The ‘bet 365’ sponsorship makes the kit look terribly cheap, it’s too short compared to the ‘Britannia’. The home kit looks too retro for me, there’s nothing to it; the away kit isn’t any better, blue and red?
    Adidas should be ashamed of this.

  5. I think both kits have a nice clean look and I would say they are an upgrade. The logos blend in well and don’t look out of place (unless you are expecting a Brittania there).

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