Chelsea to Play Paris Saint-Germain in First-Ever Soccer Match At Yankee Stadium in New York

Chelsea has announced that it will play Paris Saint-Germain in the first-ever soccer match to be played at the new Yankee Stadium in New York City on Sunday, July 22 at 7pm ET.

Chelsea was originally supposed to play Celtic, according to ESPNsoccernet. But the Ligue Un powerhouse will now be Chelsea’s opponents.

Tickets for the match will go on sale to the general public beginning on Wednesday, May 16. Yankees full- and partial-season ticket licensees, Yankees Universe members, Yankees Group Leaders and subscribers will have the opportunity to take part in special ticket pre-on-sales prior to May 16. To become a subscriber and have access to pre-on-sale availability, please visit

Currently in first place in France’s top-level soccer division with 73 points from 36 games played, Paris Saint-Germain has aggressively recruited top international talent on and off the field, including manager Carlo Ancelotti.

The current Yankee Stadium will carry on the great soccer tradition of the original Yankee Stadium, which hosted some of the most famous teams in world soccer, including Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid, Barcelona, A.C. Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Napoli, Celtic, Benfica, Sparta Prague and Panathinaikos, along with the national sides of England, Israel, Italy and the United States. Pele, who many consider the greatest player of all time, called Yankee Stadium home in 1976, when he played for the New York Cosmos of the North American Soccer League. The upcoming match will mark the first time that a French club will play in the home of the Yankees.

The match between Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain is part of the World Football Challenge, which is taking place throughout North America from July 18 through August 11.

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In addition to Chelsea playing Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea will play Seattle this summer as well as a possible match against AC Milan in Miami.

16 thoughts on “Chelsea to Play Paris Saint-Germain in First-Ever Soccer Match At Yankee Stadium in New York”

  1. $50 for a seat in the nosebleed section for a friendly?

    Good luck in selling tickets for this one.

    The Yankees are pricing the working class out of these events. Eventually, the chicken will come home to roost…

    1. Dude look at the pricing for any of big Euro team friendlies and you will see that it doesn’t matter who or where they are playing so don’t blame the Yankees. Also if you are a member of Chelsea in America or a local supporters gourp you get a deal on the tickets.

      1. Not quite……..the ‘new’ Yankee Stadium is unbelievable with ticket and concession prices, I’m not talking about a petty 8 bucks a beer. Depending on how many tickets, hot dogs and beers you could suck down, and parking, you’re out hundredS easy (even if in the nose bleed section). Have you been?

        Honestly the ‘new’ Yankee stadium is absolutely ridiculous. The Yankees should pay me for sticking with the team through the entire 80’s!

        1. Yes, I go about 3 to 4 times a year. I buy bleacher seats on stubhub, drink on the train ride down, if the train switches in Harlem I stop at Popeye’s for food, and I usually buy 1 to 2 beers at the stadium.

          1. CT Blues – You’re talking about an experience most wont have. Most will have children, most will not be riding the subway or taking the train, most will not be only buying 1-2 beers – the new stadium has some of the highest ticket and concession prices regardless if Chelsea/PSG.

            You’ve got me remembering some old high school days when I lived in Jersey. Crazy Horse on the subway to the game, D train to E 161st!

          2. I would again like to take the time to thank my thumbs down haters like CODY. One more from you CODY and it’s to bed without dinner.

            1. Nonsense, this is your final warning. I know you think you’re being funny, but you’re acting like a troll. Quit with your personal attacks, and please move on to intelligent debate instead of throwing handbags.

              The Gaffer

    2. I agree, it’s not just new Yankee Stadium, the prices for these summertime friendlies are outrageous, even for bad seats. But these games usually fill up, so we have no one to blame but our fellow supporters for supporting such prices.

    1. Red Bull Arena will be getting Montpellier or PSG (Ligue 1 champ) vs Lyon on July 29.

      Good luck to Ligue 1 (read: the Emir of Qatar) and Comcast (read: Universal Sports Network) for selling tickets and TV signage to that one.

  2. I will attend the French League match in late July over this friendly at Yankees Stadium. Red Bulls Stadium is great for watching matches and there’s not a bad seat in the house. Plus it will be good to be exposed to a different league and maybe a different style of soccer. Isn’t this French match the equivalent of the Community Shield too?

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