Arsenal and Liverpool Fans Taunting ‘You’ve Got No History’ at Chelsea Are Living In The Past

After watching those final nervy minutes at Wembley and confirming that Chelsea had their hands on yet another FA Cup, I was completely overjoyed. After the season that Chelsea have been through any form of silverware is more than welcome. Couple the FA Cup with the fact that Chelsea have a chance to pull off a double by winning the Champions League final, can you really blame Blues fans for enjoying such a high?

It was in the minutes, literally minutes, after Chelsea hoisted the trophy that the “hate” started flowing in. Now normally I revel in the barbs that are thrown out whenever a team triumphs. When one team or person has success it’s become the norm these days for those who weren’t able to best them in a competition to immediately slander the winner. But it was one reoccurring and now seemingly go-to “insult” that fans use that has me puzzled, “You ain’t got no History”. From what I’ve heard Liverpool fans were chanting this at the Final and from what I’ve seen on Twitter, many Arsenal fans seem to have this as their favorite line. Personally this is one of the weakest arguments that anyone who calls themselves a fan can make. It’s an argument that is made when a club that has “history” isn’t living up to it and the fans have no other way to express their frustration that their club isn’t succeeding as much as the ones around them. So let’s take some history lessons and see how much this argument stands up in the modern day.

When a fan argues about history it’s usually very vague and only goes back far enough for them to make their argument valid. Some teams need to go back over 20 years to make their arguments, which is comical because a lot of the fans who do this wouldn’t be able to remember many of those triumphs. So let’s look at a bit of recent history starting at the turn of the century (1999-2000), which seems fair enough since we’ll be looking at over a decade of results.

Let’s start with the League, which means if Liverpool fans want they can skip this paragraph since they haven’t won a title in over two decades. The one thing Liverpool has accomplished in the Premier League since the beginning of the 2000’s is that they’ve managed to finish above both Chelsea and Arsenal once, so I guess there’s that. Arsenal and Chelsea have managed to finish above the other two teams six times each so when it comes to positioning that’s a push. Credit must be given to Arsenal though. In the same amount of time, they’ve never finished lower than 4th, which is a great feat in itself. By contrast Chelsea has never finished outside of the top 6 and Liverpool are set to finish the lowest out of the three, finishing 7th once during that period but with the possibility of finishing as low as 10th this campaign. But looking at what really matters — the Premier League titles, Chelsea hold the edge at 3-2 in that category over Arsenal.

Now let’s take a glance at all the silverware in this period of time. I’ve made a table that includes the breakdown of trophies the teams have collected since 1999-2000.

Silverware Domestic Silverware League Titles FA Cup League Cup Community Shield European Cups
Arsenal 8 8 2 3 0 3 0
Liverpool 11 7 0 2 3 2 4
Chelsea 13 13 3 5 2 3 0

So going by the breakdown of all the trophies that have been won, Chelsea still hold the edge over both teams, but let’s take it a step further. Until this season Liverpool had been without any form of trophy since 2006 while Arsenal’s trophy cabinet has not been added to since 2005. By comparison Chelsea have added 7 trophies to Liverpool’s one and 8 trophies to Arsenal’s zero in those time spans. The numbers speak for themselves, I’m not trying to rub anything in. I’m just stating the cold hard facts that seem to constantly be overlooked.

History is a wonderful thing and personally I have always been fascinated by it. There is no doubt that Liverpool and Arsenal are two teams that have some of the richest histories in football. This isn’t a fact that I’m debating. Eighteen league titles and the only undefeated season in Premier League history are certainly nothing to sneeze at. But what we’re witnessing now with clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City are teams that are building their history in front of our very eyes. Whether they’re doing it the ‘traditional’ way is another debate for another time, but they’re building their legend nonetheless. This is why players like Fernando Torres move from Liverpool to Chelsea or sign for Manchester City over United or Arsenal. When a player says that he is going to a team because of their illustrious history, I would personally call him a liar 99.9% of the time. Players don’t care about things that happened 30, 40 or 50 years ago. The history line is a ploy to endear them to the fans. All that matters to the modern player is how much playing time they will get, how much they’re getting paid and whether they think they can achieve success with the team they’re going to sign for.

Manchester City has a long way to go on their journey towards success and they’ve certainly managed to assemble a squad that is more than capable of doing so. But relatively speaking, Chelsea have painted London blue and are nearing a decade of complete dominance in the city.  This is the first year that Arsenal have finished above Chelsea in the League since 2003-04, but if Chelsea pull off the impossible and win the Champions League I’m not sure there are many Blues fans who would care about that statistic (though I’m sure Arsenal fans will crow about it).

