How Real Madrid Won La Liga

Barcelona’s squad contains a number of talented individuals such as Andres Iniesta and Cesc Fabregas as well as the world’s best player in recent years Lionel Messi; however, this season the Spanish league title went to a deserving club: Real Madrid. Interested in football betting? Get the highest free bet offers.

There are several reasons as to why Los Blancos triumphed in La Liga following Barca’s recent domination on both the domestic and European fronts. Below are the most significant reasons:

a) Away Record: Real won a stunning total of 16 matches out of 19 played away from Madrid. Los Blancos only conceded 13 times away from home. In addition, the biggest away win was the triumph at the Camp Nou which effectively sealed the title for the club.

b) Cristiano Ronaldo: CR7 has scored a remarkable 45 goals in only 37 games in La Liga. What is even more remarkable is the fact Ronaldo did not miss a single match which shows how dedicated and fit he has been this season. Add to that an impressive tally of 12 assists in the league and one can clearly see why he is considered as one of the best players in the world along with Barca’s Messi. Ronaldo’s most important goal came against Barca as he registered the winner in the 2-1 away triumph to end the Catalans’ dream of repeating as champions.

c) Attacking Firepower: Real managed to score a record 117 times (with one remaining fixture to play. Ronaldo might have scored 45 goals, but two of his teammates Gonzalo Higuain and Karim Benzema combined for 42 goals with Higuain scoring 22 goals in just 17 league starts. Higuain came off the bench on 17 other occasions.

d) Mesut Ozil: The German midfielder contributed to the Real cause with 17 assists. Ozil was behind Ronaldo’s winner at the Camp Nou when he provided the great assist for the Portuguese star to finish off Barca’s hopes of winning the title. It is important to note that Angel Di Maria was as crucial as Ozil this season with the Argentina international assisting his teammates on 15 occasions.

e) Jose Mourinho: The Portuguese coach remains a controversial figure with his outspoken criticism of referees and opponents as well as his use of psychological warfare to engage with competitors and officials alike. However, Mourinho has relatively toned down his rhetoric and has focused more on getting the results this season. His tactics foiled bitter rivals Barca at the Camp Nou and he was finally able to lead Real to a win against the Catalans in the league.

Mourinho’s ability to get the best out of his players and his anti-Barca strategy have been successful this season as he brought the league title back to Madrid following a few years of domination by the club’s Catalan rivals.

14 thoughts on “How Real Madrid Won La Liga”

  1. I think ozil and mourinho are the best for real. Look at the
    performance of ozil against big teams like barca&bayern

  2. It must be difficult to talk about Ronaldo’s ‘achievements’ this
    season as the reason why madrid won, while ignoring the big and
    imposing statistics of one Lionel Messi. The only reason why madrid
    won is that higuain and benzema were available to support the goal
    scoring ronaldo, yet messi was alone, with villa and pedro out,
    with the latter coming on late in the season and seeking form. They
    would have both added a minimum of 20 extra goals. Despite that,
    madrid has scored less than 10 more goals than barca. It was more
    of barca facing injuries than madrid doing the spectacular. Even
    the 1-2 at camp nou means barca triumphed head to head, remember
    1-3 in madrid?

    1. as a madrista, I believe that messi is the best in the world but
      this year real madrid played more like a team. At Barcelona they
      are reliant far too much on messi because all of the play goes
      through him since he has been featured most of this season as the
      false 9. Which explains the ridiculous amount goals and assists he
      can rack up. Most people seem to forget that ronaldo plays in a
      left midfield/ Left winger position. imagine cr7 in the striker “9”

  3. Its funy hw pple dnt wnt 2 admit that madrid was the better team
    this season i mean they are looking to set a record of attaining
    100 points something that barcelona will never do so just beat it
    barca funs madrid won it period

  4. Morinho seems 2b behind da scene of Madrid’s success,i bliv he is
    stil avn mor n his bag,mor success 2com,nd ma best player 2com
    Mesuit Ozil,he’s da best passer i av eva sein @ hid very age,he’s a
    promisin talent dat wil neva faid.Holla @ Madridsmo

  5. all the team mate are behinde the success though some of them
    played a vital role in the team. But i believe they realy wanted to
    win that’s why they worked hard for a win and they get the result.
    Hala Madrid! Hala Madrid!! Hala Madrid!!!

  6. R.Madrid had determination to end Barca`s dominance of spanish
    football. 2.Madrid had Ronaldo, Benzima & Hiquain who netted
    most of the goals both home & away.3.Result oriented tactical
    play under the supervision of J. Mourinho, who still managed to
    dish out instructions, when serving ban seated at the stand. 4.
    Less injury layoff

  7. RM won because Barca was plagued with injuries. RM was fairly
    healthy throughout season. Had Barca not had injuries-Villa, Pedro,
    Pique, Puyol, etc., Messi would have had more support at the front
    (not to mention better defense allowing less goals against) and
    Barca would have probably taken the title again.

  8. Real Madrid had an excellent season. They lost to Barca once and
    defeated them once too. However, I still think this season it much
    looked like Barca lost the cup, rather than Real won it. Look at
    the key injuries in the Barca team, which is already infamous for
    its small squad (which is not Real’s fault) and hence most of the
    time the real first team was not available for selection. If Alexis
    had managed to play at least 5 games together, and if Villa/Pedro
    was also there Barca could have been more of a force. Well all
    these are only If’s. But what looks a blot on Real this season is
    their ouster from the CL. Bayern was the only major opponent they
    got in the CL and they couldnt go past them.

  9. Its not like Madrid were injury free through the season. Di Maria,
    Higuain, lass and carvalho were absent fot long times through
    injury. Maintaining a depth in squad at the top level is also an
    important part of Team Management which doesnt seem to concern most
    Barça bandwagoners. True barcelona supporters wont make such
    excuses. They are a good side but are increasingly developing one
    dimensional patterns. In Tekkenspeak, patterns get punished once
    they are read.

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