I understand it’s frustrating for a team that has done so much in the past to not be living up to it in the present and it’s easy to sit back on your high horse and say “Scoreboard” to those who are chasing you. But that’s just what that argument is, easy. All teams are open to criticism and playful banter between fans, but you’re fooling yourself if you think that the here and now is less relevant than what happened years ago. A match can end the second I finish typing this and it automatically becomes history. Always remember this when you’re going to make that argument.

55 thoughts on “Arsenal and Liverpool Fans Taunting ‘You’ve Got No History’ at Chelsea Are Living In The Past”

  1. Seriously?

    I can’t believe this was even worthy of a post. It’s a chant. Don’t take it too seriously.

    The purveyors of the Chelsea blog, We Ain’t Got No History, on SBNation certainly don’t. And I’m guessing the Liverpool fans who’ve continued to chant it don’t either.

    1. Exactly. This is like refuting a “Your momma’s so fat…” joke with an article statistically showing your mother has always been in the lower 50th percentile of weight for her age.

      It’s just a chant to get under opposing fans’ skins, which obviously worked in this case.

  2. It’s a bit of banter that gets old but it’s banter nonetheless. I think to take it seriously is missing the mark.

    Granted, there are supporters who have disdain for how Chelsea have joined the establishment but that’s not Chelsea’s problem to deal with.

    The stick Chelsea got for winning their first Premier League title was completely over the top from the press and supporters. The abuse given to City couldn’t be anymore different, they have escaped the level of anger that Chelsea received.

    That’s ok though, winning shuts everyone up.

  3. Liverpool, arsenal, man utd all earned there rights through winning. Chelsea and man city bought there way to winning. They are all big money clubs now but Liverpool Arsenal and Man utd earned that status gradually through success. Chelsae and Man city bought their success overnight. That’s what fans mean by history and you can’t buy that hard earned success.

    1. You’re right Simple. But did Liverpool, Arsenal and United play on the same level playing field as the rest (pay, capacity, etc.)? You can find any reason for success when it’s every man for themselves, or no cap to your resources. They all played at a different level for years. Maybe theirs just was over a longer period of time, but doesn’t change the fact that they had more than the average club did.

    2. I understand where you are coming from but to link winning vast amount of trophies to having a more credible history is naive to say the least. You cite the three teams that have generally dominated English football. It’s only their history that should be the yardstick for all clubs? That’s quite self-centered.

      Chelsea pre-Roman had won their fair share of cups with fantastic players in their ranks.

      Don’t sneer at the system that allows Chelsea and Man City to succeed but forget that it allows United, Arsenal, Barcelona etc to bask themselves with riches as well. Can’t have it both ways.

    3. You are an idiot. Man Uniteds starting 11 cost more than City. But keep trying to make yourself feel better. Just beacause United has been buying players longer than City/Chelsea does not mean they are doing anything different, you are just upset your philosophy is working agaisnt you.

      I hope City wins the title this year (im not a City fan) because i honestly believe it will be the start of the downfall of United.

    4. There are plenty of clubs with history in the Premier League Simple. Many of them have spent next to nothing compared to Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal. Anyone who wants to denigrate the spending of Chelsea or Manchester City is welcome to do so, but they’re hypocritical in my opinion.

      1. Not to mention that this “history” in terms of a league that’s only 20 years old is kind of funny. It’s a league that broke off from the Football League in order that teams like Manchester United and Liverpool could grab even more money to spend, spend, spend. It’s really an amusing argument to wage.

        1. Earl,

          I get where you’re coming from. But nobody who has followed English football over the long-term thinks of the top division (now called the Premier League) as having started 20 years ago. This is the reason why you wouldn’t hear a chant about history leveled at the likes of Sunderland, Nottingham Forest, or Preston, for example.

          Second, you’re right in that any of the bigger clubs have way outspent the clubs that generally finish mid-table and below. But the bigger issue now isn’t the transfer money. It’s the wages being paid. This is what places Chelsea and Man City apart. Personally, I don’t care. There are no rules against spending, and since they have the means they should be allowed to do so. But there is a difference.

          Finally, it’s just a barb intended to get under the opponents’ skin. Obviously, it works well, even if it’s not entirely true.

          1. I understand the necessity to mock your opponent to help assuage the pain of watching your defense gutted like a fetal pig. Still doesn’t take away the irony that the way Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester United created their history was from similar financial outpourings.

          2. Also, I’m puzzled by your comment about watching the defense get gutted like a fetal pig. Are you talking about Chelsea yesterday? Or are two goals in a game considered “gutting” by your standards?

          3. That was more of a general comment Clampdown. Often the reason those taunts are leveled is because your team has lost and so you feel the need to piss on your opponent. If you win, I’d imagine you’re too busy being happy and celebrating rather than rubbing your opponent’s face further in the mud.

            And as far as relative, exactly, the money thrown around now is exorbitant, but when you factor inflation as well as growth in other football markets, the disparity between recent spending sprees and those in the past aren’t quite as drastic.

  4. Biggest load of bollox*s I’ve read in a while – nice one!

    Your lovely little table lists trophies won since 1999-2000 but your maths is a bit crap because Liverpool haven’t won 4 European Cups in that time. I’d love it if it was true but they won those a long time before… and added their 5th in 2005.

    Is this article purely to make you feel a bit better about yourself for being a Chelsea supporter? Why did you only include data in your little table from 1999/00?

    Are you hoping to erase the fact that until Mr Moneybags came along to rescue you, you hadn’t won the league since 1954/55? You also hoping to gloss over your grand haul of 26 trophies?

    Arsenal have 39 trophies which is decent… I lost count when tallying up Liverpools overall haul!

    Chelsea have painted London blue? Don’t know if you have your head in the sand but they’re one of the most hated teams in the Premier League… with some of the biggest fakes parading around as proud fans to go along with it!

    1. Paul,

      2 UEFA Super Cups (’01 & ’05), 1 UEFA Cup (’01) and 1 Champions League (’05) does equal 4. But if you would like to subtract any of those just let me know which ones and I’ll see about getting the article updated correctly.


      Morgan Green

      1. I’m old school and still call the Champions League the European Cup. Change it to ‘European silverware’ or ‘European honours’ for the old timers.

        1. To be honest it was an issue of spacing and my OCD kicking in while making the chart. I’ll be sure to clarify next time.


          Morgan Green

    2. He was writing the article because he was sick of arguments just like this one.

      I’m a Fulham supporter, so I don’t have a dog in this fight. But I find this all funny regardless. Support your team, but be prepared to fight to the death for it. If you support United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea or City, you will be considered a bandwagon fan in some way, shape or form to someone else. I love when I ask people in America who they support for an Premier League team because they always feel that they need to justify it to me.

      “I support United because I’ve been following the sport since before the MLS and United was the only team you could watch here”. “I support Chelsea because I liked Mourinho and have been to the Bridge at least once a year”.

      It all doesn’t matter to me, really. You like who you like, and we could make fun of it if we really wanted to. But comments like this prove that you are obsessed with history. And if you’re younger than 30 it’s a joke because you more than likely don’t remember any domestic league glory for Liverpool anyways. But whatever, fans of clubs that haven’t won anything “meaningful” for a while will resort to history, while fans of clubs that don’t have one will resort to present day.

      I’m a fan of a different boat because Fulham don’t have crap compared to any of these. But I will say, I’d rather be talking about now, than 60 years ago.

  5. Still doesn’t answer your history question…History can not be bought. No matter how many things the big clubs win now it won’t be respected as much as the LFC Arsenal and Man U winning through battling and passion. Even Wembley on sat in London has more reds than blues. Imagine it was held in Liverpool how many blue flags you’d see…it would be an embarrassment. There are a minority of Chelsea true fans probably like you Morgan but Liverpool’s history, fans, passion, hearing YNWA sending thrills down your spine, most LFC fans feel that…realness, not shallow fake support only when you win. After the defeat on Sat there were coaches of LFC supporters travelling home in full voice even though they lost…would that happen with Chelsea, I don’t think so. By the way i work in Fulham road and have been at a few Chelsea matches this season…no comparison at all to Anfiied.

    1. There is no battling and passion in the modern game? Only Liverpool supporters can bask in the emotion of singing their songs? Think about how one sided your post seems.

      When people think of supporters from Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal looking down at other clubs and the smugness of their supposed superiority have a look at what you just wrote as the definition.

        1. Of course you wouldn’t understand.

          The realness of a Liverpool fan’s support is genuine and others are not? How can you even prove that? Have you even seen the message boards of Liverpool supporters fighting each other at Wembley? Was the fighting genuine support?

          1. Jesus Christ what a load of crap. Anfield rivals Highbury for it’s library status some matches! They even have to play YNWA over the tannoy at the start of the match to get it going, zero spontaneity on that score. Much like their trophy cabinet they’re feasting on past glories at times when it comes to being the best support.

  6. Its being a while av read those kind of foolish article,wots d hell,its no strange u support chelsea,its true u got no history compare to dat of lfc,manu and arsenal they all work 4 it with tears and hardworking,but u, manCITY were no where near them coz paying 4 it and its noting compare to them,get a life morgan,u aren’t got no history! Is dat?

  7. Chelsea fans re real bag of trash especialy in Nigeria lfc,man u nd arsenal hate dy club cus dy brag history dnt rrepeat it sef so 4ck blues

  8. It’s not really about the history in terms of winning whatever. It’s about being a club that’s nothing more than a rich man’s play thing. Chelsea & Man City were run of the mill mid-table teams going nowhere until billionairres decided to make them their plaything. Look at Newcastle or Spurs for teams trying to do it the “right” way. When Man City win the league can you really say anything other than “well of course you should bloody well win it given the money you’ve spent in the last 2 years”.

    As much as I hate Man Utd, they earned their success over the past 20+ years as a club, it wasn’t just given to them by a mega rich individual like it was to Chelsea & Man City. That’s the history people speak about, of which Chelsea’s success and Man City’s pending success has no connection. But I suspect you know this in the first place …

    1. Do you know how much money Spurs have spent in the last few years just to maybe finish 4th this year? Do you fail to recall Newcastle spending big on players that amounted to a team full of overpaid players who always underachieved?

      So Man Utd can spend money but Man City can’t. Right, that’s sound logic.

      1. Fernando – I think you have a few brain cells missing….people keep reiterating, it’s not about spending now, it’s about how they got to where they are. The Manchester clubs Chelsea Arsenal and Liverpool al have budget far greater than the rest. But Chelsea were the 1st club to bring a sudden incease in money to a club and basically ruin football with money.

        1. I mean if you want to go with insults that’s fine but since I’m here to talk football that’s what I’ll do.

          In insisting it’s not about now you keep bringing back the past like that makes the spending of LFC or United more authentic. Whether you fail to see that or not is your problem.

          Chelsea ruined football with money? As if Liverpool spending 100 million quid to maybe finish 9th isn’t saying it all.

      2. What are you saying?

        Spurs have spent hardly anything in he last 3 seasons most players came on free transfers or loans, notable exceptions are VanDerVart , Sandro and Scott Parker, none were over 9 million pounds.

        Arsenal spent more on OX from southampton (£15 million) than VanDer Vart and Scott Parker combined.

        What I find annoying is Liverstool, Man Putride, Man chity, The Arse,and Chelski, all operate at a financial loss (Unlike Spurs) The fans singing at the end of the game about the history is just football, the fans obviously achieved their goal, to take the shine off of a win. This is football. it’s tribal. eg; the following

        History! History! i’ll give you some history! Spurs won the double in 61 (first team in modern football to do so) and the Uefa Cup Winners Cup (first english team to win a european trophy) not with garbage arsenal long ball, with great passing football, in the 60’s with Bill Nicholson’s team.

        I could go on as Spurs have a great history, The thing is…it doesn’t mean anything when it comes to winning now, it great in a pub to argue about and compare, I enjoy the great history, but I want a great NOW!

        1. Did Spurs spend money? Yes or no?

          Now I know what club you support b/c asking you directly didn’t work.

          1. What? That response makes no sense at all and doesn’t address my post to you whatsoever.

            Did spurs spend money? Of course…Every club spends on players. Your comment suggested that spurs spent a bunch of money to “only finish 4th” you sound ridiculous. Newcastle spent more than Spurs in the last 2 transfer windows.

            The points being made about money in football are to do with the scale of money compared with success. You are clueless, you sound like Captain Caveman. Read your posts back, you have no real response to my post because mine is based on fact not the ramblings of a mad man.

          2. Dust you need to calm down. So Spurs have spent no money to finish 4th. Does that make you feel better?

            Seriously, you should have a pint.

    2. D,

      ‘As much as I hate Man Utd, they earned their success over the past 20+ years as a club, it wasn’t just given to them by a mega rich individual like it was to Chelsea & Man City.’

      I am thoroughly sick of people just assuming this to be the case because it is what they have been told because it just isn’t. So I gonna call you to tell me where exactly Manchester United found the money to but a squad in 1989 that cost just under £19m which was absolutely, massively (no exaggeration) more than any other by a long way, just to put this in perspective the league champions of that year Liverpool squad cost £6.5m. So please instead of using words that only got to you by word of mouth and some kind of crazy World hypnotic trick please show me where it was earned! I’ll give you a few pointers it’s wasn’t by wining anything as the hadn’t won anything of any worth while for decades and it wasn’t from match day revenues as a ticket at the time was between £1-£3. I look forward to your explanation or you may just come to the conclusion that they spent a fortune as that’s exactly what they did, just like Chelsea, Arsenal, Blackburn and now City. Yes £19m is less than £400m but the top players now cost £50m (Torres) in 1989 it was were £1.5m (Robson Utd Funny enough!).

      1. I suggest you check on your facts before you spout off about something you obviously know nothing about.
        Since the 1970s Man United have consistently had the highest average attendances in the football league of around 48,000 including a season in the old division 2 when the average attendance was 48388. In the 1989 season you are talking about the cheapest standing ticket was £3.50 and the dearest seat was £7.20 so I dont know where you get your £1 -£3 from.
        In the forty odd years of following United they have constantly run at a profit and to my knowledge certainly never made the sort of huge losses that Man City and Chelsea recently have even with the leeches that are the Glazers as owners.
        The fact of the matter is that if the Glazers disappeared of the face of the planet tomorrow Man United would continue to exist as they always have because it is run as a business . Could Chelsea and Man City fans say the same if anything happened to Uncle Roman or the Arab. Chelsea fans must remember the sad demise of Mathew Harding in a helecopter crash in 1996. So enjoy your successs while it lasts because if anything happens to your sugar daddy it will make what happened to Leeds United and Blackburn look small fry.

  9. Ask Aston Villa TODAY what is so good about “history.”

    It’s all relative. 20 years ago Liverpool had something like 3 times as many top division titles as United. AV probably had more at that point as well.

  10. Dear oh dear. A meaningless chant, indeed an easy play on an existing Chelsea chant, really has somehow struck a nerve. You really spent time writing this nonsense? Do you really think Liverpool or Arsenal wouldn’t want the league trophies and FA cup success that Chelsea have had since they started forming their future history a few years back?

    If i was you, i’d be more concerned at the fact that your fans have to be given free plastic flags to create atmosphere in your more modern but somehow worse stadium. Or i’d be more concerned that your fans choose to chant during a minutes silence for dead people since they decided to form some obsure hatred of “the scousers” (perhaps jealousy of geniune history not funded by a sugar daddy). But no, ouch, those bullies keep saying we have no history – waaaahhhh!!! :(((

    You can see I’ve presented many more easy arguments against your club. The Liverpool and Arsenal fans might want some of your trophies, but they certainly don’t want your plastic ex-QPR, ex-Watford, ex-United, ex-Liverpool fans

    1. What about the Liverpool supporters booing the national anthem? We’ll just let that one go right?

      What is genuine history? Is it winning something when there were no games on TV? Please define it.

      1. Don’t sit there getting all high & mighty over that you idiot! Can’t remember the last time England fans didn’t boo a national anthem for a start! The national anthem being played before the FA Cup final is a load of old crap, just like their crap late kick off & crap early kick off they had in place for Liverpool this year and the stem of it all on Saturday came from this sh*t establishment of ours over the years constantly refusing full disclosure over an FA Cup semi-final in 1989… We’ll just let that one go right? Do me a favour Fernando and p*ss off with your rubbish.

    1. Dude, listen. If you even realized how obnoxious your rants were you’d save the laughing.

      Why are you even using LOL at all? How old are you?

      1. Calm it Kermit, LOL again your lack of understanding the sarcasm drenched posts is not surprising. Are you upset? LOL LMAO ROFL (I use this to express the humer and laughter I’m
        experiencing at your post and apparent lack of knowledge for the beautiful game)

        Here this should help

          1. You really are smart look what you’ve achieved, you’ve managed to sum up how it feels to read your posts and you’ve done it with just one letter! That’s incredible! A round of applause for captain caveman! Incredible

  11. Funny this article about no history chants; a week Saturday before the FA Cup final, ran into a ‘friend’ who is a Liverpool supporter; he saw I was winning my Chelsea Champions League training jacket… first thing out of his mouth was loudly in front of wife and his friends, ‘like you guys are going win’. My reply was, ‘we were going, they were not’.
    Second thing out his mouth was, “you ain’t got no history’.
    I then loudly replied, ‘but thats all you’ve got ‘.
    His friends ohhhhhh’ed him very loudly; he lowered his head and slinked away.

    Just wanted to share.

  12. History of liverpool in 2011/2012 – Liverpool supported Racism
    History of Chelsea in 2011/2012 – Winner of FA CUP and Champion league

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